10 Best Underwater Lightings Reviewed In 2022

The best underwater lights are suitable for decorating outdoor installations such as ponds and pools. Like the best picture lights, they are also ideal for improving the visibility of people while shooting underwater videos and pictures. However, because you are using an electrical device underwater, the quality of your light of choice must be on point. Electrical connections should be waterproof. Moreover, the lighting system of your preferred brane (including bulbs) should work well water.

List of the Best Underwater Lightings in 2022

10. Neewer Underwater Lights

Neewer Underwater Lights

The Neewer is suitable for Canon, Nokia, Panasonic, Sony, Gopro hero 6/5/4/3/3+, and more SLR or action cameras. Its premium design enables users to shoot videos and take photographs on the ocean’s floor with a stunning visual effect. You can also use it for scuba diving, snorkeling, or in your local pool. However, do not use this dive light out of the water for a long time because it tends to overheat and burn out.

The Neewer has two 3.7V 2000mAh 18650 rechargeable batteries that you can charge using a Micro USB cable whenever it runs out. The dive light has 60 LEDs with bright lighting, an 1800-lux wide-angle light, and 5500K-6000K color temperature. You also get three lighting modes to work with; high, power-saving, and flash lighting mode. When the Neewer is operating at high lighting mode, the battery lasts for 2-hours. It lasts for 6 hours when on low lighting mode and for 7-hours when on SOS mode. This dive light also features three-color diffusers to allow varying shooting effects.

What We Like
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Powerful lighting
  • Multipurpose use
  • Different lighting modes
Our Verdict

If you are a marine photography enthusiast, the Neewer is the perfect addition to your dive gear. It enables you to capture clear underwater images and videos. It is also rechargeable increasing its reusability.

9. Wegeey Underwater Light

Wegeey Underwater Light

Wegeey underwater light has a waterproof DC connector and a 100% IP68 rating, which makes it safe to submerge underwater. The ABS plastic used to make it is environmentally-friendly and more durable, while its 36 powerful LED bulbs are energy-efficient, cool-running, and long-lasting. This device has 16 exciting colors, four modes, and ten brightness and speed levels. You also get an RF remote control with a signal that penetrates narrow walls and is responsive at up to 15 meters.

Wegeey has an adjustable head (180-degrees), which allows you to set the light at any angle that you prefer. Its adjustability makes it convenient to use in places such as an aquarium, pond, pool, waterfall, and most other water environments. The Wegeey also has four suction cups for securing it on smooth surfaces such as your pool’s walls. It also has a 12V DC adapter and a safe system that does not harm water creatures. Finally, you get a user manual with all the necessary information on how to use it.

What We Like
  • Long-lasting
  • Colorful lighting
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy to set up
Our Verdict

The Wegeey achieves the highest level of safety and efficiency, making it an excellent option for you. It is also easy to set up and has an instructional manual.

8. Ledmy Underwater Light

Ledmy Underwater Light

Ledmy has a DC 12V adapter, which is low enough to ensure safety to humans and water creatures. It also has a protective epoxy resin and a 16.4Ft long roll with a 4.8W/meter power consumption rate. The lights are 100% IP68 waterproof with silicone gel for better waterproofing effect. The silicone gel is relatively heavy, which gives excellent results in an inefficient back adhesive fixing. You further get some clips and a silicone gel in the Ledmy kit to aid you in fixing the light strips.

You can also cut the tape lights along the visible cutting marks and not damage the remaining strip. The Ledmy has a 120-degree viewing angle with an incredibly long life of over 50000 hours. You get bright white lighting from the 300 LED lights, which make it perfect for lighting pools, aquariums, and more. The package kit does not include a DC12V, 30W power supply; therefore, you should purchase one separately. You can also safely use the Ledmy underwater light on dry surfaces.

What We Like
  • Multipurpose design
  • Low power consumption
  • Low voltage design
  • Wide viewing angle
Our Verdict

The Ledmy allows you more usage flexibility in comparison with other underwater lights. It also allows you to use it on dry land as well as under the water.

7. Idubai Underwater LED Lights

Idubai Underwater LED Lights

The Idubai has an IP68 material that meets America’s highest rating standards of waterproofing. You can use the O-ring feature to prevent leaking, which enhances this underwater light’s waterproof effect. You activate the light by twisting the lamp tightly to enable you to achieve permanent waterproofing. The package includes 1.5inch LED light featuring three SMD5050 RGB LEDs, one SMD2835 white LED, and one SMD2835 white LED. These LED lights have bright lighting whose brightness you can adjust to fit your style.

