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Like women, men are always on the lookout for effective hair growth products to restore receding hair lines or stop balding. Even though Jamaican castor oil (black), shea moisture shampoo, or peppermint oil are effective remedies, they are slow-acting. To have noticeable results in days, look for the best hair growth products for men instead. The ten on our list are natural, effective, and recommended for treating most types of hair. Therefore, whether you are struggling with thinning hair or want to increase the bulk of your hair, read on. We have reviewed some of the best hair growth products in 2022 that work.

List of the Best Men’s Hair Growth Products in 2022

10. Professional Strength Hair Growth Supplements

Professional Strength Hair Growth Supplements

Professional strength hair growth supplement is available in a 120-tablet pack. It features a formula that is suitable for use by both men and women. It nourishes your hair roots and enhances the growth of your hair. It also prolongs the cycle of your hair growth and promotes the existing hair growth.

You also do not need to worry about your hair type since professional-strength supplement works well on all hair types. You also achieve healthy hair as this product contains all the necessary nutrients. For the best results, you should use this product consistently for three months.

What We Like
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Usable on all hair types
  • Hair growth cycle promotion
  • Hair follicle nourishment
Our Verdict

Both men and women can use professional-strength supplements on their hair. The product works on all hair types. You do not, therefore, need to buy a separate hair growth product for each member of your family. The results of using this product start manifesting within three months of consistent use.

9. QUNGCO Hair Growth Serum

QUNGCO Hair Growth Serum

QUNGCO hair growth serum is available in liquid form. Each bottle of this serum contains 30ml of the product. It effectively activates your hair follicles, and the serum’s ingredients further enhance the growth of your hair. The ingredients are 100% natural, thus safe for your health and to the environment. These ingredients include polygonum and oils from the grape seed.

The high potency of QUNGCO hair growth serum also ensures that you experience results within 28 days. It, therefore, works three times faster than your regular hair growth serum. You achieve denser hair on using this product and prevent your hair from loss. Your hair follicles also receive nourishment enabling them to support the growth of new hair. The serum promotes supple, smooth, and thicker hair treats hair loss and prevents hair breakage. It also stops further hair thinning and helps in reviving your dry scalp and dormant hair follicles.

What We Like
  • Natural ingredients thus safe
  • Faster results
  • Treatment of hair loss
  • Hair follicle nourishment
Our Verdict

Consider using the QUNGCO hair growth serum if you need to experience thicker and healthier hair within 28 days. This serum contains 100% organic ingredients that are safe for your health and the environment.

8. Basic Care Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment

Basic Care Minoxidil Hair Regrowth Treatment

Basic care Minoxidil hair treatment helps in fighting baldness in men. It is available in the form of a liquid that contains 5% Minoxidil. You apply this treatment on your scalp to facilitate hair regrowth. This product is fragrance-free, and therefore no one needs to know that you are using it. The Minoxidil ingredient in this product revitalizes your hair follicles, helping your hair to regrow.

Women should, however, not use this product as it is unsafe for their health. Men with thinning hair should apply the product twice a day on their scalp for the best results. This product is effective and facilitates your hair regrowth within a short time. According to dermatologists, the active ingredient in this hair growth product is safe for most people. Thus, you can use it every day without adverse results.

What We Like
  • Hair follicle revitalization
  • Hair-safe ingredients
  • Fragrance-free formula
  • Fighting male baldness
Our Verdict

Basic care Minoxidil hair treatment fights hair loss, which is the leading cause of baldness in men. This product is unsuitable for women due to possible adverse health effects.

7. Premium Hair Growth Conditioner

Premium Hair Growth Conditioner

Premium hair growth conditioner contains organic, safe, and effective ingredients. These ingredients include Biotin, oils from the argan, and the coconut plant as well as vitamins B and E. These ingredients stimulate hair growth and prevent your hair from loss and breakage. The product volumizes your hair, thickens it, and encourages its natural growth. The manufacturer of the product provides you with hair shampoo that further promotes hair growth. You should use the shampoo and conditioner together for the best hair growth results.

The ingredients of this product are also natural and hence safe for your health. As a result, you do not suffer from skin irritation after using the hair conditioner. You also achieve stronger hair and prevent your hair from damage when you use this product. The conditioner further meets the USA quality standards, including the cruelty-free requirement. It is thus vegan and eco-friendly.

