Best Korean Actors and Actress

Korea has some of the best actors in the world. Just a few discussed below as some of the best Korean actors as per 2022 and in the near future.


Jun Ji-Hyun


Jun Ji-Hyun is an actress from South Korea who was born on 30th October 1981. Jun Ji-Hyun is also known by majority as Gianna Jun. Jun Ji-Hyun became famous due to her role in the romantic comedy of 2011 ” my Sassy Girl”. Before the comedy, Jun Ji-Hyun had also been in many other films like blood, Il Mare and Windstruck among others.In the recent past, Jun Ji-Hyun has also been in other recent films like Assassination, The Thieves among others.Jun Ji-Hyun has also been in the hitting TV series like “my love from the star” and the series of the year 2022 “The Legend Of The blue sea.”Due to her success in the drama world, Jun Ji-Hyun has been awarded the great name of the Hallyu star.

Jo In-sung


Jo In-sung is a South Korean Actor born back in 1981, though he has been active in the entertainment world since 1998 up-to-date.Jo In-sung gained fame and popularity in through TV series such as “dirty carnival” of the year 2006 and “It is ok, That is Love” among other Tv series that had many funs worldwide.

Ha Ji-Won


Ha Ji-Won is a famous actress from South Korea. Ha Ji-Won was born on 28th June 1978 in a family of six.Ha Ji-Won has one brother who is also an actor. Ha Ji-Won joined the drama industry after she acquired a contract that forced her to major in theatre.Ha Ji-Won made a debut in the KBS drama where she started to get more and more fans as time went by.After that,Ha Ji-Won has been in the worldwide recognised films like Truth Game of the year 2000, Damo of 2003, Haeundae of 2009, and the Secret Garden of 2010. The Secret Garden made Ha Ji-Won to win many drama awards.

Kim Jae Wook


Kim Jae Wook is a Korean actor who was born in 1983 in a place known as Seoul in South Korea though he was brought up in Japan up to the age of seven years.Kim Jae Wook was debuted in 2002 to be a full member of the indie band in the MBC drama.He is also a model, and therefore he concentrated more on model after this.Kim Jae Wook is well known for his movies like antique of the year 2009 among others. Kim Jae Wook had also won the award for sun -ki in the year 2007 “the first shop of coffee prince.

Gong Hyo Jin


Gong Hyo Jin is an actress from South Korea. She was born in April 1980 in a place known as Seoul. Even though she became active in drama in 1999 when she acted Memento Mori.Gong Hyo-jin have won many awards for the best actress and also the main actress. Gong Hyo-jin is best known for her films which have gained popularity all over the world. Some of her best-known films are Crush and Blush of the year 2008, Master’s Sun of the year 2022, The Producers 0f 2022 and Jealousy Incarnate of 2022 among many other well-known films.



Suzy is a Korean actress also known by majority as Bae Suzy.she is also known for idol songs, rapping, dancing modelling and also a good master of ceremonies.Suzy gained popularity and fame in KBS2 Television series for her major role as Go Hye-mi. Suzy Bae is also known for being the major vocalist of group miss An of popular K-POP.

Lee Min-ho


Lee Min-ho is a Korean actor and a singer who was born in 1987 in a place known as Heukseok-dong. Lee Min-ho gained fame in Korea due to his role in 2009 n boys over flowers. Lee Min-ho is also known due to his role in the city hunter of the year 2011 as well as the heirs of this year Lee Min-ho have uplifted his name globe-wide in the TV series “The Legend of the Blue Sea.”

Song Joong-Ki


Song Joong-Ki is a South Korean actor who was born back in 1985 in his hometown Daejeon.Song Joong-ki became famous in the Sungkyunkwan Scandal historical drama of the year 2010.He hs also been in the TV series like the Melodrama, the Innocent man of the year 2012.Other than being in the entertainment world, Song Joong-Ki has also been in the military force where he served for about two years since he was deployed in the year 2022 and was discharged from South Korea military force in the year 2022.

Hye-Kyo Song


Hye-Kyo Song is a female actress who was born in South Korea back in November 1981.She was born as the only child of her family.Hye-Kyo Song was awarded the best actor award for her role in the 49th baking art prizes in 2022.She was also awarded an award for the best actor in “A reason to live” in 2011.Generally, Hye-Kyo Song has won many awards which simply summarises that she is a good actress who has many funs in Korea and worldwide as well.

Lee Byung-hun


Lee Byung-hun is a South Korean actor born in the year 1970. He is also a singer and model.Lee Byung-hun is well known for his entertainment work in films and songs like security area of 2000, and Masquerade of 2012 Among others.Lee Byung-hun is known world wide including America where he is well known for portraying storm shadow in G.I.joe.

In conclusion South Korea can be defined as the home of great actors and actress, who have ruled the comedy,series and other entertainment world.The above mentioned are just a few of the Korean actors but do not conclude that this are the only actors, You should know that there are many more experienced actors and other upcoming actors as well.

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