Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed

Ready to buy the Best Fishing Rod For Bass In 2022? We recommend the Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod as our best overall baitcaster and the BlueFire Fishing Rod Kit Fishing Combo as our best overall spinning rod.

All fishermen both new and old will tell you that for you to catch a fish, you need patience and a good tool. But a great fishing rod, knife pocket, and other fishing tools certainly help too.  There is a need to find the right tool especially if you are looking for the best fishing rods for Bass in 2022.

While some fishing rods will be well worth the money, some are just expensive rods that will never see the light of day because they are not that good. Of course, quality fishing rods do cost money but with the advancements in technology, you don’t have to spend that much when looking for the best fishing rods for bass that fits your fishing style and needs.

If you’re in the market for a new rod (who isn’t, right?), then we’ve got just the list for you. Check out the best fishing rods for bass in 2022 for almost every occasion below.

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 1

When you want to enjoy your fishing activity, you can buy the best fishing rod. These top 10 best fishing rods for bass in 2022 review are suitable for you who want to compare several rods easily.

List Of The Best Fishing Rods For Bass in 2022

These are our top recommendations for fishing rods in 2022:

#1.   Zebco 202 Spincast Combo Tackle Kit

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 2

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 3

It is one of the most popular and best fishing rods for Bass on the market now. It is very portable and compact, so you can bring this unit at any time easily. It can fit your backpack, briefcase, glove box, and also a pocket.

The Zebco 202 5’6″ Medium Spincast Combo comes with everything you need and is good for all ages! This combo comes with a Zebco 202 spincast reel that is right-handed retrieve and features Quickset Anti-reverse, dial-adjustable drag, all-metal gears, Zebco’s patented no tangle design, and a 2.8:1 gear ratio.

The rod is a Zebco Cast, a very durable fiberglass rod that features a Twist-Lock reel seat, comfortable EVA handle, a built-in hook keeper and is 5 ft 6 in. in length. The included Zebco Tackle Wallet is a tackle case that clips to the rod for easy storage. This 56-piece tackle case includes 24 hooks, 2 bobbers, 6 swivels, 4 split-shot sinkers, 4 jig heads with grubs, and 2 spinner attachments.


1)   Quality and ease of use

2)   Worth the money

3)   Best for beginners and experienced fisherman

4 ) Best fishing rods for Bass



  1.   It requires proper care and attention


#2.    X-11 Cork – Salmon & Steelhead Fishing Rod

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 4

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 5

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The Lamiglas® X-11 2-Piece Casting Rods are designed for anglers to use while salmon/steelhead fishing. These casting rods have deep pressed aluminum oxide guides that hold up in inclement conditions, IM graphite blanks for increased sensitivity and feel, custom reel seats and cork grips. The different lengths, powers and technique types make the X-11 casting rods a great choice for fishermen who are looking for Best Fishing Rod For Bass.

There are some good features that you can find from this fishing rod. This product is created from high-quality materials, so you can enjoy its performance and quality.

The X-11 is also an ideal rod for experienced anglers and beginners alike. Specifically designed for targeting salmon and steelhead, this rod casts and fishes as well as rods two and even three times the price.

The frame is constructed from tough and durable fiberglass composite, providing the backbone needed to fight serious sized salmon. It’s still remarkably sensitive though, allowing for long and accurate casts, as well as the deep hooksets needed when targeting these fish.

The reel seat placement is another strong point. It uses a traditional reel seal lock, which prevents the upper portion of the handle from spinning when you’re fighting with a big fish.

The tapered cork handle and glossy merlot finish make this rod an attractive choice for any angler. It’s available in a wide variety of lengths and actions, from 7’9” up to 10”6”, so there’s an ideal rod for every fishing style.


  1.  Great product at an unbelievably great price
  2.  Has nice finishing and 14 guides as well as hook saver
  3.  Perfect for finesse with extreme power to tackle powerful salmon runs
  4.  Best fishing rods for Bass



  1.  Require special care when handling
  2.  Low price, lousy eyelets


#3.    Zebco 33 Spincast Reel and 2-Piece Fishing Rod Combo Fishing Rod

Best Fishing Rod For Bass

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 5

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This is another high-quality and best fishing rods for Bass that can come with many good features for all users. This fishing rod is made from heavy-duty sturdy ABS housing, in order to support all users’ needs.

