10 Most Beautiful Classic Korean Actresses

Today I decided to compile a list of 10 Most Beautiful Classic Korean Actresses that have been around since the ’60s and 70s and they still got there cool and charm. They seem to be getting younger and younger by the years; maybe our modern models and actresses should learn something from them.

In their hey day they were super beautiful. In their elder years, they ascend to Goddess-hood.

Here we go!

1. Park Jung Soo



Park Jung-soo was born on June 1, 1953 in South Korea. The irresistibly charming actress debuted her acting career in 1972 where she become best known for featuring in TV dramas such as Love and Farewell, LA Arirang, Way of Living, Them, Why can’t we Stop and Rose Fence. She later published her autobiography in 2005; Park Jung-soo’s Inner Beauty, a style and fashion guide for women in their fifties.

2. Go Du Shim


Probably one of the most industrious Korean Actresses of all times. Born on May 22, 1951, she has stared in over 100 dramas since her debut in 1972. Here talent cuts across film, television and theater, with some her best known roles earning her prestigious awards.

Perhaps the most memorable acting role and character is when she played as self-sacrificing mother and quintessential devoted figure on TV. In a record number of seven time, she has won Daesang, the most prestigious acting award in Korea; for her role in The Dancing Gayageum, Fetters of Love, My Husband’s Woman, Ode to the Han River, Virtue, All About My Mom and More Beautiful Than a Flower.

Well, Go has made quite a fortune as an actress I must say. She is reported to top the list of highest earning entertainers and actors to appear on the KBS network as at December 2004, with her earnings totaling to ?373 million. In 2012, she celebrated her 40th anniversary in the film and entertainment industry by featuring in Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks.

3. Lim Ye Jin


Lim Ye Jin was born in 1960 in south Korea. Her acting career started quite early when she was just a middle-schooler back in 1974. She began modeling in teen magazines at a pretty young age. In 1975, Lim featured in Graduating School Girls as a high school teenager in love with her teacher and won the “Best New Actress” award at the Grand Bell Awards.

Lim’s popularity rose when she featured in “Really Really” trilogy films which included I Really Really Like, I Am Really Sorry and Never Forget Me. The films were about teenage romance, aspirations and friendships and become famous box office hits. Lim is also known to have been one of the most charming and sweetest actress of her time, this mostly attributed to her girlish, innocent image as a youngster. Most middle and high school students admired her, and became her popular fans; boys had her photos in the lockersand pockets while girls wanted to be just like her.

Lim grew successfully in the Korean film and entertainment industry and later in the 1980”s added television and radio. she has also been a popular panelist on a number of shows including Quiz to Change the World, which won her an MBC Entertainment award.

4. . Sun Woo Yong Yuh


Sunwoo Yong-nyeo was born on August 15, 1945, well she has been around for a while, but you will be surprised by how her beauty never seems to fade. She is a south Korean Native who debuted her acting career in the early 1960s with Sunwoo as her stage name.

Sun originally wanted to be a classical ballerina, but all this changed when she Passed the TBC recruitment in 1965, she debuted her entrainment career as a classical dancer on television. She later went to acting in 1966 on stage and TV for a period of five decades. She later became the CEO of a matchmaking agency in 2010.



5. Yoon Yeo Jung


Yoon is one actor full of character and charm, mostly known for her flexibility and ability to improvise on the go. She majored in Literature and Korean language while at Hanyang University, where she successfully auditioned and passed TBC back in 1966. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for her, she quite school in the same year to debut her a acting career with a role Mister Gong, and 1967 television drama.

Yoon’s star rose in 1971 when featured in two memorable films; Woman of Fire and Jang Hui-bin. These won her the Best actress during the Sitges Film Festival. Due t her style and sense of fashion, Yoon was given roles that aimed to evoke the provocative character of the female psyche and unending beauty. She later got married to Jo Young Nam, one of the top Korean musicians of the 70’s and 80’s. Her latest works includes staring in the Sa.lut d’Amou in 2022.

6. Kim Soo Mi


Kim was born on September 3, 1951 in south Korean by one Kim Young-ok. Her career has been quite prolific since the early 1970’s in film and television industry. She won a talent contest in 1970, and then later shot to fame courtesy Country Diaries. She managed to keep the TV show refreshed and revitalized for close to 20 years, making her one of the most admired actresses of the 80s in Korea.

She later featured in one of her most memorable comedy movies, Oh! Happy Day in 2003 which made herself quickly known as the Queen of Ad-Lib in the Korean film industry. Her latest projects include Twilight Gangsters and Marrying the Mafiasequels.

7. Kim Hye Ja


Born on September 15, 1941 in South Korea. Yeah, I Know, she has been around for quite some time as well. She is best known by her Audience as the prototypical mum figure in popular TV series such as My Mother’s Sea, hat Is Love?, Beansprouts and Roses. Her international fans may remember her best for a role as a titular character in the movie Mother.

Her acting career departed in 1963, where she featured in numerous TV dramas and shows. She notably appeared in Country Diaries for 22 years where she managed to weave her character to her south Korean fans as a self-scarifying, unconditionally loving and iconic mother.

8. Na Moon Hee


South Korea never seems to run short of talent and beauty, does it? Yet another charming one. Na Moon Hee was born on November 30, 194. She has also made a very prolific acting career in film and television that spans over five decades. She debuted her acting career as a classic South Korean mother persona when she featured in TV drama shows including, Even if the Wind Blows, Amnok River Flows and It’s Me, Grandm. She was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010 from MBC.

9. Kim Ja Ok


This talented beauty was born on October 11, 1951 in Busan, South Korea. Started her acting career after successfully auditioning in the MBC TV. She mainly starred in TV series during her early years of the 70s. she later focused in film the late 70s. Kim gained the depiction of a woman of the new generation, blame that her beauty and brain.

10. Lee Bo Hee


This south Korean actress has won numerous awards for acting roles since the 1980s including the Best New Actress in The Green Pine Tree and Best Actress in Eoudong. Her unending charm has kept her career skyrocketing in the film and television industry earning the title of “The Troika of the 1980s” along other three actors.



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