Best Horse Saddles in 2022 (Review & Guide)

Participation in the upcoming Cheltenham Festival requires a “fully kitted” racehorse of good health that can compete in one of the five grade 1 races held over the four days in March. If you are like gambling, the event also presents an exciting money-making opportunity, as horse lovers bet millions of pounds every year. Back to racehorses, one of the most critical items you will need to improve the probability of success of a horse is a saddle. Most elaborate brands attract attention outdoors. However, you also need a functional saddle that can match the dynamic motion of your horse and absorb and dissipate shock as it circles on the track or jumps obstacles set up in some of the events. We have reviewed a few models for professional jockeys and casual riders.

List of the Best Horse Saddles in 2022

10. Open Store Western Pleasure Trail Horse Saddle

Open Store Western Pleasure Trail Horse Saddle

Barrel racing is a rigorous and fast-paced event that involves sharp turns and movement. To succeed in such an event, you will need an agile quarter horse breed and a comfortable trace horse saddle such as the Open Store Western. Made of cowhide leather, the saddle is durable yet flexible. The material is also less prone to cracking or tearing and has hand-carved accents (engraved) that boost its overall look. You will also like the dark brown oil finish of the horse saddle as it is less prone to fading.

Open Store saddle is perfect for day-to-day riding due to its superior performance and comfortable design. While in use, the risk of it sliding and bruising your horse is low, as it has a soft fleece backing. The material is also comfortable and helps to distribute the weight of riders evenly to minimize strain. Even though you pay a premium for an original one, its quality and functionality make your investment worthwhile.

What We Like
  • Cowhide leather
  • Soft fleece pad
  • Fits most horses
  • Multifunctional
Our Verdict

Due to its multi-functional design, Open Store Western is perfect for racing, training, and regular exercising. Its leather structure (cowhide) is durable and has stylish hand-engraved accents.

9. Manaal Enterprises Premium Leather Western Horse Saddle

Manaal Enterprises Premium Leather Western Horse Saddle

Manaal Enterprises is a premium Western style horse saddle made of leather. It comes in many sizes for different horses (14-18 inches). Furthermore, you get an all-in-one matching saddle with a breast collar built-in. As such, whether you are preparing for a training session or a competitive event at this year’s Cheltenham Festival, you will love this product. It is easy to set up and comes in two exciting color schemes – blue and pink.

You will have a positive experience buying this saddle only for two reasons. First, it comes set-up and ready to use, unlike some traditional models that need a lot of setup to work. The saddle is also true to size. If you order a size 14, you will get a size 14 with a beautiful woven design, a fender, a skirt, a cantle, a pommel, and stirrups. The saddle also has a soft fleece underside that lays comfortably on most horses without scratches and or irritation.

What We Like
  • Many accurate sizes
  • Durable leather saddle
  • All-in-one design
  • Two-colour schemes
  • Soft fleece underside
Our Verdict

The Manaal Enterprises is an all-in-one Western-style saddle with a comfortable fleece underside. It has a charming design with all add-ons that you will need to train or ride comfortably and safely.

8. HILASON 15-inch Western Horse Saddle

HILASON 15-inch Western Horse Saddle

Are you shopping for a comfortable and well-engineered horse saddle for training or competing? HILASON is a popular Western style model made of American cowhide leather. It has a skirting that prevents your leg from rubbing on the belly of your horse. It also has a padded seat (leather) with a low-profile backrest that prevents you from slipping while riding. Thus, devoid of your level of skill, you can ride a horse for long without irritation and or getting tired.

The smooth and flexible leather use to make an original HILASON saddle is safe for most breeds of horses. It flexes to prevent irritation, is lightweight (28 pounds), and comes pre-fitted with a 6-8-inch gullet and matching rear and front cinch straps. Borders have a beautiful hand-tooled design that boosts looks.

