10 Best Vertical Mice in 2022 (Review & Guides)

The best vertical mice are in demand for their comfortable designs. However, premium models such as the ten we have reviewed offer more than comfort. They are responsive on most surfaces, as most have adjustable sensitivity. They are also light and perfect for gaming or browsing, which is a plus for most people.

Our Recommended Vertical Mice | 2022 Reviews

1. Logitech Wireless M570 Trackball Mouse

Logitech Wireless M570 Trackball Mouse

The Logitech Wireless M570 Trackball Mouse has a great curved design that supports your hand and allows the fingers to rest nicely on the buttons. Using it is easy since you can rest it on your lap, and the rubber feet let it stay firmly in place. This mouse is suitable for those with small spaces since you will not need to move it across the desk. You just need to roll the ball to move the cursor. At the top of this trackball mouse, there is a scroll wheel and two standard buttons. These features make it convenient since you simply need to roll the wheel for easy navigation through long documents or webpages.

Beneath the power switch, you will find a small removable access cover you can use to access the batteries. The inside has a rectangular recess and a single AA battery. This battery can offer up to 18 months of incredible usage. As for the small break, it keeps the unifying receiver safe when traveling with the mouse.

What We Like
  • Long wireless range
  • Comfortable to use
  • Long-life battery
  • Precise cursor control
Our Verdict

Logitech Wireless M570 is a durable vertical mouse that is very comfortable but also has wireless capabilities, which makes it super easy to use.

2. Anker Wireless 2.4G Ergonomic Vertical Optical Mouse

Anker Wireless 2.4G Ergonomic Vertical Optical Mouse

For those looking for a wireless ergonomic mouse, the Anker 2.4G Vertical Optical Mouse is an excellent option. With this model, your fingers are on the opposite side of the mouse, which alleviates pressure on your joints. Therefore, if you tend to get a stiff wrist feeling or cramping, this unit will come in handy. It has an optical tracking with a DPI resolution of up to 1600 that you can adjust via a button. Moreover, the Anker Wireless mouse features forward and back buttons for quicker navigation through the web or documents.

It uses two power options 2 AAA batteries and USB connection. With a USB receiver, this vertical mouse can connect to your computer or laptop. Even with the AAA batteries, this mouse is still lightweight. The power-saving mode function helps in saving the battery’s charge. It does not run through Bluetooth, but you can plug the receiver into the USB port on your computer.

What We Like
  • Ergonomic design
  • More tracking options
  • Premium feel and build
  • Great optical sensor
Our Verdict

In terms of value, the Anker Wireless 2.4G is one of the most affordable vertical mice on the market today. Its tall vertical-style helps to reduce wrist movement, which can cause carpal and RSI tunnel syndrome.

3. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001)

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse (L6V-00001)

Microsoft is famous for its versatile and technologically advanced devices that have influenced the lives of millions of people positively. If you develop a sore risk often after a long day at work, for instance, look for the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse. It has a stylish deep black theme with a popping Microsoft logo on top. Moreover, positioned at an angle, it encourages a natural hand position, which prevents irritation and injuries while in use for long. Therefore, with one, you will browse and play video games in peace at work and or home.

Microsoft Sculpt makes the navigation of websites and documents a breeze due to its comfort and responsive design. Its navigation buttons and scroll wheel are easy to use. The Windows button on the side, on the other hand, grants you one-touch access to your start menu, which is ideal. The system enables people to access and load programs in seconds, saving time. Finally, the MicrosofTrack system of this mouse offers precise control on all surfaces. It works well on wood, glass, and laminate without lagging as some optical and laser mice often do.

What We Like
  • Precise MicrosofTrack system
  • Dedicated Microsoft button
  • Comfortable angle
  • Responsive touch buttons
  • Effortless to maneuver
Our Verdict

Microsoft Sculpt is a stylish, comfortable, and responsive microphone that is perfect for working, browsing, and laying. It works on all surfaces and is durable.

4. LEKVEY Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse

LEKVEY Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse

The design of the LEKVEY Wireless Vertical Mouse is not only ergonomic but also has an eye-catching design. It has a handshake design for comfort. This neutral position minimizes pressure on your wrist hence reducing hand cramping even after using this optical vertical mouse for a long time. It features multiple function buttons that make the unit easy to use. The buttons include the back and forward button and the ability to adjust the DPI settings. We also liked that this mouse is responsive. Meaning, you will not experience data delay or lag time issues.

Another great thing with this model is that it uses a plug and play receiver, which makes it easy to use. As such, you will just need a few minutes to set it up and start using the mouse. Speaking of usage, it uses a high capacity and rechargeable battery. When the battery runs out, you can switch to the USB cable to charge it up. It is compatible with Linux operation systems and Windows.

What We Like
  • Great connectivity
  • Proficient controls
  • Comfortable positioning
  • Rechargeable battery
Our Verdict

We recommend he LEKVEY Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse since it has a sleek matte design, promotes a secure and comfortable grip, and is sweat-resistant.

5. Evoluent Right Hand VM4R Vertical Mouse

Evoluent Right Hand VM4R Vertical Mouse

The Evoluent Right Hand VM4R Vertical Mouse has a beautiful curvy design that allows your palm and thumb to grip it without causing wrist pain. This model will put your arm in a natural position that prevents bone disorder and forearm twisting. With six customizable buttons, this vertical mouse can set up macros and even perform multiple app functions. This is possible with the Evoluent Mouse Manager that you can download on their website. There is also a rocker located at the back of the buttons that lets you adjust the speed of the mouse pointer.

The buttons of the Evoluent Right-Hand vertical mouse are responsive and make a subtle and exciting clicking sound during use. You can use the dedicated DPI button to adjust the sensitivity of this mouse. With a 5.3 feet cord, this wired mouse offers plenty of space to work with when connected to your laptop or computer.