Spincast combos are ideal for beginners on a budget, and the Zebco 33 Spincast Reel and 2-Piece Fishing Rod Combo Fishing Rod is a classic from one of fishing’s most popular brands. It includes a 5’6” medium-light action rod, made of durable Z-glass.

The pistol grip is designed for straightforward one-handed casting, while the two-piece construction makes for convenient transport and storage. The reel features a lightweight graphite frame and a metal handle with comfortable rubber knobs.

An updated line management system makes for more accurate casting and improved line retrieval, aided by a ball bearing drive. The anti-reverse function allows you to strike without losing tension on the line, while the 3.6:1 gear ratio is perfect for high resistance lures. Other reel highlights include the changeable right or left-hand retrieve; the in-built hook holder and the fact that it comes pre-spooled with 100 yards of 10-pound Cajun line.


  1.  Pole and Reel are good quality
  2.  It’s simple to use and the drag adjustment has a short learning curve
  3.  High probability of catching more fish on the first cast!
  4.   Good fishing reels and poles for small lake
  5.   Best fishing rods for Bass



  1.  Rod can break under excessive pressure
  2.  Not everyone knows how to use it

#4 .  Shimano Solara Spinning Rod

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 7

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 5

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There are some good features that you can find from this fishing rod. It’s durable and premium construction can improve the overall performance of this rod.

The highly innovative Shimano Trevala Jigging rod series is designed to be fished with the deadly Shimano Butterfly jigs, which were developed from an extremely productive Japanese-style jigging system. These are powerful, lightweight and light-action rods to be used with high speed, high power reel (such as Shimano Trinidad or Stella).

Winner of the American Sportfishing Associations ICAST New Product Showcase Award for Best in Category Rod, this (best fishing rods for Bass) the Shimano® Trevala spinning rod is powerful, light-weight, and perfect for jigging. Features a TC4 construction, the Trevala has custom shaped EVA Foregrips and Reargrip for additional control while fishing as well as Fuji New Concept SIC guides. The Shimano Trevala spinning rod is also available in various lengths and power


  1.  Very lightweight and reliable
  2.  Best fishing rods for Bass
  3.  This rod is light and strong
  4.  Excellent rod for the money
  5.  Perfect for jigging the offshore reefs for big snapper


  1. Not everyone knows how to use it

#5.     Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos with Telescopic Fishing Pole

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 9

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 5

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It is comfortable for you to use this fishing rod everywhere. It is made from durable and premium material that can last for a long time. This unit has closed length design, in order to provide convenient use for all customers.

This best fishing rods for Bass is a complete fish pole set that includes all the necessary accessories and a carrier bag. You get one telescopic fishing pole, fishing reel, three fish lures, and other necessities. The pole is made of high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass, and naturally, it is lightweight and durable. The guide ring is firmly attached. The reel is corrosion-free, and the smooth ball bearings help in a smooth rollout.

Moreover, the entire package is easy to carry whether you are in a car or boat. The company offers one year of warranty. Among other things, you get a spare spool, 12 different fishing accessories, and one fishing line. The grip is comfortable and breathable for long hours of operation.


  1.   Great  for Fishing Rod For Bass
  2.   The Rod is nicely constructed and the reel is very well designed
  3.   Best fishing rods for Bass
  4.   Best value for the money,  Great quality, compact and lightweight, awesome price
  5.   The rod is fast enough for long casts and enough backbone to get the job done


  1. Handle break when applied excessive pressure

#6.  Shakespeare Alpha Medium 6′ Low Profile Fishing Rod and Bait cast Reel Combo

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 11

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 5

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When you want to get best fishing rods for Bass for yourself, you can buy this fishing rod pole and reel kit. This fishing rod can be used for any situation without any problems.

#7.      Ugly Stik Elite Baitcast Combo

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 13

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 5

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There are some good features that you should find from this fishing rod. It has some useful components that can provide many benefits for all customers. It comes with a strong and sensitive rod.

