Best iPad Pro Keyboard and Screen Protectors Reviews

If you want to take the usage of your iPad Pro to the next level as a function to replace laptop, the first thing you need is the best iPad Pro keyboard. Why? With such best iPad Pro keyboard, you will be able to type your documents and any other files easily and comfortably as iPad Pro is smaller and easy to bring along with rather than laptop. At the same time, another major thing you have to consider when you own an iPad Pro is the best screen protector. The best screen protector is the one that works as the shield to protect your iPad screen from scratching and breaking as well as dust which is a must to have. To make it easy for you to get the best iPad Pro keyboard and the best screen protector for your iPad, take a look at this list of top 10 best iPad Pro keyboards and screen protectors review below.

1. Logitech 920-007824 Backlit Keyboard Case

Developed together with Apple exclusively for iPad Pro, this backlit keyboard case from Logitech is the most advance connectivity that allows you to connect the keyboard with your iPad Pro via Apple Smart Connector with its best iPad keyboard of full size layout and large backlit keys with adjustable backlighting. Also, it has the all-around protection in a beautiful design which safeguards your iPad Pro from bumps and scratches perfectly with its custom sculptured curves and premium anodized aluminum structure. The best part is the two viewing angles function which allows you to easily adjust your iPad Pro from typing viewing angle in both portrait and landscape.



2. IVSO iPad Pro Keyboard Case

Designed with high quality PU leather cover along with soft and microfiber lined interior that provide you the full protection for your tablet perfectly. Its precise cut-off provides you the full access to all ports and features easily. Its real laptop-style background is built to give you a better typing experience than silicone keyboard like other cases. This iPad Pro keyboard comes with 3-in-1 function of Bluetooth V3.0 keyboard + stand + premium carrying case which is absolutely convenient to carry around with your tablet to places.

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3. FYY Leather Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Case

This keyboard case from FYY is uniquely designed with the magnetic luxury gold wireless and high quality Bluetooth keyboard which help you to type faster and more comfortable with less error. It also has the special design with note holder which allows you to bring some files or note along with your tablet in the same case while traveling easily. It comes with the elastic strap that secures your iPad from falling along with the stylus holder in the keyboard case as well. This product is endowed with fine texture and comfortable tactile impression which surely gives you the feeling of superior and elegant.



4. OMOTON Ultra-Slim Keyboard for iPads

This is the cable-free Bluetooth connection keyboard that is designed for your mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones in order to bring you more convenience when you need to type. It is built with the special functions of super compatibility which is compatible with all iPads, iPhones, and other devices perfectly. With its perfect size, you can enjoy typing with its big keyboard yet small enough to put into your bag and bring along with to places conveniently.



5. IVSO iPad Pro Keyboard Case

Comes with the function of 3-in-1, this IVSO iPad Pro Keyboard Case has the feature of Bluetooth V3.0 keyboard + stand + premium carrying case which is perfectly convenient to carry your tablet to any places you like. Also, it is designed from the high quality PU leather cover along with soft and microfiber-lined interior which provide full protection for your tablet. Its precise cut-off offers you the full access to all ports and features.



6. iCarez iPad Pro Screen Protector

This is the new glass anti-scratch screen protector from iCarez that is built for Apple 12.9-inch iPad Pro. With its dry application, you will be able to easily install and remove it as it is bubble free and has no residue. It also has the high definition transparency firm that ensures the maximum resolution for retina display of your iPad. iCarez screen protector has the perfect cutouts on the front which will not interfere with sensors or responsiveness of your iPad at all which is easy to use and perfect to choose.



7. Bovon Ultra Clear & Thin Screen Protector

Bovon offers you this high transparency screen protector of 97% light penetration ratio which preserves the original viewing quality which is specially designed for iPad Pro 12.9 inches precise cut and design which perfectly fits your iPad’s screen. With the hardness up to 9H, this screen protector is effectively the best protector to your tablet from scratching, shattering, and breaking. Also, it is made to be UV resistant and oleophobic coating which reduces eyes strain as it protect your sight, and reduce the smudges and fingerprints and dust as well.

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8. Tech Armor iPad Pro Screen Protector

With Tech Armor screen protector, you will be amazed with how stunning your iPad displays. It has the Tech Armor Ballistic Glass which is built to protect your iPad’s screen from scratches and shatters which result from high impact drops. Also, this screen protector has the precise laser cut tempered glass that made with polished and rounded edges to perfectly fit your iPad’s screen. The best part is Tech Armor screen protector is bubble-free which is easy to install on your tablet in just a blink of an eye.



9. iCarez HD Clear Screen Protector

Designed with hard coated for scratch proof, this iCarez HD clear screen protector is compatible with Apple iPad Pro as it has the high definition transparency firm that ensures the maximum resolution for retina display. It comes with dry application which is easy to install and remove as it is bubble-free and has no residue. Since it has the perfect cutouts on the front, this screen protector will not interfere with sensors or responsiveness of your iPad at all.



10. SPARIN Screen Protector

SPARIN provides you the screen protector with the surface which is as smooth as nothing which allows your Apple pencil to still expands the power of multi-touch and opens new creative possibilities easily. Also, this screen protector is easy to install as it is designed with the precise cut which is automatically attached to your iPad Pro’s screen smoothly with hassle-free and bubble-free, yet has no residue when removed. With this SPARIN screen protector, dirt, dust, and scratches will be prevented from your iPad perfectly well.



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