Best Mechanical Pencils 2019 Review

Mechanical pencils are fast becoming the preferred pencil for many people. This is easy to understand since they have many advantages over wooden case pencils. For instance, they last longer and are more efficient to use.

Things to consider when buying a mechanical pencil


It is important to consider the work that you will do with the pencil. If you will mainly use it for writing, then the size of the lead point shouldn’t matter much. On the other hand, if you want a pencil for drawing, you have to consider the lead tip size.


You should consider some features such as feeding mechanisms and erasers. You might need a fast feeding mechanism if you are doing constant writing, for example writing notes. If you are an artist, then an eraser might come in handy.


The price of the pencil will depend on its features and the material used to manufacture it.

10. Pilot Dr. Grip Limited Mechanical Pencil

This pencil has been made with comfort and balance in mind. The metal barrel is crafted in a way that ensures equal weight distribution. It has a cushion grip that provides comfort when writing. The easy refill feature allows for continued writing when a lead point runs out. This product has been recommended for Arthritis patients by the Arthritis Foundation.


  • Even weight distribution for supreme comfort.
  • Cushion grip for comfort.
  • Designed for Arthritis patients.
  • Easy to refill once the lead is used up.

9. Rotring Retractable Metal Pencil

Rotring has created a masterpiece with this pencil. Its design ensures that you can hide the lead point so as to avoid breakage when carrying. The metal case is strong and is designed with perfect weight distribution to ensure comfort. The grip zone is ergonomically made to ensure comfort even for prolonged writing. The fixed guidance sleeve provides for efficient usage while protecting the lead point and the paper.


  • Metallic case ensures comfort and protection.
  • Retractable lead point for extra convenience.
  • Ergonomic grip zone for extra comfort.

8. Zebra M-701 Mechanical Pencil

This pencil’s main feature is strength and ruggedness. It is made from durable stainless steel that protects the inner more fragile parts. It is a great option for outdoor work. Despite being tough, it is not a heavy pen. In addition, its knurled grip ensures comfort and stability while writing.


  • Strong barrel for superior protection.
  • Knurled grip for comfort.
  • Easy refill option.

7. Pentel Sharp Kerry Mechanical Pencil

The first thing you note about this pen is its elegance and beauty. Each piece is handcrafted to provide both beauty and supreme usability. The metal barrel is made with equal weight distribution for extra comfort. The pencil comes with a pencil cap that protects the lead point. This pencil is refillable with high-quality lead refills.


  • Handcrafted for elegance and beauty.
  • Metal barrel provides safety and comfort.
  • Pencil cap for lead point safety.
  • Comes in an attractive gift box.

6. Pentel Graphgear Automatic Pencil

This pencil is made by Pentel for professionals. It is tailor-made for precision jobs. It features a refillable 0.5 mm lead point for accurate drawing. Its 4mm sleeve facilitates ruler-based drawing. Its metal barrel is well balanced to ensure comfort. It has a metallic mesh grip that provides comfort and stability when writing. Here are some of its pros.

  • Lead point ensures accuracy.
  • 4mm sleeve facilitates ruler drawing.
  • Metallic grip for comfort and precision.
  • Comes with an eraser.

5. Uni Mechanical Pencil Kuru Toga Roulette Pencil

This is a sharp looking pencil that has a very professional look. Its metallic polished barrel is visually appealing and provides the necessary balance for writing. The design and the 0.5mm tip ensure that every job is done professionally. The metallic grip reduces the possibility of slip-ups when using the pencil.


  • Metallic body with even weight distribution.
  • Visually appealing metallic body.
  • In-built clip for easy carrying.
  • Metallic grip facilitates easy use.

4. Uni-Ball Kuru Toga Roulette Pencil

From the offset, you will see that this pencil is made for professionals. It might be a bit too technical for casual use but a professional will enjoy the results. It has a self-sharpening feature that ensures that the lead point is always sharp. It uses the hardened lead that doesn’t break easily. The gel lead point ensures precision while writing. Below are some of its pros.

  • Hardened lead that hardly ever breaks.
  • Comes with lead replacements.
  • Comes with an eraser.
  • Lead advancement mechanism that sharpens the lead.

3. Lamy 2000 Mechanical Pencil

This pencil uses 0.7mm leads that ensure precision and accuracy while drawing. It is made with a tough plastic barrel that provides comfort and protects the inner fragile parts. The inbuilt clip facilitates carrying while the conical tip protects your pocket from damage.


  • 0.7mm leads ensure precision and accuracy.
  • In-built clip ensures easy carrying.
  • Plastic barrel protects the lead.
  • Replaceable long lasting eraser.

2. Bic Xtra Sparkle 24-count Pencils

This product from Bic is suitable for use by students. They are multi-colored pencils have a 0.7mm lead point that can also be used for professional work. The pencils feature a tough plastic barrel that protects the inner parts of the pencil. It has no-residue erasers that are efficient and long-lasting.


  • Designed for students and children.
  • Strong plastic casing offers adequate protection.
  • Long-lasting and efficient erasers.
  • Come in a variety of colors.

1. Paper Mate Sharpwriter Pencils

These pencils come in a pack featuring 36 multi-colored pencils. The pencils are suitable for both students and professionals. They are manufactured using hardened lead that doesn’t break easily. The points also provide the required accuracy for professional jobs. The pencil uses twist technology to extend the lead point. This mechanism ensures efficiency while protecting the lead point.


  • In-built pocket clip for easy carrying.
  • Hardened lead that doesn’t break easily.
  • Twist extension mechanism that protects the lead point.

The above are the top 10 mechanical pencils available today. All of them are efficient pencils. However, some have modifications that are needed for professional jobs.

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