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The best dog house will keep your furry friend warm when the weather gets chilly, cool during hot days and dry when it rains. Plus, dog kennels offer shelter and safety to your pet and by extension fulfills the animal’s desire to hide.

Never mind that there has been a back and forth argument on whether dogs need a “house.” The reality is, your pooch could make do with a den if for nothing else to hide away. Besides, a dog house provides a better way of living to your Chihuahua. Studies show that incorporating a dog crate and house in your pet’s life helps improve the animals overall behavior significantly.

That said, if you’re reading this, there’s every chance that you’re in pursuit of best dog houses the market. But, first things first – what goes into choosing an outdoor dog kennel or an indoor dog house for that matter?

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How to Select the Best Dog House

The first thing you want to do is to pick a kennel that will provide the canine nothing short of comfort. Thus, be sure to choose a unit with the perfect fit. Of course, your dog’s size determines the size of the house. It shouldn’t be too roomy or tight. You may consider measuring your pet’s height and weight to help you narrow down the options that best serve the animal.

Check the material too. If you intend to place it outdoors, then you’re better off with a wooden dog house. An insulated dog house, on the other hand, makes an excellent choice for indoor use. Plastic dog kennels are also ideal for the outdoors.

With that in mind, the next question then becomes, which are the best dog houses on the market? Which brings us to the purpose of this write-up – to review the most sought after dog kennels and to tell you what to expect with each unit.

Come with us, as we take you through the ten best dog houses at the moment. Any of these picks will make an excellent choice and offer value for your money while meeting the needs of your furry friend.

10. Tangkula Dog House

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The Good – Keep your dog warm during the day with this insulated dog house by Tangkula. It sports a firewood and red asphalt build for durability and plastic feet to keep it firmly rooted on the ground. And the best part is, you can adjust the feet on uneven surfaces which in essence means that you can place it virtually anywhere in your back yard.

The Tangkula comes in small, medium, large, and extra large fits to accommodate dogs of all sizes. It is lightweight too, so moving it from one point to the other shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The Bad – The Tangkula dog house walls are pretty thin and wouldn’t withstand a lot of force.

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The Bottom Line – This kennel has everything you’d want in a premium unit. Its quality is first class as is the usability. It is easy to put together too. While the Tangkula may not be the warmest house on the market, you can always weatherproof it with a sealant during cold months.

9. Pet Squeak Arf Frame Dog House

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The Good – Your Yorkie will love the Arf Frame Dog House! Yes, this one comes with a sheet-lined inner roof to keep water at bay during rainy days. The fir construction guarantees years of use while the nontoxic materials ensure that your pet’s skin stays free of rashes.

The Arf could very be one the best dog houses to purchase if you’re looking for a unit with “close fitting” if your pet prefers a tighter den. Nonetheless, it is available in an assortment of sizes depending on how big or small your dog is.

The Bad – The cedar smell may be relatively pungent during the first few days. However, it’s not like anything you or your dog can’t handle.

The Bottom Line – The Pet Squeak Arf Frame Doghouse boasts excellent artistry which translates to high quality. And with the ability to handle up to 80 pounds of weight (for the large dimension) it could very well accommodate multiple pets!

8. Boomer & George Dog House

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The Good – With a spacious front porch, your canine will certainly enjoy spending time in and around this house by Boomer & George. It offers enough room for your pet to get comfortable while sheltering it from harsh weather elements. And when it is not rainy or snowy outside, your dog will indeed enjoy lounging on the deck to soak up the sun and take a nap. In the meantime, the interior features a window to improve the airflow when your dog is sleeping or resting inside.

The Bad – The Boomer & George is, as already mentioned, spacious and that means that you have to have enough space in your yard.

The Bottom Line – If you’re looking for a large dog house, this is an excellent option. It comes in a robust wood design to handle up to 80 pounds of weight. Besides, the rich stain makes it an eye-catching addition to your yard.

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7. Pet Zone Tuff-N-Rugged Dog House

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The Good – The Tuff-N-Rugged Dog kennel is in a class of its own – literally speaking. It is one of the few units on the market that can handle dogs with a weight of up to 125 pounds. What’s more? Its construction is ingenious. It boasts double wall construction to provide astounding insulation. That, in essence, makes this house a great option for winter. And if you’re worried about its durability, then you might as well know that it is made using hard plastic for months upon months of service.

The Bad – While this dog house is worth everything it promises, it is lightweight and might get blown over by high winds. Thus, when it gets windy, consider taking it inside.

The Bottom Line – The Pet Zone Tuff-N-Rugged is fade resistant and will maintain a clean look for long. Its roof is not only detachable but also equipped with UV protection. Installing it is effortless, and the overall performance is eclipsing.

