Best Bluetooth Car Kits in 2021 (Review & Guides)

The best Bluetooth car kits enable people to make, receive, and end calls in cars without touching their phones. Most models also have speaker systems for playing music and USB charge ports for recharging phone or tablets on the go. Fortunately, you do not screw into or ruin your car to use one. Most models clip into the air vent of cars securely or have secure, magnetized bases that can support a lot of weight. If you are shopping for one, our ten picks are versatile and built to work in all cars.

Our Recommended Bluetooth Car Kits | 2021 Reviews

1. IMDEN Bluetooth Car Kit

IMDEN Bluetooth Car Kit

Hands-free calling when on the road is a sure way of driving safely without taking your attention from the highway. Gladly the IMDEN Bluetooth Car Kit comes with the convenience of answering, dismissing, or redialing calls by the click of a single button. It features a built-in microphone receiver with CVC technology for echo and noise cancellation to enable you to have a clear conversation. The versatile kit pairs easily with all Bluetooth enabled smartphones, smartwatches, or tablets.

IMDEN has a yellow LED light that displays the FM channels for ease of tuning. Besides calling, this kit will stream music wirelessly from your phone or flash drive via the USB port to enjoy your favorite tunes on the go. Other features include an extra USB port for quick charging multiple devices simultaneously. With the built-in short circuit protection, it charges devices safely without damaging the batteries.

What We Like
  • CVC technology
  • Bright LED light
  • Charges devices
  • Fits two device
Our Verdict

The IMDEN Bluetooth car kit has two USB devices for connecting and charging up to two devices. It is easy to set up and an LED light (yellow) for seeing at night.

2. Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Kit

Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Kit

The Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Kit works with most Bluetooth enabled smartphones and devices. It produces quality sound while streaming music directly from your phone to the car stereo via Bluetooth connectivity. You can also play music files from a USB Flash Drive or micro SD Card with up to 32GB storage capacity. A backlit and large font display makes it easy to tune channels at a glance. The luminous LED backlit light comes in multiple colors that bring a stunning atmosphere for your car.

This design makes it possible to make clear hands-free calls when driving on a busy and noisy highway. Thanks to the installed noise-cancellation technology, the microphone will only pick your voice and eliminate background noise from the environment. It also has a one-touch button for easy transition between calls and music. An incoming call will activate a voice broadcast for the incoming phone number.

What We Like
  • 32GB storage space
  • Noise cancellation system
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Bluetooth connectivity
Our Verdict

The Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Kit is a versatile accessory with a noise cancelling system that boosts sound output. It is robust and offers on-board storage via micro SD slot.

3. Besign BK01 Bluetooth 4.1 Car Kit

Besign BK01 Bluetooth 4.1 Car Kit

The Besign BK01 Bluetooth 4.1 Car Kit comes installed with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 version that has a higher power efficiency. When connected to the cigar power outlet, it powers on automatically when you start the car. The Besign design also has broad compatibility with a majority of Bluetooth enabled devices, and not many smartphones will fail to work with it. The three-control buttons design is user friendly with one multifunction button to answer, reject, end, or redial calls. The other two Previous and Next buttons are for selecting songs on your playlist.

This kit features an inbuilt noise reduction microphone to eliminate background and highway noises. It also connects to a Ground Loop Noise Isolator that further reduces hiss noise caused by power sharing. The exciting feature of this kit is its Bluetooth ability to connect two smartphones at the same time. The Bluetooth kit has an additional USB Ports for fast charging your smart devices when driving.

What We Like
  • Versatile USB ports
  • Three control buttons
  • Bluetooth 4.1 system
  • Phone functions
Our Verdict

Besign BK01 is a Bluetooth enabled car kit with high-speed USB ports for connecting up to two phones. Its Bluetooth enabled system is fast, durable, and easy to use.

4. Nulaxy Bluetooth with Display Car Kit

Nulaxy Bluetooth with Display Car Kit

The beauty of this innovative technology is that it works with most Bluetooth enabled devices. Therefore, you can share the Nulaxy Bluetooth with Display Car Kit with anyone who drives the same car or use it on a different vehicle with little effort. It is a portable design to continue enjoying crisp, clear calls, thanks to its advanced audio enhancements and noise suppression technology. In addition, this kit comes with different avenues of playing your music, including via the auxiliary Bluetooth, aux cable, TF card, or a flash disk.

Nulaxy has a large display with bright backlighting that makes it effortless to use during the day and at night. This screen displays the incoming call number and the song playing. It also comes with a multifunction button to answer or reject calls. An extra USB port will charge your devices faster and safer. Nulaxy is power efficient.

What We Like
  • Luminous backlight
  • Power saving design
  • Auxiliary Bluetooth
  • Flash disk support
  • TF card support
Our Verdict

Nulaxy is a dependable car kit with an auxiliary Bluetooth adapter compatible with most devices. It has a power-saving design with both TF card and Bluetooth support.

5. Roav SmartCharge F2 Bluetooth Car Kit

Roav SmartCharge F2 Bluetooth Car Kit

The Roav SmartCharge F2 Bluetooth Car Kit features the Bluetooth 4.2 version technology that enables seamless pairing in a wide range of devices. This device provides a reliable hands-free calling experience. It is a compact car kit design with simple to use and press buttons. The control buttons have a linear design (with the multifunction call in the middle) that is easy to use. The call button has a touch-to-feel mold for ease of identification without taking your eyes off the road.

Apart from tuning FM stations, this hands-free kit will automatically connect to the last paired device. It also allows you to stream and boost music sound from your smartphone wirelessly or from a plugged USB drive to your car’s stereo system. The system connects to a Roav Charger app that monitors your vehicle’s battery status. This app will also pin and locate your vehicle via the last Bluetooth connection.