What We Like
  • Six customizable buttons
  • Tracks very well
  • Comfortable vertical design
  • Point speed indicator
Our Verdict

The Evoluent Right Hand VM4R can be termed as a medical vertical mouse since it is ideal for those suffering from tendonitis, CTS, and RTI. It has an incredible design and impressive features that make it worth buying.

6. J-Tech Digital Endurance Wired Scroll Vertical Mouse

J-Tech Digital Endurance Wired Scroll Vertical Mouse

This high-quality ergonomic vertical mouse by J-Tech digital makes your hands feel relaxed and comfortable when using it. Its unique design makes this possible. Meaning, your wrist will stay in a natural position while enhancing the support of your forearm. The detachable palm rest design means you do not need to drag this mouse across your desk or any other surface. This adds to the overall ergonomic design of this wired J-Tech Digital Endurance mouse.

The right and left buttons are ergonomic, making it easy to use. There is also a scroll wheel and two thumb buttons that perform forward and backward navigation. You can use the scroll wheel for an extended period since it offers a lifetime usage of up 200, 000 circles. With the DPI buttons, you can customize the scroll function. Thus, you can select 600 or 1600 DPI. The high-resolution optical sensor provides superb responsiveness making your work a lot smoother.

What We Like
  • User-friendly buttons
  • Responsive design
  • Customizable mouse
Our Verdict

The J-Tech Digital Endurance Wired Scroll Vertical Mouse can be an excellent choice for users looking for wired vertical mice. It is durable, responsive, and easy to use.

7. Logitech 910-005448 MX Vertical Mouse

Logitech 910-005448 MX Vertical Mouse

Logitech 910-005448 MX ensures your hand and wrist stay in a natural position. It features a 57-degree angle design that helps to reduce twisting, meaning there will be less muscle strain. Apart from offering a natural grip, it has a textured thumb grip and a premium scroll wheel, which makes it comfortable to use.

Of course, there is more to this device than its grand style. You can connect it to a computer through the inbuilt Bluetooth adapter, USB receiver, or directly through the USB cable. It has a 400 DPI precision sensor that supports excellent tracking.

What We Like
  • Great connectivity
  • Customizable mouse
  • Excellent battery life
  • Comfortable design
Our Verdict

You can use this Logitech 910-005448 MX Vertical Mouse on your countertop or desk without tracking or lag issues. It features a high-speed optical sensor and has a comfortable and well-balanced design.

8. Perixx 713 PERIMICE Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse

Perixx 713 PERIMICE Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse

The Perixx 713 PERIMICE vertical mouse is ideal for right-handed people. A significant attribute is that it helps with repetitive injuries issues. Its ergonomic design has a natural structure, which removes pressure from the palms and hands. The six buttons – including two internet browsing buttons and a three-level DPI switch – are easy to use, while its wireless connection is responsive up to 10 meters.

Perixx 713 has a sensor that works on transparent and opaque surfaces. Thus, you do not have to move your hand across the desk while using this mouse. It has a powerful, replaceable battery that can last up to five months when fully charged.

What We Like
  • Great elegant look
  • Good battery life
  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Auto Power saving mode
Our Verdict

The Perixx 713 PERIMICE Ergonomic Wireless Vertical Mouse is affordable yet a great solution for optimum comfort when browsing or gaming. It is also easy to use, which makes it an excellent pick for beginners.

9. NPET Wireless VM10 Vertical Mouse

NPET Wireless VM10 Vertical Mouse

The NPET Wireless VM10 Vertical Mouse is larger than most similar options but is still effective. It has a slightly bulkier flame that fits perfectly in your hand when in shaking position. This model has a thumb rest with an ergonomic design to offer maximum comfort. The back and forward buttons on the left, and you can operate them with your thumb. The vertical design adds a beautiful look to your desktop. Moreover, you can adjust the DPI switch up to 1600 for precise tracking on a wide surface. This makes this unit a great vertical mouse for gaming.

With this mouse, you will not need to download any software or drivers. Just plug the USB cable into your computer port, and you are good to go. You put the USB receiver into the bottom slot for easy storage. The wireless transmission means you will not have to deal with an annoying cable while working.

What We Like
  • Wireless design
  • Soft-coated finish
  • Great scroll wheel
  • Supports major OS
Our Verdict

The NPET Wireless VM10 Vertical Mouse is an ergonomic vertical mouse that fits in your hand comfortably while in use. It is easy to use, durable, and compatible with most operating systems, which include Windows and Macintosh.

10. Adesso E10 iMouse Ergonomic Vertical Mouse

Adesso iMouse E10 - Vertical Ergonomic Optical 6-Button 2.4 GHz RF Wireless Mouse - Right Hand Orientation

The Adesso E10 iMouse offers a high DPI level that ranges between 1000 up to 2000 DPI. This enables fast responsiveness at high-speed movements. When it comes to the shape, this vertical mouse has a handshake grip that helps to reduce pain caused by a twisted forearm position. Moreover, it uses an optical sensor that tracks the mouse movements. Meaning, you can use this unit on most marble, wood, or glass surfaces even without a mousepad.

You can connect it to your laptop or PC via a tiny GHz FR receiver. This makes it possible for you to use this mouse up to a 30ft distance. It features a total of six buttons that include a DPI switch and two separate navigation buttons. It also has a battery on/off switch for turning the mouse off when not in use to save power.

What We Like
  • Advanced optical sensor
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wireless connection
  • Save battery charge
Our Verdict

Overall, this Adesso E10 iMouse is a comfortable vertical mouse ideal for both web surfing and gaming. It has a rubberized insert that cushions the palm.

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