The original Ugly Stik fishing poles are very limber and flexible, offering up a virtually indestructible, sensitive fishing rod. That came at a cost, however, with weight. While the original is still one of the greatest rods available, the new Ugly Stik Elite takes things to a new level.

Shakespeare uses 35 percent more graphite in the Elite, which reduces weight but retains the toughness that the company’s reputation was built on. And yes, they kept the Clear Tip, a standard feature of all Ugly Stik rods.


#8.  Eagle Claw Pack-It Spin Combo with Telescopic Rod

Eagle Claw Pack-It Spin Combo Telescopic Rod (1 Piece) Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 5

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It is convenient for you to use this powerful device for helping enjoy your fishing activity. It’s tested material is proven to be very effective to maintain the quality of this rod.

The Eagle Claw Pack-It Travel/Pack Spinning Combo is the perfect companion for a weekend getaway or for those times when you stumble upon an unexpected fish haunt. The Eagle Claw Pack-It Travel/Pack Spinning Combo is the perfect size for tucking in your luggage, backpack or just keeping handy under the car seat. The Pack-It Combo works great for panfish, trout and bass.

This Pack-It Spin Combo Telescopic 1 PC 5’6 has a durable glass construction that makes this rod perfect for the trail, trunk, or turbo-prop. This combo model features a lightweight graphite reel with quick-folding handle and is already spooled with line.

With quality components, great actions, and the stamina to take on the backwoods, Eagle Claw travel rods have been setting the standard for years

The Eagle Claw Pack-It Travel/Pack Spinning Combo features a medium sized spinning reel with a lightweight aluminum reel, quick folding handle and a graphite spool. This reel comes pre-spooled with premium monofilament line.

Be ready to go fishing at any time with the Pack-It telescoping fishing pole from Eagle Claw. The go anywhere combo pioneered by Eagle Claw is perfect for storing behind your seat or in the trunk for those unplanned, spur of the moment fishing trips. This 5 section spinning rod extends to 5ft.-6in. and features an ultra light Eagle Claw Ball Bearing Reel with an aluminum spool. The rod is made from lightweight but durable fiberglass with wired framed ceramic guides and a cork/EVA handle.


  1.  A uniquely designed fiberglass pole
  2.  Best telescopic fishing rod for bass
  3.  EVA foam grip enables easy cleaning
  4.  A strong, yet lightweight reel seat


  1.  Handle break when applied excessive pressure

#9.  BlueFire Fishing Rod Kit Fishing Combo

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 16Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 5

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This is another popular fishing rod that you can buy from the market. It comes with fiberglass and also EVA for improving the quality of this fishing rod. It has pre-spooled with a line that can provide ceramic guides for all products.

The Bluefire fishing rod and reel combo is all you need to get started fishing. The telescopic rod is lightweight and sturdy, made with high-density carbon fiber. It comes with a spinning reel, a carrier bag, a complimentary pack of hooks, a lure, and a fishing line. It’s a great value kit for someone just taking an interest in fishing or an inexpensive option for your first set of fishing gear.


The telescopic rod is 6.8 feet when fully extended and about 15 ½ inches when folded. It folds to one side with the click of a button. Although it’s not as long as some other telescopic rods on the market, we found that we were still able to cast it at fairly long distances. The retractable rod comes with non-corrosive, sturdy guide rings that reduce line friction.

Bluefire Retractable Fishing Rod and Reel Combo is powerful enough for fishing small species, such as trout, bass, and carp. Overall, we found this to be an excellent option for fishing ponds, lakes, and small rivers.

If you are constantly on the go, you must choose a rod that is lighter in weight and subsequently easier to carry around. No other rod allows for this better than the one we are currently reviewing. It is light, compact and very easy to move around.

Moreover, it also collapses to take up limited storage space. In this way, it also expedites your own transportation and handling. Though compact, it does have a generously large capacity that allows it to catch plenty of fish. All these it does without necessarily collapsing under its own weight.


  1. Awesome fishing rod kit
  2.  Compact fishing pole
  3.  Has really good quality materials, All metal Reel, Carbon Fiber pole
  4. Best Fishing Rod For Bass



  1.  Handle break when applied excessive pressure

#10. Plusinno Telescopic Fishing Rod

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 18

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 5

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There are many good people who are interested in buying this fishing rod. This device is very well-known for its elasticity, so you can use this fishing rod at any time you want.