What We Like
  • Hair volumizing and thickening
  • Safe and eco-friendly ingredients
  • Cruelty-free thus vegan-friendly
  • Hair growth promotion
Our Verdict

If you are looking for a hair growth product that contains safe ingredients, then consider buying the Premium hair growth conditioner. This product also helps in enhancing your hair volume and thickness. It is cruelty-free and thus an ideal choice for vegans.

6. Amplixin Intensive Hair Growth Serum

Amplixin Intensive Hair Growth Serum

Amplixin intensive hair growth serum contains a biotin formula. The formula helps in promoting hair regrowth and reducing hair loss and breakage. This product is suitable for both men and women whose hair is normal-to-thin. This product is a leave-in serum that you use on all the members of your family. It is ideal for all hair types.

The ingredients in this product are further effective in blocking DHT hair loss effects. DHT is a hormone that weakens your hair roots, blocks the follicles, and thus promotes hair loss. These ingredients include caffeine and red clover. The product is sulfate, paraben, and chemical-free, thus safe and does not irritate your scalp. It is a USA product that conforms to the cruelty-free standards and is, therefore, eco and vegan-friendly.

What We Like
  • Biotin-packed formula
  • Paraben and chemical-free
  • Cruelty-free and vegan-friendly
  • DHT blocking formula
Our Verdict

You can use the Amplixin intensive hair growth serum on all hair types. Your hair develops an attractive gloss and becomes thicker and healthier when you use this product consistently. The product reduces the effects of DHT that causes hair loss. The serum does not contain any chemicals and does not, therefore, cause your scalp any irritation. Both men and women can use this product to promote their hair growth and treat hair loss and breakage.

5. Dr. Formulas Hair Growth Vitamins

Dr. Formulas Hair Growth Vitamins

Dr. Formulas hair growth vitamins is a USA product with quality assurance from the NSF GMP body. It is available in the form of tablets that you can easily swallow. It also contains no dyes and other additives, making the product safe and high-quality. Its ingredients are 100% natural, thus safe and vegetarian-friendly.

There is also a 5000mcg biotin with an extra strength that makes the product more potent. The vitamin C in this product helps in the synthesis of collagen that gives you radiant skin. The formula making up the product contains a DHT blocker that enables you to achieve fast hair growth. It also makes your skin beautiful and nails stronger.

What We Like
  • Potent DHT blocker
  • NSF GMP quality assurance
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Vitamin C-rich formula
Our Verdict

With the Dr. Formulas hair growth vitamins, you do not need to buy additional hair growth biotin supplements. This product is high-quality and effective and has an NSF GMP quality assurance certification. The product is in the form of tablets that you can swallow without any trouble. It is also cruelty-free with 100% natural ingredients making it vegan-friendly. When you use the product consistently, you achieve thicker hair that is fuller, healthier, and more attractive.

4. Natural Hair Growth Shampoo

Natural Hair Growth Shampoo

Natural hair growth shampoo contains Biotin that enhances its ability to facilitate hair growth. It includes a blend of coconut oil, jojoba oil, zinc extract from tea tree, and keratin. These ingredients are useful in the nourishment of your dry scalp. They also help in circulating the shampoo to your hair roots, which makes them fuller and thicker. You also achieve shinier hair that is more attractive and easier to manage.

You should also consider using Natural hair growth shampoo if you have thinning hair. The product helps in balancing hair all over your scalp, increasing your hair volume by restoring the necessary nutrients. Vitamin B7 present in the product strengthens your nails and hair follicles. It also fortifies your hair strands making them smoother and softer. You can also demand a 100% refund if the product fails to work.

What We Like
  • Vitamin B7-rich formula
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Natural ingredients
  • Paraben and cruelty-free
Our Verdict

For a paraben and vegan-friendly hair growth product, choose the Natural hair growth shampoo. This product contains Biotin that helps promote hair growth. You also get a full refund if this product does not work well on you. You, therefore, have an assurance that this product is effective as the manufacturer claims it to be.

3. Men’s Rogaine Hair Regrowth Minoxidil Foam

Men's Rogaine Hair Regrowth Minoxidil Foam

Men’s Rogaine hair regrowth foam is a product that contains minoxidil. This ingredient is potent and effective in facilitating hair regrowth in men. It also treats hair loss and breakage, giving you fuller and thicker hair. This ingredient is fast-acting, enabling you to achieve excellent results within a short time. It nourishes the hair follicle allowing hair growth on your dormant hair follicles.

