Best Food Steamers of 2022 (Review & Guides)

Steamed food is delicious, healthy, and easy to prepare using one of the best food steamers available online. Therefore, if you are tired of eating the fat-rich fried food you get at your local restaurant, this article is for you. After thorough online research, we have identified the best steamers that you will enjoy using at home. They are BPA-free and relatively easy to use.

Our Recommended Food Steamers | 2022 Reviews

1. Aroma Housewares ARC 731-1 Pot-Style Rice Cooker and Steamer

Aroma Housewares ARC 731-1 Pot-Style Rice Cooker and Steamer

This Aroma Housewares ARC 731-1 is a multi-purpose food steamer that cooks rice and steams vegetables, grains, and poultry. This unit has a fancy and unique design that is quite attractive and adds a decorative touch in your kitchen. In terms of construction, the inner side of this steamer is thick and prevents cooked food from sticking on the surface. This makes it one of the best steamers for cooking chicken. Also, this feature makes it easy to clean and maintain your pot since stains tend to leave permanent dents on the pot. With the ARC 731-1, you can be sure cleaning will be a breeze. You can wash it in a dishwasher or hand-wash it.

Aroma Housewares has a one-touch design that is easy to control. This pot starts to function with a single touch of a button. It can fit perfectly in your kitchen, as it does not occupy too much space. You get a combination of different functionalities with this steamer, which helps to save cabinet space and cost. You can use the pot to steam your cake, rice, and vegetables.

What We Like
  • Fancy pot design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • One-touch operation
  • Versatile design
Our Verdict

We recommend the Aroma Housewares Pot-Style ARC 731-1 as it designed to cater to all your basic cooking needs. It uses a smart steaming technology that ensures meals cook well.

2. BLACK + DECKER Cooked/Uncooked RC506 Food Steamer and Rice Cooker


BLACK +DECKER RC506 Steamer is ideal for those steaming small amounts of food. This little unit is easy to carry around and is excellent for single or small households. Measuring 10 x 8 x 5 inches, this machine takes up less space. Despite its small size, the food steamer is quite versatile since you can use it for steaming food and cooking rice. It features a non-stick interior that prevents your food from burning and makes it easy to clean.

BLACK +DECKER Cooked/Uncooked RC506 steamer has a transparent glass lid that allows you to check the progress of your food. The one-touch button design makes the unit very easy to use. After your food is ready, this steamer helps to keep your food warm. The package includes a measuring cup, 6-cup capacity, and a spoon.

What We Like
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Automatically keep food warm
  • Transparent Lid
  • Removable non-stick bowl
Our Verdict

For those who want a small yet efficient food steamer, you will not go wrong with then BLACK +DECKER RC506 Food Steamer. It occupies very little space and helps to retain all the flavors and nutrients in food. One of these cupcake makers will make breakfast enjoyable.

3. Oster (CKSTSTMD5) Double Tiered 5 Qt Food Steamer

Oster (CKSTSTMD5) Double Tiered 5 Qt Food Steamer

The Oster (CKSTSTMD5 has two tiers, which lets you separate different types of foods when steaming them at the same time. The unit can cook a variety of foods such as vegetables, fish, rice, poultry, and meat. Since all the bowls are transparent, you can observe what is happening inside without uncovering the bowl. This streamer features a small footprint and does not take up much space. Its stackable and compact design makes it easy to store when you are not using it. The small size makes a suitable food steamer for small or single-person households.

It is also easy to use. The unit comes with a single adjustable dial, which you can set up to one hour. The timer allows you to go on with your other activities while your food is cooking. We also like that it has a power light feature that illuminates when it is in use. After the food has finished cooking, this food steamer shuts down automatically. The package includes an easy to follow and user guide. The best chafing dishes for serving food are available here.

What We Like
  • Automatic cooking
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
Our Verdict

Considering its efficient cooking, ease-to-use, durability, affordable price, and ability to steam a wide range of foods at once, this Oster (CKSTSTMD5) Double Tiered 5 Qt Food Steamer is an excellent option.

4. Farberware Stack ‘N’ 70043 Stack 3 Qt Stainless Steel Steamer

Farberware Stack ‘N’ 70043 Stack 3 Qt Stainless Steel Steamer

The Farberware Stack ‘N’ 70043 is a multi-purpose steamer that you can use for cooking rice, steaming vegetables, baking meals, simmering your delicious sauce and boiling food. The interior has an aluminum construction that allows it to heat up quickly and cook your food evenly. The pot traps moisture and heat, which reduces energy consumption, cooking time and prevents vegetables from drying out. This pot makes cooking fun, easier and saves time and energy costs. You can detach the steamer from the pot when boiling your food or simmering your sauce. The saucepot can handle heat up to 175 Celsius, so it can be a great substitute for a baking pan when baking your cake or casserole.

The saucepot features a thick handle that is easy and comfortable to hold since it stays cool. Then, the cover is not only functional but also very classy and stylish. The self-basting cover helps to keep moisture and heat in the pot while cooking.

What We Like
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Heats evenly and quickly
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Easy to grip handle
Our Verdict

The Farberware Stack ‘N’ 70043 is for those looking for a multifunctional, affordable, and durable food steamer. It comes with a beautiful design that adds a great look to your kitchen.

