Best Car Oil Filters of 2022

What is Car oil filtration? A mechanism that is basically used for the purification of various engine oils by eliminating impurities and contaminants, which are subsistence in it. During daily use, an Interior combustion system of your car engines are filled badly with dirt, insubstantial water particles and other hazardous impurities easily. These contaminants can make weird changes in the internal parts. It will quickly diminish your car’s engine over the time. As we all know, in this fast-growing modern world, there is a cure for every kind of harmful thing. Filters, which can be used as a tool to screen out every harmful impurity and hazardous contaminants from your engine and oil, making it free from them to work efficiently and smoothly.

We will find numerous oil filters, boasted from markets in different variations ranging from race filter with high-performing filter and then towards synthetic filters. Oil filters are not only used for cleansing purpose, but also for multiple efficiencies related to quality. At the time of manufacturing vehicles, we choose filters which are tuned for the perfection towards the design and other complexion related to the advancement in the concerned vehicle. Discussing top 10 best car oil filters of 2022 is the main reason to provide you with the best possible opportunity to select one best oil filter for your vehicle in this black Friday.

Buyers guide to decide on the best Car Oil filter in 2022:

Deciding the best Car oil filter for your car can be a little tricky, because all the oil filters look like same unless you have good knowledge about specific products. The size and quality of gasket determine whether a filter is a right choice for your car. A good filter lets your engine to use clean oil and the right amount of fuel with minimal wastage.

If the filter is capable of filtering very small particles as 3-10 microns, then it will give maximum results on the engine. It is always recommended to check the user’s manual and buy a filter suggested by the manufacturer.

Car oil filter Types

Primary filters:

Primary filters are the standard filters in most of the cars. These filters are designed to filter the huge amount of oil at a time. During cold weather, the oil can bypass the filter to soothe the engine process.

Secondary filters:

Secondary filters are commonly found in diesel engines. It takes a small amount of oil and passes to the second filter, which removes further impurities.  This type of filters can be used on gasoline engines as well.

Magnetic filters:

Magnetic filters have a magnet inside the filters, which helps to attract the metal dust particles in the oil. It can be fitted either inner or outer part of the filter.

Changing Car Oil filter

It’s better to change car oil filter when you change the oil. Else, it can be changed once in every 5,000 to 10,000 km. Changing your car oil filter gives you good fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and increased engine life. Overall, it gives a pleasure to drive your car safe and secure.

Why Oil Filters are necessary?

In this fast-moving world, it’s a real challenge for everyone to balance personal and professional life. If you are not having your own mode of transportation like a “Car”, then it can be hectic. More than a mode of transportation, it is a property which gives you independence and convenience. Mentioning as a property, it is obvious that you need to take care of it and make sure it is functioning properly to give its best experience for you.

It does not matter how much you maintain it and avoid faults, cars will give troubles over a period. The only effective solution is regular maintenance checks. Maintaining your car in good condition helps you to have a safe and enjoyable drive. In general, car servicing can be done in every six months; however different parts have different validity depending upon the usage. When you consider Engine oil and Oil filter, it can be serviced every 5000 km.

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Basic stuff to check in a car includes Oil, tires, brakes, fluids and interior.  A car engine has so many moving parts. As these parts move and rub against each other, a force of friction will occur which in turn creates heat. Car oil helps in absorbing the heat, lubricating the parts, creating a primer layer thus leaving the engine to work competently. As the oil flows through the engine, it can get contaminated due to several reasons and may smash up the engine. Here comes the role of “Oil filters”. We are going to discuss on the top 10 best car oil filters of 2022 reviews in the later part of this document.

Mobil 1 Extended performance Oil filters

Mobil 1 extended performance oil filters claim to an exceptional protection for engine, based on M1-301 test results. It has synthetic fiber blend media, which helps efficient filtering and protects engine till 24,000 km. Following are the key features of this product.



  • These filters remove more impurities than other filters with 99.6% efficiency.
  • It has been proved to clean three times more than the economy filters.
  • System operation is designed to withstand nine times than of normal pressure and protection up to 615 pascals per square inch.
  • It eliminates dry start of the vehicle with the use of silicone anti-drain valve.
  • It costs around $10 which is quite expensive but best buy for its professional quality.

Royal Purple Extended Life Oil filters

Royal Purple – the super extended life oil filter is designed and manufactured to remove superior particle which increases the life of the filter. It is built with the Royal Purple synthetic oil filter which performs well in difficult conditions as well. Following are the key features of this product.



  • It is designed with 100% synthetic micro-glass media which gives 99% efficiency in filtration to remove small 25 microns as well.
  • Staggering filtration is where it stands out from other conventional oil filters.
  • The dry start is prevented by using high-performance silicone anti-drain back valve.
  • An extra heavy-duty rubber gasket makes sure there is no leakage.
  • These filters can withstand higher burst strength comparing to conventional filters.
  • The cost of the filter would be approximately $14, which is expensive for its efficiency.

