Best Magnetic Screen Door Reviews In 2022- Buyer’s Guide

On a warm day, you may want to have your doors open allowing freshening air flowing inside and cool your rooms. However, the trouble is that you may end up creating a big opportunity for unwanted insects, bugs, especially mosquito into your home as well. Of course, insects such as mosquito can carry diseases which may harm you or your lovely kids. In such case, it seems like a dead end while you cannot choose any solution to the issues. Fortunately, there is just a simple tool that answers all your questions and brings a solution to the problem you have. It is the Magnetic screen door. With one installed to your door frame, it will serve normally as a thin piece of mesh door allowing an inflow of the air but not insects and bugs. Once open, it magically closes together again by itself with the built-in magnets. Here in this article, you will find the review of the best and most popular magnet screen door ever used in 2022.

Buying Guide for Magnetic Screen Door

Having a magnetic screen door is one thing, but choosing the right one is another thing. When coming to consider buying a magnetic screen door, please put in mind these three things:

  •  The size of the door: You would want just the correct screen that matches to your door frame, not bigger or smaller. Normally, this is the size of the most common door: 80 by 24 or 36 inches. There is the myriad availability of products matching to this size in the market and you won’t have to worry about it. However, if your door is bigger such as a sliding door, then there is this need for you to do some extra work searching for the right dimension.
  •  The Gaps: what is the use of a magnetic screen door when it doesn’t close on its own? That happens when the gap is too large causing the magnets not to retract back together. You may also want to choose the screen with strong magnets since the weak ones do not attract together well.
  • The durability: The materials by which each product uses contributes to its durability. The screen door from fiberglass are in better condition and is more durable compared to others.

Now here are the top 10 most popular magnetic screen door in 2022.

10. Magic Bug Screen Magnetic Screen Door Mesh Curtain, 39×83-Inch

Like its name, this magnetic screen door works like magic. It comes with 26 strong magnets that hold together very strong, and once broken from each other they close the gap instantly, and you can hear the snapping sound immediately after you start walking away. In addition to this, the magnets are fully sewn into the mesh which leaves no gaps at all. The polyester mesh screen is quite strong and long-lasting, and it is super effective in keeping bugs away. Coming home full-hand? No worries! Just walk through it hands-free, and let the screen door do the magic. With this screen door, your pets also have no problem. Instead of scratching and whining, they can and go as they please. Coming to the installation of this magnetic screen door, you do no need any nails, screws, and tools. It could be thumb tacked into a door frame in seconds and it is going to stay there for years no matter how many times you, your kids, or your pets go through unless you take it off.


9. Magnetic Screen Door

It is time to enjoy the breeze flowing in and out of your house while keeping insects and bugs at bay. It is best used at back door, front door, or as a pet screen door. With this magnetic screen door, you can keep your house cool down during hot summer day while saving the cost for air conditioning. Unlike other low-quality screen door, this one uses strong magnets (26 of them, to be exact) sewn together into the seams which ensure the absolute zero gap throughout the entire screen every single time, and this means there is zero opportunity for bugs to sneak into your house. The screen materials are made of fiberglass tough mesh which is the strongest, most sturdy mesh available enduring high traffics. The edges are equipped with heavy-duty Velcro which is, on one hand, make it very easy for you to get it installed to the door frame with no gaps. On the second hand, it is very durable for the heavy-traffic door. Breaking the challenges of not having enough size that fits the door, this magnet screen comes with plenty of available sizes you can choose, ranging from a very small one at 28” x 80” to the biggest one at 48” x 96”. Besides these good qualities, this unit is backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If this magnet screen door ever fails, just simply make it known to the company and you will have your replacement free of charge. What else could you wish for?

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8. Premium Magnetic Screen Door

This multi-purpose Premium Magnetic Screen Door is designed to keep you and your family safe from annoying insects and diseases while at the same time creating a venting port that allows fresh air into your home. What more of this door is the innovative design with a new creative way of sewing the magnets into the seams, rather than gluing them onto the edges of the fabric. This ensures perfect overlaps between the seams when these strong magnets snap together, leaving no gaps for pesky bugs to sneak in. The mesh uses the high-quality polyester, known to be stronger, more durable, and feel so soft and comfortable that endure high-traffics in and out of the door. The mesh is even removable for machine wash. With light weight and full-length Velcro strips sewn into the mesh on all side, it is very easy for you to install it with bare hands. There is also push pins provided to assist with the installation, but I wouldn’t recommend using it, just in case it may fall off and you or you kids could step on it accidentally. What makes this Premium Magnetic Screen Door popular is the price that is very cheap if compared to the other product in the series.