5. Hamilton Beach Digital 37530A Food Steamer

Hamilton Beach Digital 37530A Food Steamer

This Hamilton Beach Digital 37530A makes cooking food easy and fun. Instead of staying in one place waiting for the food to steam, this unit switches off when the food is ready. In addition, it automatically switches to warm when your meal is ready. Meaning, your food will stay warm long after cooking. It has a digital touch-pad that allows you to set a countdown as you do other tasks. The double tier food steamer has a great size that can fit nicely into your cabinet. This design means you can steam two different foods at the same time without reducing its efficiency. If you want to cook a larger amount of food that one compartment cannot hold, all you need to do is remove the lid between the two chambers.

Hamilton Beach Digital 37530A steamer is airtight, which prevents any nutrients from leaching out during steaming. Furthermore, it alerts you when the water level is low. To add water, you need to open the water compartment and top it up.

What We Like
  • Portable and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Double tier steamer
  • Keeps food warm
Our Verdict

The Hamilton Beach Digital 37530A steamer is affordable, super-efficient, and easy to use. It also cooks fast and has an innovative auto warm feature that keeps food ready to eat.

6. Bella 2-Tier 13872 Healthy Food Steamer

Bella 2-Tier 13872 Healthy Food Steamer

Being a double-tier steamer, the Bella 13872 Healthy Food Steamer allows you to cook more than one meal at a time. Cooking with this unit is easy, quick, and safe as it has two steaming containers, lid, and a grain tray. All items are dishwasher safe, and thus easy to clean.

Bella 13872 has an auto shut down feature that shuts off the machine after the count down is down. Water reservoir windows in this food steamer make it easy to see when the water level is down. Thus, you will not need to keep on opening and closing the steamer to check the water level. On top of that, the Bella 2-Tier 13872 features a quick heating system that saves energy and cooks your food quickly. It is ready to cook within 30 seconds after switching on.

What We Like
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dry boil protection
  • Quick heating system
  • Smart automatic-shut off system
Our Verdict

If you want a reliable food steamer, this Bella 2-Tier 13872 is your choice product. Apart from being efficient, this unit is quite easy to use as it comes with a clear instruction guide.

7. Oster 2-Tier Electronic 5712 Food Steamer

Oster 2-Tier Electronic 5712 Food Steamer

Oster is a multi-purpose food steamer that can cook any type of food. It has digital controls that are easy to operate. The LCD has four buttons for selecting cooking options and an auto-power-off button that stops steaming when water is low. It also has an audible beeping sound that alerts you to take action, and a keep-warm feature that turns on after the food is ready.

All the parts of this set are dishwasher safe, but you should place them on the top shelf to avoid damaging the plastic construction. It has an average size that fits most kitchen cabinets.

What We Like
  • One-year warranty
  • Digital controls
  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • Multi-purpose
Our Verdict

Oster 2-Tier Electronic 5712 Food Steamer is a great fit for a medium-sized kitchen cabinet. It is a perfect combination of style and functionality. More importantly, cleaning the steamer is easy since it is dishwasher safe.

8. Rosewill RHST-15001 Electric 9.5 Qt Electric Food Steamer

Rosewill RHST-15001 Electric 9.5 Qt Electric Food Steamer

The Rosewill RHST-15001 is a fantastic food steamer that allows you to cook up to three different types of food at the same time. This saves time, as you do not have to wait for one meal to cook before steaming the other one. With a whopping 800w heating power, this unit powers up in less than a minute to its full ability. This level of efficiency makes sure your food steams faster and evenly. There is also the water level indicator that helps you to know the water level in the food steamer, which prevents guesswork.

Rosewill RHST-15001 has two water vents that make it easy to add water into the water tank. This machine has a heavy-duty construction, and all the compartments are dishwasher safe. When it comes to its size, this steamer is large enough to prepare food for the entire family. It comes with a rice bowl, egg holder, and stackable basket.

What We Like
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Quick-heating system
  • Highly portable
  • 3-tier compartment
Our Verdict

The Rosewill RHST-15001 is BPA-free, which makes it a safe option. The quick heating feature also makes this unit a great choice.

9. Cuisinart Digital STM-1000 Glass Steamer

Cuisinart Digital STM-1000 Glass Steamer

The Cuisinart Digital STM-1000 Glass Steamer ensures that your food cooks evenly and quickly. Its large size enables it to prepare enough food, even for large families. This unit also features a large water tank that accommodates up to one liter of water. This is enough to cook any type of food. So, you do not need to keep refilling water while cooking your food.

Then, the one-hour timer allows you to do other tasks while your food is cooking. For the foods that take more than one hour, you can restart the counter as many times as necessary. It has an audible alert system that alerts you when the food is ready. With this in place, you do not need to keep checking the steamer.

What We Like
  • Powerful steam system
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Removable water tank
  • Audible alert system
Our Verdict

We recommend the Cuisinart Digital STM-1000 Glass Steamer for those with a large family and take health issues seriously. It is BPA free and cooks your food evenly while retaining its nutrients and flavor.

10. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 77-35CG Steamer Set

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 77-35CG Steamer Set

The Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 77-35CG Steamer Set has a sturdy construction, which makes it one of the most durable food steamers out there. The set has an easy-to-grip handle and transparent glass lid that makes it possible to check the progress of your food. Moreover, the stainless steel construction allows fast and even food cooking.

Furthermore, this machine has a dry protection feature that will enable you to steam your veggies without burning them. This way, they can retain their original freshness, color, taste, and juice. Apart from being versatile, this set comes with a beautiful design.

What We Like
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to grip handle
  • Versatile steamer
  • Dishwasher Safe
Our Verdict

The Cuisinart Chef’s Classic 77-35CG Steamer Set has a heavy-duty design that lasts for long. It cooks a large quantity of foods and has dishwasher-safe components that last for long.

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