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6. Petsfit Wooden Medium Dog House

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The Good – The name couldn’t be more appropriate – this outdoor dog kennel is a brilliant choice if you have medium-sized dog weighing up to 50 pounds. It sells at a price that won’t roll past your budget and even has adjustable legs to prevent dampness. The floor is removable, which makes cleaning a breeze. The overhanging roof protects the door opening while the pre-drilled holes ensure that you can have it place in less than 30 minutes.

The Bad – Again, this house is pretty lightweight you’d better know how to store it when the weather gets extreme to avoid damage.

The Bottom Line – There no denying that this dog house by Petsfit is a stellar unit worth every buck. Its groove and cedar construction makes it naturally rot resistant and insect repellent. The floor is beautiful and robust with a substantial amount of support. And to top it off, the roof is heavy duty, complete with a ridge cap and fastening shingles.

5. Petsfit Outdoor Dog House

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The Good – If the kennel we’ve just reviewed is too large for your dog, then this unit is an excellent choice. It is coated with water based paint to guarantee longevity while keeping your dog safe. The asphalt roofing ensures that the inside


stays dry when it rains while the adjustable feet allows the house to remain firm on the ground. And, the white trim on the edges is tasteful, giving this dog house a classy appeal. The overall design is well thought out, making this unit reliable enough to handle the rough spinning of your furry friend.

The Bad – This small dog house could make do with some additional insulation, so you need to take note of that especially if you live in cold areas.

The Bottom Line – The Petsfit may be small but has superb usability. As long as you use it for a small dog (smaller than a standard poodle), then you can rest assured that it will serve its purpose.

4. Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin

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The Good – Numbers don’t lie! Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin is one of the most sought after dog kennels on the market, and there for some good reasons. First off, it is weatherproof and as such will hold well in extreme conditions. Also, it features an off-center entrance allowing your dog to get in and off effortlessly. The Log Cabin is quite roomy as well, enabling the animal to turn around more quickly. Plus, the floor is well off the ground, which helps keep the temperatures inside the kennel well regulated.

The Bad – You may have to invest in some sealant to patch the gaps between the wood to ensure to make this dog house entirely weatherproof.

The Bottom Line – The Log Cabin is one of the best dog houses if you live in cold areas. It will hold medium size to large dogs with a weight of up to 80 lbs. And speaking of insulation, you could as well consider purchasing Precision Pet’s Insulation Kit to improve it.

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3. Petmate Indigo Dog House

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The Good – Making it our top 10 best dog houses 2022 list is this unit by Petmate. It comes with a Microban to reduce the growth and spread of stain, mildew, mold and bacteria that causes odor. The extended doorway makes it resistant to rain while protecting your canine from high winds. And make no mistake about it, the Petmate Indigo may look flimsy, but it is one of sturdiest dog houses on the market. In reality, its body mimics a hard shell that’s not easy to break.

The Bad – Even with all what it has to offer, you may still have to use a heating accessory when the weather gets seriously cold.

The Bottom Line – The Petmate Indigo Dog House snaps together easily, and you don’t need any tools to assemble it. The raised floors reinforced with moats ensure that water drains off to the sides to keep your pet dry. Most importantly, the plastic body sloughs off the snow and transmits the warmth down to your dog. The color is vibrant too and would virtually match any décor (when used indoors).

2. Suncast DH250 Dog House

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The Good – The Suncast DH250 is super attractive and perfect for dogs with a weight of up to 70 pounds. Pet owners love the wingnut design and the easy to open vinyl doors. The resin material assures durability, and the crowned floor is easy to vacuum and clean. Due to its small stature, this unit is an excellent option if you’re looking for an indoor dog house.

The Bad – You can’t take anything away from the Suncast DH250, but you should consider adding some insulation to keep your pet warm.

The Bottom Line – If you don’t have a lot of money to spend and still want a premium dog house, look no further than the Suncast DH250. It is a high quality, no frills unit that will indeed give value for your money. The only thing you need to remember is that it is perfect for small dogs and puppies.

1. Merry Products Wood Pet Home

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The Good – Everything about this dog house is thought-provoking. It features kiln dried cedar to give it a stable structure that can hold up to humidity and extreme temperatures. The lattice fencing design provides a platform for your canine to lie in the sun. This dog kennel could as well serve a playhouse and a fortress for your puppies. And the beauty of it is that has the ideal height for your front window so your pet(s) can enjoy the outside view.

The Bad – The stairs are a great addition to this kennel. However, they’re relatively weak, and if you own multiple pets, you may have to replace them with a dog ramp.

The Bottom Line – Merry Products outdid themselves with this kennel. Arguably the best dog house in its class, it is not only well-designed but also solidly built. It comes with a user manual for seamless installation not to mention that the natural scent of wood creates a pleasant aura that your dog will love.

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