Bosh Premium Oil filters


Bosh premium oil filter saves your engine by removing the dirt and impurities, thus avoiding the early wear of engine. They use a media blend of natural and synthetic materials to give a greater filtration and extended engine life based on ISO 4548-12. Some of the features are:



  • The filter can hold back up to 14 grams of contaminants in it.
  • It provides 99% filtration efficiency, 20 microns on D3500 and higher glass content.
  • There are different varieties of oil filters available in Bosh: Distance Plus Oil filters, Long Life Oil filters, Premium Oil filters, Fuel Filters and Workshop Oil filters.
  • Filters are resistant to high oil temperatures.
  • Gasket with high lubricity gives a tight seal and double-locked rolled seam.
  • The cost of premium oil filter would be in the range $5-$10 which is affordable.

ACDelco oil filters


ACDelco, a company which manufactures filters over 100 years knows the best to filter bad stuff. This filter gives the durability and high performance for the engine. Following are the key features of this product.



  • It shows 98% efficiency in single-pass filtering and filters 25-30 microns.
  • Consistent and dependable filtration is achieved through filtering media with the help of thermal setting adhesive seal.
  • It comes with five times greater burst strength than of the normal pressure.
  • It has 10 times more of oil flow and made up of recyclable materials like steel shell, threaded plate, and leaf spring.
  • The non-metallic cartridge can be used to remove oil and later use an energy source.
  • It costs around $4, which is cheap but gives greater filtering.

Fram Oil filters


Fram oil filter provides does repeated purification of oil after the wear and tear of engine oil. Filters are designed as “spin-on filter” or “Filter-cartridge”. Below mentioned features describes the importance of this product.

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  • These are the lightweight filters which can reduce the amount of recycling.
  • Fram extra guard oil filter is designed for conventional motor oil, where the maintenance needs to be done in every 3,000-5,000 miles.
  • Fram tough guard oil filter is designed for synthetic or conventional oil, which needs to be maintained every 6,000-10,000 miles.
  • Fram ultra-synthetic oil filter is designed for synthetic oil, which needs to be maintained up to 15,000 miles.
  • Fram high mileage oil filter is designed for vehicles which can overrun up to 75,000 miles.
  • This filter costs around $5, which has a mixed opinion of usage and life.

Purolator oil filters


Purolator, the inventor of the oil filter in the USA, continuously focuses on latest technology in the filtration technology. Purolator is the filter which is textured and gives a new way for filtration. Following features reflect the importance of this product.



  • The Pure One oil filter is the cheapest and the good choice for your car with 99% efficiency. It has 100% grip control with easy installation. Dirt removal capacity is 27 grams.
  • The Synthetic filter is a high-quality filter for synthetic oil. It provides coverage of up to 10,000 miles. 100% synthetic media gives a higher durability and great engine protection. Dirt removal capacity is 15 grams.
  • The Purolator filter is the good choice for conventional oil. It guards everyday driving with 97.5% filtering efficiency. Dirt removal capacity is 13 grams.
  • The cost would be not more than $6, which is decent and ideal for high mileage vehicles.

WIX oil filters


WIX manufactures are outstanding in the field of oil filtering. NAPA gold line of filters is supplied by WIX, which is identical than others. Following are the key features of this product.



  • They show their difference in the painting for the filtering.
  • Filters are designed to increase the mileage by 50%, thus reducing the maintenance costs.
  • Industry tests have proved that WIX filters are effective which lasts longer and cleans best.
  • Spin flow technology is implemented to extend the life of filters.
  • Types of filters include: Pro-Tec oil filter, WIX filters, and WIX filters XP
  • It costs around $10, which is quite expensive to spend every time while changing filters.

Motorcraft Oil filters


Motorcraft oil filters, a product of Ford, which gives maximum filtering efficiency for Ford cars. It protects the engine by separating dirt such as sand, carbon particles and metal pieces from the oil. Following are the key features of this product.



  • Pressure relief valves in these filters help to minimize the contamination of engine oil.
  • Filter maintains the oil flow when the filter is clogged during cold weather.
  • The cost of this filter would be less than $4, which is cheap and highly recommended for Ford vehicles.


Mann oil filters


Mann oil filters are the best choice if you are looking for high performance and low consumption. It is designed to meet high-performance oils with its latest demanding technology.


Following are the key features of this product.


  • The filters are available in different designs to ease the handling and increase performance.
  • Choose this filter if you want to change the filter on every 10,000 to 13,000 miles.
  • The cost of this filter would be around $10, which is little expensive but the best option for high-performance engine and oil.

K&N oil filters


K&N oil filter is well-liked with high oil flow, extreme filtration, and durability. These are designed to work on heavy-duty vehicles and claims to block 99% impurities. Following are the key features of this product.



  • This filter goes well with both synthetic and conventional oils.
  • K&N has a wide variety of filters per the vehicles and service providers.
  • Filters come with the one-inch nut which is welded to the canister for high strength and durability.
  • It is the most expensive filter, which costs around $18-$20.

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