Two IR remote controllers also enable you to choose from the 13 various colors and the four-color changing modes. The controllers make the Idubai ideal for decorating and lighting ponds, vases, waterfalls, pools, and more. You get bonus two pieces of CR2450 batteries inside the package of this underwater light. These batteries enable continuous lighting for 36 hours, which is three times more potent than traditional CR2032 batteries. The cells are replaceable, allowing you to reuse the lights for a long time.

What We Like
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Remote controller
  • Colorful lighting
  • Long lighting life
Our Verdict

Setting up the Idubai is easy and quick. The beautiful lighting makes it a great option to decorate your water features.

6. Docean Underwater Light

Docean Underwater Light

Docean underwater light includes a waterproof DC connector and a 100% IP68 to ensure human and fish safety. It has an ABS plastic cover, which prevents collision and creates a permanent waterproofing effect. You also get more flexibility from the 20ft power cable that allows you to set up the underwater light in various locations. The Docean features four lamps, each using 36 LED bulbs, which are energy efficient and enviro-friendly. The 40° C operating temperature ensures safe handling.

The Docean underwater light also includes an RF remote control with a memory function. The controller’s signal can penetrate walls of specific thickness and works efficiently up to 15m. You can use the controller to change the 16 different static modes, four-color changing modes, and ten brightness and speed levels. You also can adjust the head at a 180-degree articulation and arbitrarily rotate its irradiation angle.

What We Like
  • Long cable for flexibility
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Many beautiful colors
  • Energy-saving battery
Our Verdict

Docean underwater light will sweeten the atmosphere of your water features with minimal power consumption. Its long cable also makes it flexible, enabling its usage even over a significant distance.

5. Shymery Underwater Lights

Shymery Underwater Lights

The Shymery underwater lights have an acrylic construction that seals the bulb and the battery from getting wet. You can, therefore, submerge these lights for a long time and still expect them to remain lit. The package includes a set of 24 LED lights with each light using two replaceable batteries. You can easily replace the batteries by unscrewing the bulb to access the plastic protector tab. Operating these lights is also easy as the only action you require is to turn them off or on.

You also can use these submersible lights, both underwater and on a dry surface. Unlike traditional bulbs, these LED bulbs do not heat up, which makes them safe to handle. These underwater lights provide continuous bright lighting for around 48 hours, after which it dims and dies off after 64 hours. The white lighting of these bulbs makes them suitable for decorating your party décor, fish tank, pools, and more.

What We Like
  • Replaceable batteries
  • Low powered LED lights
  • Easy and safe to operate
  • Multipurpose use
Our Verdict

The Shymery under water bright and long-burn time make this underwater light the perfect option for lighting large water bodies. You can also use this light underwater and on dry land.

4. Genwiss Dive Underwater Light

Genwiss Dive Underwater Light

Genwiss features a bright XPL-LED flashlight with a high output brightness of 1000 lumens. You can use this dive light up to 80m below the water. The light provides you with ultra-bright white light. This dive light has a lifetime of over 50000 hours, and it features a magnetic control rotary switch on its neck. You can, therefore, adjust the dive light’s brightness for varying situations and underwater environments. The Genwiss further has an aluminum alloy construction to handle extreme conditions both under and above water.

The Li-ion battery and a USB charger further allow you to recharge the dive light. The indicator on the charger flashes red when it is charging, and it turns green when the charge is full. This dive light has three O-rings that create a better waterproof effect. It is highly advisable to lubricate the O-rings every time you dive and replace the O-rings when they become faulty. You will also find a user manual in the package to provide you with the Genwiss crucial operational information.

What We Like
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Long-lasting design
  • Super bright lighting
  • Long lifetime
Our Verdict

The Genwiss has high quality parts that work seamlessly in harsh environments. Such features include a rechargeable battery, aluminum alloy construction, a magnetic control rotary, among others.

3. Shoyo Underwater Light

Shoyo Underwater Light

Shoyo underwater light has IP68 material construction, which is the highest rating standard of waterproof in America. The Shoyo set includes four lumps, with each having 36 powerful LED bulbs. These bulbs provide high luminosity with minimal power consumption making them enviro-friendly since they leave minimal carbon footprint signature. They also allow low heating that makes them safer to handle without burning your hands. You can easily set up these lumps on smooth surfaces either vertically or horizontally. You also can adjust the joint stand by 180-degrees, which allows many viewing angles.