What We Like
  • Lightweight (28 pounds)
  • Low profile backrest
  • Padded saddle seat
  • American cowhide leather
Our Verdict

HILASON is a 15-inch Western-style saddle with skirting, cinch straps (forward and rear), and a 4.5-inch cantle. The American cowhide leather used to make it is robust and has stylish, tooled edges.

7. Acerugs Western Pleasure Show Horse Saddle

Acerugs Western Pleasure Show Horse Saddle

Even though the Acerugs Western Pleasure is not traditional leather, it has its share of pros that you might like. For instance, if you have an old horse that cannot carry a lot of weight, this is one of the best saddles to use. The synthetic Cordura fabric used to make it is not only light but also durable. Moreover, because it is more flexible than leather, horses can move swiftly on it while exploring an obstacle course or riding leisurely in the wood. The Acerugs Western Pleasure saddle comes fully set up. It has a comfortable seat, reins, a headstall, and a breast collar built-in.

The Acerugs Western Pleasure has a premium padding that boosts the comfort of both riders and horses. Made of fleece, it does not bruise nor pull hair from the skin but is thick enough to absorb and dissipate shock. Thus, during your long off-road trips, you will enjoy having this novel saddle on your horse.

What We Like
  • Safe for horse
  • Synthetic Cordura
  • Soft synthetic fleece
  • Reinforced tree
Our Verdict

Acerugs Western Pleasure is a light and comfortable horse saddle with a padded seat. It fits most horses without irritation or bruises.

6. TrailMax English Endurance Horse Saddle

TrailMax English Endurance Horse Saddle

As the name suggests, TrailMax English is one of the best horse saddles for endurance and trail riding. It cradles not only the back of race horses but also the sides to maximize the stability of riders. It also has compression straps (quick release) for added support and compartments (three) for your personals. As you ride, a phone, keys, or water bottle will be secure on all terrain. The TrailMax saddle comes in pewter grey, black, and sage green.

TrailMax English has a protective double PVC coating that keeps water out. Thus, you can use it in the rain or a marsh area without damaging its structure over time. The layer also makes cleaning this horse saddle a breeze with soap and a water hose.

What We Like
  • Low maintenance design
  • Protective PVC coat
  • Three compartments
  • Quick-release buckles
  • Double-stitched seams
  • Fleece-lined sleeves
Our Verdict

The double-stitched TrailMax English horse saddle is a long-lasting item that works on most horses. It is comfortable as well and has a protective PVC coating that boosts its look and strength.

5. AceRugs All Natural Cowhide Leather Horse Saddle

AceRugs All Natural Cowhide Leather Horse Saddle

The all-natural AceRugs horse saddle has a secure design made of thick leather (100%). Thus, unlike some cheaply built brands that rip under abuse, its value is terrific. You can sit and ride on it for hours every day without it developing structural issues over time. The material is also resistant to cracking and has a comfortable structure (padded) that is safe for all horse breeds. AceRugs comes fitted with a breast collar, reins, and headstall.

Are you conscious of the looks of the saddles you use on your horse? The eye-catching design of the AceRugs saddle can satisfy the needs of most people. Its intricate accents, for instance, stand out outdoors. Moreover, the saddle has an antique oil finish that protects it from water and gives it a long-lasting shine. Finally, wrapped in fiberglass, its wood base tree is sturdy and durable.

What We Like
  • Eye-catching accents
  • Thick leather (100%)
  • Fits most horses
  • Hand tooled finish
Our Verdict

The hand-tooled AceRugs saddle is an eye-catching leather saddle with padding for comfort. Recommended for barrel racing, it also has a sturdy fibreglass-reinforced base that lasts for long.

4. Acerugs All-Purpose Black Leather English Riding Saddle

Acerugs All-Purpose Black Leather English Riding Saddle

If you do not mind using a black saddle on your horse, you will love the all-purpose Acerugs models. It is sleek and made of 100% leather that withstands abuse well. The material does not rip under load. It also has a sturdy hand-stitched design with a medium tree that fits most people. Finally, even though buckles need a bit of effort to set up, they are sturdy and safe for horses.

