Best Adult Beginners Tennis Rackets – Buyer`s Guide

Sports are as important in life as any other thing. A sound body possesses a sound mind. No matter how busy we are in our daily lives, we must always get some time for any kind of physical activity at least once a week. Tennis is an elite sports and when it comes to physical work, you will hardly find a better sport. A sport that needs exemplary stamina and determination. From a fitness point of view, tennis is a really hardcore sport and of you are planning to include it in your life, it`s an amazing idea.

Just like almost any other sport, you need to follow some protocol to play. You need to have proper clothes that will keep you light and mobile, proper shoes to assist your best movements and most of all a tennis racket. Tennis rackets come in a variety of quality levels with different price ranges.  The one used by professionals are seriously expensive and even an averagely good tennis racket would look expensive to you. Therefore, as a beginner of the sport you need to have a budget friendly racket which will get you started.

You will also rackets at cheap prices in the market but never trust their quality because most of them are going to disappoint you big time. To save you the disappointment, we are going to review top 10 best adult beginners’ tennis rackets. Let us began with enlisting them down.

Here is the list of best adult beginners’ tennis rackets comparative chart

Product Name Product Dimensions Product Weight
Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket Head-size: 106″. Length: 27.25″  2 pounds
Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet Head-size: 106″. Length: 27.25″ (approx.) 8.8 ounces
Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet Head-size: 106″. Length: 27.25″ (approx.) 12.8 ounces
Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racquet Head-size: 112 inches sq Length: 27.5 inches 2 pounds
Wilson Triumph Racket Head-size: 112″  Length: 27.5″ 2 pounds
Senston Adult Tennis Racket Prestrung Tennis Racquetr head size :mid-plus 96-100 inch2

length:27 inches / 68.5-69cm

1.1 pounds
Wilson Hope Tennis Racquet Head-size: 113″ Length: 27″ 1.5 pounds (approx.)
Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racquet Head-size: 112″ Length: 27.5″ 10.3 ounces
Wilson Energy Extra Large Tennis Racquet without Cover Head-size: 112″ Length: 27.5″ (approx.)  1 pounds
HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racquet (Strung) Standard length: 27″ 9.7 ounces


Let us now review these adult tennis rackets for beginners;

1. Wilson Federer Adult Strung Tennis Racket 


If Roger Federer is your man then this is the kind of racket you should be using as a beginner. This racket is built to be strong and reliable. This racket is not one of the most lightweight rackets that you will find but it is lightweight enough for you to have complete control over it.

The Wilson Federer Tennis Racquet features Power Strings, Stop Shock Pads, perforated grip and Arc Technology. If you are serious about your tennis as a beginner then this beauty is all you need to get started. Buckle up to challenge your friends to a game of tennis with this racket and it will make sure you are not left unentertained.

The perforated grip to the handle ensures your hands do not slip even when they are sweating. The power setting give you immense control over your strikes. Be it a practice session with your buddy or a challenge to destroy your opponent, this bad boy has got your back. 


  • Arc technology offers greater control and enhanced stability
  • Perforated grip provides a cool and slip-free grip to the handle
  • Power string control the power of your shots
  • Stop Shock Pads reduce racquet vibration for greater control
  • Strung Balance 3 points Head Light

2. Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet 


This is the kind of racket you must surprise yourself with. It actually is too good to be recommended for a beginner. The price seems a little too much but you can trust this racket blindly. It will actually save you money not having to spend a penny on any other racket anytime soon.

This racket has been professionally designed for you to learn the game in the most efficient manner. It has been constructed with a lethal combination of titanium and graphite. The titanium creates a light racquet with strength and the graphite composite gives the racquet great feel and durability. The tennis racket is superior in every aspect and that is what it brings to your game.


  • The beam of the racquet is 28.5mm
  • Constructed with a combination of titanium and graphite
  • Titanium creates a light racquet with strength
  • Graphite brings durability
  • Incredibly light in weight

3. Babolat Nadal 26 Junior Tennis Racquet 


Another amazing choice for all the beginner tennis stars. The quality of this racket is one thing and the looks is another. It has been designed flawlessly both the quality and looks wise. It’s the Rafael Nadal branding so there is nothing that should bother you about this racket.

It`s ideally designed for recreational junior players of age 9 to 12 but the quality is so good that being a starter you can give it a go. It will prove to be very handy for you. The aluminum construction makes sure it is kept lightweight and sturdy at the same time.

The cosmetics add visual interest in the racket and makes it look highly attractive. This racket is going to make you look standout in your squad. The price is absolutely worth it as this racket is going to prove to be highly durable.