Retrieving the catch from the water body comes with the added disadvantage of predisposing the rods to the risks of breakage. This one is designed for perfect elasticity. On account of this makeup, the rod stretches and retracts smoothly to avoid the possibility of breaking apart.

This is one that is constructed out of high-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass. Simply put, the end result is going to be a hard and durable rod that will be able to withstand the harsh outside life. You combine this with the aluminum oxide guide inserts and it should be easy to see why more and more fishermen are opting for this telescopic rod as compared to the others on the market. The open length of the rod is 1.8 meters while the closed length is 40 centimeters.

It does comprise the instant anti-reverse capability. Thanks to this vital trait, the rod does not retract too fast as to pose any injuries to your hands. In all, it also resists corrosion and is hence safe for use in the sea waters. This combines with its durable stature to deliver long term use and applications


  1.  Lightweight, durable, quality material, great back bone on rod, reel features are incredible
  2. Awesome fishing rod kit
  3.  Compact fishing pole
  4. Has really good quality materials, All metal Reel, Carbon Fiber pole
  5. Best Fishing Rod For Bass


  1.  Handle break when applied excessive pressure

Buying Guide

Buying a fishing pole can be both exciting and overwhelming. This is especially true if you are buying one for an unplanned trip at the spur of the moment. It can be only natural to just want to get the first one that you come across. After all, these rods and reels are all made the same, right? No, unfortunately, that is not the case at all.

Not all telescopic poles are created the same. Yes, some have similar features, but each model offers specific qualities that make them stand out. Discovering the qualities that you need and desire will be key to finding the perfect telescopic rod for you. You can read any telescopic rod review you want, but if you don’t want to know the features you need, you simply aren’t going to be able to make an informed decision. This is why it is best to go into the whole situation as informed as possible.

Baitcasting vs Spinning

First things first:

  • What is your level of experience?

This is perhaps the biggest question you should ask yourself before settling on a new rod. A well-seasoned bass fishermen’s requirements will differ from a beginner’s.

In general, a beginner is going to want a spinning rod. As your experience level increases to the intermediate level, baitcasting rods will become an option. Once you reach expert level, it typically becomes filling in any gaps in your current equipment.

Spinning Rods

Spinning rods have the reel and guides underneath. As the line comes off the reel differently, guides are built bigger on spinning rods. Line spools off in different directions when you’re spinning. If you fish mainly with lighter lures, a spinning rood is your ideal weapon.

Spinning rods are also an easy and effective way to get going if you’re just starting out fishing, so keep it simple if you’re a beginner with one of these slightly shorter and more controllable rods.

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 20

Spinning reels are usually best for beginners as the line has less tendency to tangle while casting and being reeled in at faster speeds. As their name suggests, these rod use spinning reels where the bail is flipped back and forth according to the stage of the cast. A set-up like this eliminates the threat of the line coming off the spool but also has its limits in terms of feel and control.


As a rule, baitcasting rods are longer than spinning rods. If you’re bass fishing with heavier lures, this type of rod is tailor-made. With handles on both sides, you should find yourself getting tangled line less frequently.

Baitcasting rods are slightly more difficult to master but often the go-to choice of competitive fishermen. This is because the casting setup makes for smoother and longer casts where the line rolls more naturally off the spool.

Guides start off larger near the reel and gradually get smaller. Since both the reel and guides are situated at the top of the rod, the weighting gives you more power, ideal if you’re tracking down bigger and more challenging fish.

Best Fishing Rod For Bass in 2022: (Top 10) Reviewed 21

If you’ve never cast a baitcasting rod before, be prepared to practice and to deal with the inevitable “birds nest” as a baitcasting reel takes a lot of practice to cast properly and consistently.

Choosing between each rod type really depends on how competent a bass angler you are and how important the issue of added feel and control is. Baitcasting rods generally do that job more effectively, but come at a cost of a steeper learning curve.

In short, beginners are best suited to spinning rods and baitcasters are better for the experts. Intermediates, on the other hand, can go either way. It mainly depends on preference.