The Acerugs is a starter kit and therefore cheaper than some of the best brands we have reviewed. However, you get everything that you will need to participate in professional racing events and or ride leisurely. Finally, its deep glove seat is comfortable, while its shiny stainless steel finish is fade proof and very easy to clean.

What We Like
  • Secure buckles (steel)
  • Deep glove seat
  • Hand-stitched design
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Cost-effective saddle
Our Verdict

Acerugs has a comfortable deep glove seat that secures riders to horses. The saddle is affordable and has a robust hand-stitched design.

3. Acerugs Premium Brown Leather English saddle

Acerugs Premium Brown Leather English saddle

The Acerugs leather saddle is a premium15-18-inch accessory for close contact jumping. Retailing as a starter pack, you get everything you will need to start a horse-riding career. Its leather saddle, for instance, standard out in many ways. Its minimalist design is light, stylish, and suitable for riding on most horses. It has a thick shell that lasts for long and stirrup irons and leathers that work seamlessly outdoors. It also has heavy-duty straps with metal buckles that do not snap while in use nor irritate horses.

While shopping for a horse saddle for day-to-day use, look for a product that will not compromise your safety and that of your horse. Acerugs, for instance, is a secure brand with a padded lining for safety. Its soft knee rolls are non-irritant. Moreover, because it is light and compact, horses can haul people of all shapes and sizes on it safely. The saddle is effortless to set up.

What We Like
  • Effortless to set up
  • Padded (comfortable)
  • Light and compact
  • All-in-one starter pack
Our Verdict

The Acerugs starter pack entails a durable leather saddle with padding for comfort. It also has reinforced seams and a low-profile snap-on design that is easy to secure on most horses.

2. AJ Tack Wholesale Miniature Decoration Horse Saddle

AJ Tack Wholesale Miniature Decoration Horse Saddle

AJ Tack is a miniature wholesale saddle for horses with a charming Western-style design. The genuine tooled leather used to make this product is one of the best. It is not only resistant to tears, but also cracking as well, and looks good. Moreover, the saddle has a padded 5-inch seat with a fleece back that makes it safe for long-distance riding. The fleece protects horses from bruises and injuries. Riders also like its comfort and longevity.

The AJ Tack saddle is a 100% hand-made product. Thus, if you want a reliable product that works on all horses, this is one of the best brands. It is easy to set up and has an eye-catching tooled finish that does not fade, crack, or lose its charm over time.

What We Like
  • Padded seat (5-inches)
  • Durable (hand-made)
  • Genuine tooled leather
  • Stylish finish (brown)
Our Verdict

The AJ Tack is genuine leather and therefore lasts longer than most synthetic ones. Even though it lacks straps for security, its low-profile design not only fits most horses but is also comfortable.

1. Breyer Traditional Stoneleigh II Dressage Saddle

Breyer Traditional Stoneleigh II Dressage Saddle

You do not need one of the large and expensive horse saddles available online to ride safely. Traditional Stoneleigh models such as Breyer offer better results in numerous ways. First, due to its small size, it is lighter and therefore comfortable for horses. It also makes mounting horses a breeze and has a deep seat that cradles the crotch comfortably while riding. Thus, during a long trip, you enjoy using it since it is safe for horses and riders.

The Breyer Traditional saddle is a favorite of many horse lovers due to its unique style. Its deep black theme not only looks good but is also less prone to fading under heavy loads. Moreover, to clean, all you have to do is wipe it with a damp towel to lift dirt.

What We Like
  • Stylish outlook (black)
  • Fade and crack resistant
  • Fits most horse breeds
  • Comfortable for horses
Our Verdict

Due to its comfortable design, both horses and jockeys like the Breyer Traditional Stoneleigh II Dressage Saddle. The saddle is easy to set up on most breeds without scratching or irritation.

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