  • Rafael Nadal branding
  • Aluminum composition
  • Attractive looking finishing 

4. Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racquet 


Wilson tennis rackets are a leading manufacturers and are known for their highly impressive quality. This tennis racket is another great example of that but keep in mind it is only a racket for starters.  You can`t ruin it playing with it day in and day out.

For those of you who are looking to have some fun and are going to use it once in a while, this is the perfect choice. It is available in relatively cheap price range. Most of the starter rackets are light in weight and powerful, this one is no exception. You are going to float with this beauty in the court smashing the ball all over your opponent’s park.


  • Starter player tennis racket
  • Lightweight and powerful

5. Wilson Triumph Racket 


In order to triumph at your tennis court, this Wilson triumph racket is all you need. We can guarantee you that this racket will impress you without even touching it. The prime reason is that it has been designed beautifully.

The Wilson Triumph Tennis Racquet features V-Matrix Technology which make your strokes more powerful and stops shock sleeves. Your opponent is going to have a really hard time facing while you have this racket in your hands. It comes under a very reasonable price range and promise to not disappoint you.


  • V-matrix Technology for a large sweet spot for increased power
  • Stop shock sleeves for reduced racket vibration and greater Control
  • Air-lite alloy offers lightweight strength
  • Beautifully constructed

6. Senston Adult Tennis Racket Prestrung Tennis Racquet 



Senston is another high profile competitor when it comes to tennis rackets and have been known for quality. This particular racket is specially designed for beginners. It offers impeccably high intensity and durability because of the whole shape technology.

Racket shock, cover and vibration damper promises to make this racket long lasting and that is why it is absolutely worth buying. The design is simple yet classy. Swing your arms smoothly and this racket will do the job perfectly by destroying your challenger. This racket is definitely one of the best that you can get at this price.


  • Comes with tennis racket, racquet cover, over-grip, vibration damper
  • Use the Polyester String, worked well and durable than Nylon string for best performance
  • High-grade materials and latest technology enhances racket stability and flexibility 

7. Wilson Hope Tennis Racquet 


Another Wilson tennis racket that makes our list, this one comes at a very affordable price. Probably one of the most affordable rackets that you find in the market. It has been designed in a diamond like shape which makes it look unique and ergonomic.

It also features stop shock pads for maximum control and impeccable performance. It has been constructed carefully, the frame look very solid and lightweight making it perfect for the beginners.


  • Diamond edge design for beauty and power
  • Stop shock pads for improved comfort and performance
  • Does not involve a racket cover 

8. Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racquet 


As you can see Wilson is dominating when it comes to tennis rackets. This tennis racket offers extra-large size for those of you who like the big size rackets. It enhances your ability to reach the ball for a better stroke. It features V-matrix technology for absolutely power.

This tennis racket is a second name of your opponent’s destruction. The stop shock sleeves improve your control and efficiency over your game. This racket is one of the best rated tennis rackets that you will find on the market. The customers who have used it have feel in love with it, a perfect example of value for your money.

It won`t cost you much either as it comes at a very reasonable price. The list for best beginner tennis rackets can never be completed without this masterpiece from Wilson.


  • Premium construction and performance
  • V-matric technology for power
  • Stop shock sleeves for improved performance
  • Reliable racket

9. Wilson Energy Extra Large Tennis Racquet without Cover 


Another big sized build that you might be looking for. If offers V-Matrix Technology with V-Lock Bridge that has a new concave frame geometry which broadens the racket sweet spot for increased power on off-centered hits.

This is the ultimate weapon you need on your tennis court to show the haters that it`s you who run the show here. It consists of stop shock sleeves and power String for increased power and stability. The enlarged head also offers greater power and les chances of missing the ball.


  • Concave frame geometry broadens the racket sweet spot for increased power on off-centered hits.
  • Stop shock sleeves for improved control
  • Power string for enhanced power
  • Larger head

10. HEAD Ti. Conquest Tennis Racquet (Strung) 


Another amazing choice for a beginner racket that you just can`t ignore. This racket has been built to be super oversized. If you have an “extre-large” physique then this is the racket you must have. Even though if you are big enough you would still love using this racket. It has been made lightweight and there is no chance you are going to miss the ball with this big boy.


  • Super-oversized head
  • Light in weight
  • Solid construction

Buyer`s Guide:

Tennis rackets are really not as easy to buy as it might seem. You can never trust their quality especially when it comes low budget beginner rackets. Most of them wear out very soon and even break leaving you all disappointed. Therefore, being a beginner you do need something less cost effective and reasonably durable as well which is rare to find. However, such quality rackets with reasonable prices do exist, all you need to know is where to look for them.

This review article does exactly that for you; tell you where and what to look as we sorted out top 10 best adult beginner tennis rackets for you.  All these rackets have gained trust from their customers and have been rated high which made us pick them for our list of 10 best.

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