What We Like
  • Hands-free car kit
  • Well-organized buttons
  • Boosts sound quality
  • Effortless to set up
Our Verdict

Roav SmartCharge is a sleek Bluetooth car kit that supports more than one devices. It is has a well-engineered design that boosts sound quality while in use.

6. Mpow MBR2 Bluetooth Car Kit

Mpow MBR2 Bluetooth Car Kit

The Mpow MBR2 Bluetooth Car Kit is widely compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices. It features a built-in robust microphone with a ground loop noise isolator to deliver a clear speech that is usually not the case when driving on a busy highway. The seamless connectivity with your music player enables high-fidelity stereo music. The Mpow also allows you to connect two devices simultaneously. Once powered, this kit auto-sync with the last connected phone to save on time.

The flexible receiver comes with a magnetic mounting base and an extended thin cable. Therefore, you have the freedom to install it at your most convenient location. It also works seamlessly via a long-range connection, which is admirable. A key feature of this kit is its ease of operation while driving. It has a multifunction button for answering calls, reject calls, ending calls, or redialing the last call.

What We Like
  • Long-range connection
  • High fidelity stereo
  • Robust microphone
  • Easy to set up
Our Verdict

The long-range connection of Mpow MBR2 enables you to set up and use a phone from a distance. It is easy to set up and has a built in microphone for receiving calls.

7. TaoTronics Bluetooth Car Kit

TaoTronics Bluetooth Car Kit

The TaoTronics Bluetooth Car Kit has dual connectivity, enabling you to use two devices at the same time. It has a powerful Bluetooth adapter that works well with phones and tablets. It is also power-efficient and has CVC noise cancellation that filters background noise. Thus, while in use, you get quality sound from all devices.

This device also works on cars with an old stereo system but with aux input port compatibility for quality audio. It comprises of two mounting modes, either by a magnetic base or integrated air vent clip with an extended cable to mount precisely where you need it. Its controls are extremely user-friendly with a backlit and separated around the receiver for ease of pressing with eyes on the road. With the two USB ports, you always have an emergency car charger for two devices.

What We Like
  • CVC noise cancellation
  • USB charging ports
  • Two mounting modes
  • Long-lasting design
Our Verdict

TaoTronics Bluetooth Car Kit has two mounting modes that work well in most cars. It is durable and has high-speed USB charging ports, compatible with most devices.

8. Bluetooth Hands-free Speakerphone Car Kit

Bluetooth Hands-free Speakerphone Car Kit

The Bluetooth Hands-free Speakerphone Car Kit is a stylish design with a back-clip for mounting somewhere convenient. It utilizes a high Bluetooth version for compatibility with all Bluetooth enabled devices. It is capable of connecting two Bluetooth smartphones simultaneously without compromising on quality. The smart kit will automatically power on as soon as it senses your body motions when you enter your car. The casing comes with a metallic feel and easy to use buttons strategically located and apart from each.

This kit features a one-call button for answering, rejecting, or redialing for a hands-free calling experience. It also comes with a broadcast for incoming numbers to let you know who is calling without looking at a phone. Its powerful 3-watts speaker also supports the Siri connection for direction and guidance. The detachable receiver comes with a high-performance battery for long hours taking before demanding a recharge. A power button on the side saves battery when not in use.

What We Like
  • Siri compatible
  • One-call button
  • Powerful speaker
  • Power saving
Our Verdict

With this product, you get a power-efficient Bluetooth kit that you can use to make and receive calls. Its Siri-compatible design is easy to use and its 3W speaker powerful.

9. Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Car Kit

Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Car Kit

The Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Car Kit will help you to safely answer and redial calls with any Bluetooth smartphone when driving. With its auto-connect feature, you no longer need to pair a device every other time you power it on. It works with MP3 players and Bluetooth enabled music players, allowing you to play music on the go. Seamlessly stream music the 3.5mm audio input in the car stereo, to offer a lag-free connection for fantastic sound quality.

This kit also serves an alternative car charger for your smartphone and other USB powered devices. Hence, it will keep you connected over long journeys while playing your music with no worries as long as the engine is running. This design blends with the interior of most cars. Its slim construction with an extended cable allows easy mounting of the receiver anywhere with the back adhesive.

What We Like
  • Space-saving design
  • 5mm audio input
  • Support Mp3 players
  • Lag-free sound system
  • Long-lasting design
Our Verdict

The ultra-slim build of Kinivo BTC450 blends well with most cars without cluttering space. It is robust, easy to connect, and produces lag-free sound via a 3.5mm input.

10. AUKEY Bluetooth Receiver Car Kit

AUKEY Bluetooth Receiver Car Kit

Some cars have the cigar power point located at far ends interfering with the efficiency of a car kit. Thankfully, the AUKEY Bluetooth Receiver Car Kit comes with an extra-long cable that connects it to the receiver. Also, it has a magnetic base for strategic positioning on a motor vehicle’s dashboard. This black design is compact with thin cables, making it almost invisible on the dashboard. It features the Bluetooth 4.1 version that quickly connects to most devices and energy-efficient.

The ground noise isolator of an AUKEY Bluetooth Receiver eliminates background noises to improve the clarity of sound. Its multifunction call button and track-skipping buttons are easy to use. Moreover, once you have installed this kit in your car, it draws power from the car and connects your last-paired device. Finally, the AUKEY kit has a three-port USB car charger for your smartphone and other devices.

What We Like
  • Three port USB charger
  • Power-efficient design
  • Good cable management
  • Magnetized base
Our Verdict

AUKEY can receive calls and charge smart devices at the same time, making it one of the most versatile products on our list. It is durable and power-efficient as well.

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