Best Art Portfolio Cases That You Can’t Live Without

Designed to help artists transport their finished works, equipment, and supplies in a simple and elegant package, art portfolio cases and bags are innovative accessories that rank among the must-haves for several reasons. Manufactured using durable and water-resistant materials, for instance, they protect works and other belongings from environmental elements such as rainfall and UV. Their ringed and lightweight designs are perfect for travel while their exclusive designs have eliminated the need for the traditional wrapping papers that people have used over the years. This, however, does not mean that all models work the same. To protect and transport your art well without compromising safety or comfort, our picks of the 10 best to buy are:


Ambi Bag – Artwork Portfolio Case Backpack

Best Art Portfolio Cases That You Can’t Live Without 1

Are you tired of the cumbersome hand-held portfolio bag that you received as a gift after graduation? Designed to offer hands-free convenience without compromising personal comfort and or the safety of your artwork or documents, Ambi Bag – Artwork Portfolio Case Backpack is a recommended case with many interesting features. Its hands-free 18-inch design, for instance, fits Masonite drawings, drawing pads and helix drawing boards without compromising value. The polypropylene material used to manufacture it, on the other hand, is durable and rainproof while the solid wood spine that it comes with not only enhances its stability but also keeps all belongings safe and organized on route to work or school. Apart from its affordability, many people also appreciate its padded shoulder straps and the myriad of large accessory pockets (four) offered.

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Itoya Art Profolio Evolution

Perfect for displaying and presenting artwork, this 11-inch by 14-inch Art Profolio Evolution bag by Itoya is a must-have accessory by individuals in this field. Even though cheap, its PVC, acid, and lignin-free body is not only safe for humans but also artwork and documents. The polypropylene pocket sheets offered, on the other hand, are crystal-clear, have convenient top-loading designs,and have thick-gauge black mounting paper that improves stability and visibility. Itoya Art Profolio Evolution is decently priced and has an impressive 48 (11 x 14-inch) album capacity.

Best Art Portfolio Cases That You Can’t Live Without 3



As its name suggests, the Carry-All by PRESTIGE is a versatile art portfolio case that benefits individuals that travel with artworks and numerous accessories regularly. If you are an art enthusiast and order an original model from a reputable store such as Amazon, you get a durable 24 x 36-inch bag with a soft-sided design that is both innovative and stylish. Attainable satisfaction assured, you can also experiment with its lightweight and waterproof design for up to 30-days and return it to get your money back if unsatisfied. This, however, is an uncommon occurrence, because of its high value.

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X-Port Professional

Perfect for storing and carrying art canvases, large photographs, foam boards, and advertising boards; purchase this X-Port Professional portfolio bag to get a lightweight and durable travel accessory with an expandable 20-inch by 26-inch design that fits bulky stuff. Its wide opening main compartment eases loading and unloading. Its water-resistant design has well-finished seams for optimal stability while its proven track record among hobbyists and professionals alike makes it a tad better that most comparable brands in the market. All metallic fittings are well-polished to maximize its aesthetic value while the 100% hassle-free money back guarantee offered reflects the quality of the portfolio bag that you get.

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Darice Nylon Portfolio

Judging by the number of positive reviews that this nylon portfolio bag by Darice has attracted in reviews, it, by far, is one of the best in this niche. Liked for its affordability, its waterproof design and the large 24-inch by 28-inch by 1.5-inch storage space offered have also won the hearts of students and professionals. Its black body is executive looking while the myriad of accessory pockets (for rulers, phone, and T-squares) offered makes it an ideal all-in-one art portfolio bag.

Best Art Portfolio Cases That You Can’t Live Without 6


Star Products (Classic Red)

If you are shopping for a new art portfolio bag and do not mind carrying a classic red one to work or school, Star Products is a top-grade model with a large 23-inch by 31-inch body and an expandable 2-inch gusset. The heavy-duty fiber used to manufacture it is aesthetic, well finished to resist rips and frays, and has tight weaves that create a water-resistant barrier. Clean up is simple. Its USA-made design using premium materials and fixtures combines both style and functionality in simple package while the decent amount charged for a new one is impressive considering its high value.

Best Art Portfolio Cases That You Can’t Live Without 7


Prestige Studio Art Portfolio

Featuring a sturdy gusseted system and a large 20 x 26-inch single body design that withstands heavy-duty use, this Studio Art portfolio bag by Prestige has won the hearts of most hobbyists and professionals all over the world because of the value it offers. In addition to its well-finished waterproof body, for instance, you get a lined full pocket that you can use to keep and transport your artwork, blueprints, and other important paperwork worry-free. You also get a 6-inch by 17.75-inch inner pouch (zippered) for storing and or transporting smaller items, a dedicated business card pocket, and an elastic cross strap that holds your belongings securely. Even though slightly heavier than comparable models, its top mounted handle is sturdy and ergonomically built for optimal comfort.

Best Art Portfolio Cases That You Can’t Live Without 8


Tran Student Portfolio

Are you an art student? Are you shopping for a durable and decently priced portfolio bag for carrying your nifty drawings to work and or school? This 26 x 36-inch student edition from Tran is a highly rated portfolio bag with a light and portable design that never disappoints. Its executive-looking black body is durable and manufactured using a stain-proof and water-resistant fabric with double stitching for stability. This way, on route to school and or an art convention, you will never compromise the quality of your works. You also get sufficient storage space and a lightweight bag that is fun to carry.

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ArtBin Tote Folio 8000SA

Featuring an executive-looking charcoal and black theme and light body with a zippered main compartment that protects belongings from the elements, 8000SA Tote Folio by ArtBin works well for professionals and students. It is sturdy, has a spacious design with enough storage space for artwork and accessories such as sketchpads (up to 18 x 24-inches), T-squares, and clipboards. The long horizontal storage offered fits 6-inch by 27-inch rulers and rolled documents, while its unique back storage area has a large 16.5 x 16.5-inch zippered pocket that you can use to store personals such as cell phones and even keys. Even with its array of features, this bag is surprisingly light. The dual grip handles and shoulder strap offers (adjustable) offered diversifies carrying options while its decently priced executive design is ideal for everyday usage.

Best Art Portfolio Cases That You Can’t Live Without 10

Martin Pro-2

Storing and transporting art pieces are intricate affairs that most individuals take lightly. The poorly built portfolio bags that most use, for instance, often lowers the quality of artwork with serious ramifications. Avoid such challenges by purchasing an original Martin Pro-2 portfolio bag. Manufactured using premium polypropylene, this 17 x 22 x 12-inch bag is not only durable but also has a protective and water-resistant design that comes in handy outdoors. Its interior is large and plush-lined for optimal protection while its built-in elastic restraining strap and inner pocket accommodate and restrain portfolios and other personals. You also get and an adjustable strap for easier transport.

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