The Shoyo further features colorful lighting, which makes it perfect for decorating your swimming pool, aquarium, and more. This underwater light includes a 130-inch long cable that gives you more flexibility in different settings. You can control the Shoyo with the remote controller, which is more efficient than manual control. This underwater light uses solar power, and it operates with a power rating of AC 85-265V.

What We Like
  • High-quality waterproofing
  • Multi-functional
  • Colorful and beautiful lighting
  • Adjustable stand (flexible)
Our Verdict

If you need an underwater light to lighten up dull water features, then the Shoyo is the ideal choice for you. It has colorful lighting that effectively decorates your marine environment.

2. Qoolife RGBW Underwater LED Lights

Qoolife RGBW Underwater LED Lights

RGBW underwater light has built-in mounting holes, suction cups, and a magnet. The suction cups attach to the pool walls, magnet on steel surfaces, and the built-in mounting allows attachment on nails. This underwater light has a unique waterproof structure that features two silicone rings for sealing. The features will enable you to submerge the light into water bodies for long periods. The RGBW adopts seven lighting colors, including bright white and has five flash modes. You can, therefore, use this light to decorate and light your aquarium, pool, hot tub, and other environments.

You also can use this underwater light above the water, such as in your bathroom or spa. The RGBW uses three AA batteries to power the ten SMD LED chips. This underwater light does not include batteries, and it is highly advisable to buy rechargeable ones such as Ni-MH. The standby feature in this underwater light requires you to remove the cells when not in use to save power. You also get a user manual to provide you with the expertise of operating this underwater light.

What We Like
  • Waterproof seal
  • Multipurpose use
  • Multiple color options
  • Easy to set up
Our Verdict

The Qoolife is ideal for beautifying the atmosphere of your water features. It is also easy to set up and has an instructional manual to guide you further.

1. Yiamia Underwater Lights

Yiamia Underwater Lights

The YiaMia underwater lights feature multi-color LED light and remote control that allows you to turn on/off. You can use these LED lights to decorate and light your water features to create beautiful scenery. These underwater lights are suitable for fish tanks, fountains, weddings, aquariums, parties, and other environments. The YiaMia has ten ultra-bright lights that are submersible and which you can adjust to 16 different colors. You can adjust the color of the lights to suit your style and occasion.

A 24 key remote is further available, with which you can switch to the RGB lights. You also can adjust to the 16 varying static modes and the four color-changing modes. YiaMia uses three AAA batteries as its power source, which runs for around 10-12 hours. This underwater light does not include batteries, and it is highly advisable to use rechargeable batteries for reusability. When the remote control is not working or lighting red, you should either replace the batteries or recharge them.

What We Like
  • Colorful lighting
  • Low power system
  • Multipurpose use
  • Easy to use
Our Verdict

The YiaMia makes dull places brighter and livens up the atmosphere, which makes it the perfect choice for your water features. It also has a low energy consumption enabling you to use it for a longer time.

Buying Guide for the Best Underwater Lights


The quality of the light you will get from an underwater light depends on the type of bulb it is using. Incandescent bulbs are cheap but do not last as long as LED does. Moreover, LED bulbs are not only durable but also generate a sharper and brighter light, which is suitable for photography. Shop for the best brand online.


What is the length of the underwater light you are planning to buy? Is the cable suitable for use underwater? If you are satisfied with the quality of the bulbs of your underwater light of choice, check the quality of its cable as well. Overall, it will be of a decent length and have a water-resistant design that works safely underwater.


Whether you are choosing an underwater light for decorating your pool or for photography, quality should be optimal. Look for a product that will serve you well for long, no matter the environment you use it. Chemical-resistant models, for instance, are suitable for decorating pools and ponds. Models made of robust materials such as copper, silicone, and ABS plastic are equally good because of their longevity. When exposed to the elements, they do not break down easily. They also handle day-to-day abuse well without breaking down or dipping in performance.


Water and electricity do not mix. While ordering an underwater light, therefore, opt for a safe model that you can use worry-free underwater. The cable, bulbs, and adapters or your underwater light must be not only durable but also resistant to water.


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