Best Korean Actors in 2022

Korea has a large amount of talented actors. These individuals play important roles in the country’s entertainment industry. As 2022 wraps up, 2022 is set to be an exciting time. In 2022, there are many actors who will continue to impress crowds with their talents. If you are interested in some great entertainment, here are some to watch and follow in the upcoming days.

1. Kim Soo Hyun


This South Korean actor is best known for his television career, especially his role in “Dream High,” and he ranks as the highest paid actor in the country. People who have worked with him describe his personality as funny and endearing. Although he is usually shy, he becomes uninhibited among friends. Even though one of his best assets is his good looks, he is quite sensitive. His fans appreciate his delicate side as he is easily able to make himself cry during his scenes.

2. Hyun Bin


First recognized in “Nonstop 4,” Hyun Bin has become famous for his role in the television drama “My Name is Kim Sam-soon.” In 2011, he put his celebrity status on hold to serve in the Marine Corps. For his entertainment comeback, he starred in the period film “The Fatal Encounter.” Even though he spends a great deal of energy entertaining others, he enjoys playing sports in his spare time.

3. Jo In Sung


Jo In Sung is a versatile actor and has attracted the hearts of fans for this role in “That Winter, the Wind Blows.” Few know that he actually flunked out of acting school. However, thanks to his role in “What Happened in Bali,” he took the country by storm and won a “Best Acting Award.” In real life, his appearance is what makes him stand out from the crowd. He is extremely tall. In fact, he has to have his clothes custom made for most of his acting roles. In his spare time, he likes to read and play basketball.

4. So Ji Sub


Instead of the big screen, So Ji Sub began his career as a model. Eventually, he earned respect in the entertainment industry for his role in shows like “Oh My Venus” and “Cain and Abel.” Sib is a man of many talents. He released rap singles, which display his love of hip-hop, and he wrote a book called “Road.” Obviously, he is multi-talented and will enjoy continued popularity into 2022.

5. Lee Min Ho


“Boys Over Flowers” was the first big break for Lee Min Ho. This actor has a “chill” style on the set. He relies on good on-screen chemistry to bring him success. Besides running lines for roles, he enjoys singing as well. Even through he claims that he is not very good, he manages to woo his fans with music at meetings.

6. Lee Seung Gi


The reason for Lee Seung Gi’s popularity is the way that he understands himself. He does not feel the need to stand out, but he is always ready to take a risk. One of his most famous roles was in “Brilliant Legacy.” He has hosted a talk show as well. Besides the success from movies and ads, he is most noted for his singing voice. All of his talents have led him to be called a “Triple Threat” in the industry.

7. Yoo Ah In


Yoo Ah In is known for his good looks. He became famous after starring in the television show called “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” and landing the lead in movies like “Pinch” and “The Throne,” two of South Korea’s highest-grossing films. Yoo Ah In is quite outspoken and often gives interviews that include details of is private life. Also, he is not afraid to take challenging roles.

The above actors are just a sampling of the best Korean actors for 2022. Each man has achieved personal success in the entertainment industry and is sure to continue into the new year.

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