The Length Will Matter

When you hit the market or the Internet seeking out your next pole, you will want to start with the length. Even with telescopic rods, the length can make a difference. You want to make sure that you know the entire length of the pole as well as the collapsed length. This will help you completely ensure that your new pole will be both your fishing and storage needs.

The Weight Also Matters

Not only do you need to consider the length of the pole, but you need to consider the weight of the pole. Not just the weight that the pole can handle, but the actual, physical weight of the pole as well. Just keep in mind that telescopic poles are going to be lighter than traditional ones.

This was, in fact, one of the reasons that there were developed. They were designed to make traveling with them easier. Both the weight of the pole and the maximum weight limits will really depend on where you are fishing and what species you are going for. If you are going for bigger fish, you will want a pole that can handle more weight. If you have a long hike to your fishing spot, you might want to opt for a lighter weight pole to make the travels a little easier.

The Material Of The Pole

The materials that the pole are constructed out of will play a major role in the overall durability of the rod. In fact, it is the material that is responsible for providing the strength and flexibility in any pole. This is not to add any extra stress or pressure. It is just to make you a more informed buyer. That being said, some heavier-duty materials can make your rod heavier, so this is something that will always have to be factored in.

What the rod’s made of is obviously crucial.

Carbon Fiber: A carbon fiber or graphite rod gives you a great deal of sensitivity at the expense of the potential of fish wriggling away. Lightweight and lacking in strength, carbon fiber rods are best suited to beginners and any anglers without too much experience.


Fiberglass: Although they’re heavier than carbon fiber rods, technology is bringing the bulk of this material down all the time. Although you won’t get as much by way of sensitivity, if you’re a more experienced fisherman, this won’t be an issue.

Think about your level of skill, as there’s no right or wrong answer to rod material. It’s simply a case of finding what works best for you.

Fiberglass, graphite, carbon fiber, or a combo of any of the aforementioned are excellent materials that can provide durability as well as dependability.

The Guides

The guides and number of guides are something that must be considered as well. The guides are those little eyelets that the string runs through. They are responsible for directing the line from the rod to the water, but that is not their sole purpose. They are also there to handle pressure as well as weight when you have a fish on the hook. Most traditional fishing rods have right around five guides. More guides won’t be a problem, but anything less might cause weak points which will affect the overall strength and balance of the entire rod.

The Power Matters

Anytime you are dealing with fishing poles, you need to understand that both power and strength go hand in hand. There are usually heavy, medium-heavy, and medium powers to choose form. That being said, it really is the size of the rod and the materials that will affect the overall power of the rod. This, once again, will come down to your own specific needs. If you are looking to catch bigger fish and achieve greater catches, you will want to opt for something that offers more power. If you are completely unsure of which road to go down, you will be best off opting for a pole that offers medium to medium-heavy sensitivity.

Just keep in mind that telescopic rods are usually lighter and more sensitive than traditional poles, so no matter what you do, you simply aren’t going to get the power and performance from a telescopic rod that you would get with a traditional pole. This doesn’t mean that telescopic poles aren’t great in their own right because they certainly are.

The Twist Makes A Difference

Telescopic poles are compact and were designed to be compact and convenient. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will all be easy to handle. This is especially true when you are dealing with inferior models. Since most models twist together, there can sometimes be problems with twisting. When choosing Best Fishing Rod For Bass it will be without a doubt essential to make sure the model that you choose blanks easily with its guides while you are fishing. Unfortunately, some models will end up twisting and not aligning properly


With any luck, you can now see clearly which rod would be the best fit for your fishing needs. Let this guide save you some time and effort in your new purchase.

It’s not an easy task to find the best bass fishing rod and reel s, but our expert team did all the market research intensely and provides only the possible choices and information you need

We also tried to share our experience on bass fishing so that you find our article a helpful on. Remember one thing folks, fishing is not all about getting bites or catch. It’s something more than that. If you just started, pick a rod and reel from above and get started today.

Final Word

As you can see, there are a number of things that need to be considered when choosing your next Best Fishing Rod For Bass, but taking the time to weigh these factors will not only ensure that you get the very best pole for the situation, but it will ensure that you get the biggest bang for your buck. And, this is something that every consumer should want in today’s high priced market.


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