You also achieve a healthier and better-conditioned scalp from the use of Men’s Rogaine hair regrowth foam. The ingredients making up this product are natural and thus safe. They also promote skin exfoliation that helps open your hair follicles. This product is, however, not suitable for women as it may cause adverse health effects.

What We Like
  • Potent minoxidil ingredient
  • Fast hair-growth results
  • Non-irritant ingredients
  • Hair follicle nourishment
Our Verdict

You should purchase the Men’s Rogaine hair regrowth foam if you need to achieve a healthier and fuller hair. You will not experience any irritation or adverse health effects from using this product as its ingredients are safe. Only men should use this product as women may experience grave health effects if they use it.

2. Kirkland Hair Regrowth Treatment

Kirkland Hair Regrowth Treatment

Kirkland hair regrowth treatment is available in the form of a liquid. You buy it at the stores in bottles containing 6-2 ounces of the liquid. It contains 5% of minoxidil, which makes it potent and fast-acting. You, therefore, experience the results that you desire faster. Minoxidil makes this product ideal for men and unsuitable for women. The ingredient may have grave effects on a woman’s health.

You also get a six-month supply of the product once you buy it. Dropper applicators are available with this product’s package for easier application. You also get an instructional booklet that informs you on how to use the product efficiently.

What We Like
  • Fast-acting minoxidil
  • Instructional manual
  • Six-month supply
  • Dropper applicators
Our Verdict

Once you buy the Kirkland hair regrowth treatment, you use it for a while without having to buy another. You get a six-month supply once you buy this product. Its package includes an instructional manual and dropper applicators. The manual makes it easier to use the product while the applicators enable you to apply the treatment quickly.

1. PURA D’OR Anti-Thinning Shampoo

PURA D'OR Anti-Thinning Shampoo

PURA D’OR anti-thinning shampoo is a product that facilitates hair growth in both men and women. The product contains natural ingredients that are safe for your health and to the environment. These ingredients include argan oil and Biotin. The product is also chemical and sulfate-free, making it more reliable. Its formula is also harsh-free and gentle on your scalp and skin. Vegans can comfortably use this product since it is cruelty-free and environmentally friendly.

PURA D’OR anti-thinning shampoo also contains safe ingredients for both men and women. When you use it consistently, you achieve thicker and fuller hair. Your hair also improves in appearance due to the essential vitamins that this product contains. Your dry scalp also becomes supple and makes your hair more manageable. A full refund is also available to ensure that you get total satisfaction.

What We Like
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Chemical-free ingredients
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Eco-friendly formula
Our Verdict

PURA D’OR anti-thinning shampoo enhances better hair growth with its potent and effective formula. Its ingredients are natural and friendly to your skin and the environment. If the product does not meet your expectations, you can return it and get a full money-back guarantee.

What to Look for in the Best Hair Growth Serum for Men


A hair growth product for men can stop hair thinning and restore your self-esteem over time without costing you a fortune. The quality of the product you use should be top-notch, though. Instead of settling for one of the expensive, branded models common online, check the efficacy of your product of choice. What are people saying about its performance? Slow-acting brands that require numerous applications to work frustrate people over time. Brands that work only on specific types of hair are equally frustrating for people with non-supported hair types. For best results, shop for a vitamin-B laden product. They not only nourish the hair but also stimulate growth. Minoxidil-supplemented products are also good, especially if you are grappling with hair thinning and loss. Choose wisely from your favorite web store.


Before applying any product on your hair or scalp, it is a good practice to check its safety first. Does it contain chemicals or elements that might irritate you while grooming? Such products are not worth buying. You should also check the complaints or legal suits your product of choice has attracted since its inception. A product with many complaints will most probably harm you or fail to satisfy your needs.

Money Back Guaranteed

A money-back guarantee is a binding agreement that compels a producer to compensate you for non-functional products. Because the market is awash with fake hair growth sera, buying a product with a guarantee is a good idea. You can buy such a product with confidence that it will deliver as advertised. Money-back guarantees are also indicators of the quality of items, which is a plus.


Hair loss or thinning is a common phenomenon among men – especially the elderly. Fortunately, you can do something about it today. Instead of sitting back and letting your hairline recede, order a hair growth product for men. They work faster than most natural remedies shared in DIY hair care videos on sites such as YouTube. They are also safe (irritants-free) and recommended for grooming most types of hair.

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