7. Apalus Magnetic Screen Door

The Apalus magnetic screen door is a smart choice for your family in a temperate situation when you need more natural breeze inside your home. The door entails an auto-close function that fully shut automatically when detached from one another by 16 powerful magnets sewn into reinforced steam. The mesh, by the way, are super tough in this one since it is made from strong durable best quality polyester flying mesh the keeps insects away at ease and there is no way they could slip in any holes. You can always walking hands-free through this door, which make it a good idea for a small BBQ party that requires you to walk in and out with loads of stuff in your hands. Setting this up is not a matter at all. You can utilize the strong Velcro around the edges of the screen door install them around the door frame and have the other side strapped to one another. Use the extra push pin if needed to; otherwise, leave it there to avoid any accident.


6. Homitt Magnetic Screen Door with Heavy Duty Mesh Curtain and Full Frame Velcro

This Hommit Magnetic Screen Door fits perfectly to the door at 36 by 82 inches measurement. Rated as one of the best sellers, the screen door is furnished with 26 sewed in magnetic points that make it close much quicker with less noise. The unique part of this screen door is the extra 8 pieces of gravity sticks at the bottom side that make the screen very sturdy against strong wind, and they also assist the automated closing feature. Like most other latest products, it comes with full-frame Velcro and push up pins to support the installation. Should there be any technical malfunction, the door comes with a twelve-month warranty and you can always contact the manufacturer 24/7.


5. Magnetic Screen Door – Heavy Duty Mesh & Velcro

Here we come mid-way across the review of the most popular magnetic screen door. This fifth stander is also among the bestsellers in the market and, of course, it is well-known for the ability to keep unwanted bugs out while the air in. If you are using a door with 34” by 82” size, you are correctly matched to this screen door. The bug-free micro mesh are made of premium quality fabric that endures high traffics. The entitled auto-close function is supported by 26 mega magnets sewn into the reinforced edges that guarantee there is no gap for bugs to slip in at all. Some other known quality to this products are the pet-friendliness, hands-free entry, and the easy installation from the full-frame Velcro set. Most important of all, this magnetic screen door is pretty low-cost with the risk-free purchase feature that allows you to get back 100% of your money within a 12 months.

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4. Magnetic Screen Door, BESTOPE Magic Heavy Duty Screen Full Frame Velcro Mesh

This product offers a very good affordability for a magnetic screen door that keeps bugs away while allowing the air to flow in freely. That is probably the reason why its popularity keeps going up. Out of this good pricing, the quality is also very admirable. This product from BESTOPE hold promising features in terms of its ability to quickly open and close without noise, protection from flying pesky insects, ventilation of air inside the house, and the durability. The magnets used are very powerful, and they are sewn into the seams using the double-edge technique. This firstly prevents the curtain from jumping up and down and secondly snaps together with almost unnoticeable noise. The mesh are made of sturdy double synthetic fiber cloth, and it can be detached for machine wash repeatedly.


3. Hoobest Magnetic Screen Door-Heavy Duty Mesh & Full Frame Velcro

Hoobest is standing on the top 3 most popular screen doors in this year. The main reason making it so up high is the fact that it has the lowest price in the market. The quality, by the way, is for sure also very amazing. If you are looking for an easy way to keep the air flowing inside your rooms while keeping the creepy crawlies away at the same time, you should make this as one of the priorities. Instead of being glued to the edges of the mesh, this Hoobest features 14 powerful magnets and 12 magnet strips that are sewn into the seams and never break or fall off. These magnets also holds together very strongly that ensure perfect overlaps between the edges that allow no bugs to sneak in. The screen are made from premium quality fabrics that endure frequent traffics. Last, but not least, even at this very inexpensive rate, the screen door still comes with a twelve-month warranty upon purchase.


2. Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Here comes the second one in the list which promises all of these qualities: easy to install, todder-friendly, heavy duty mesh, pet-friendly, and lifetime replacement guarantee adding on top of the featured functions of keeping bugs at bay and the auto-snap. The installation is super easy that does not require any materials or tools at all. The metal black thumbtacks, weather resistant hook, and loop backing make it very instant to install the door. Busy hands are not a problem. The Flux Phenom magnetic screen door could be opened at ease with just a nudge of a head or your body. The middle seams are equipped with 26 strong magnets that snap together very instantly.


1. Magnetic Screen Door, Full Frame Velcro

Finally, this is the top one among the magnetic screen door of this 2022. This product from iGotTech is rated as #1 bestseller in the market with the most customer satisfaction rate. Sized up to 34” by 82”, this frame could fit into almost any door, so there is no worries for the size. But just to be sure, it is always best to measure your door first.
What makes this one best out of the best? It uses the magnetic screen door Nirvana that is the toughest mesh of all, very strong against annoying bugs but very smooth for the air to flow in and out. It is also super durable. The seams are stacked with 26 very powerful magnets, all sewn together into the reinforced edges which never falls off and no gaps at all when they snaps together. The super-duty Velcro miles are stitched to the frame making it very easy to install and there is no chance for this screen to fall down.


This is the end of the review for the best magnetic screen door in this 2022. While the purchase decision is always in your hands, do remember to measure your door size first, then keep an eye for the ones that is more durable. Good price is not always a good way out though. With all these information, I do hope they inform you well for your particular choice.

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