Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil (2022): Top 10 Best

As blood is to humans, oil is the lifeline of both petrol and diesel-powered engines for many reasons. Because of the depressants and detergents infused into its formula, it lubricates pistons and all other moving parts in engines well. This lowers friction. It also prevents knocking and keeps engines working in top condition for many years. Take care, however. The quality of the oil that you use in your motor vehicle should be top-notch.

Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil

Research online and choose the best engine oil for your type of car. Second, it should be of the right consistency. Check the oil cap of your car’s engine or the manual it came with to get accurate directions. Finally, make sure that the oil is clean always. You can do this by installing a new oil filter whenever you service your vehicle.

Because of their busy schedule, plain negligence, or lack of funds, most people fail to change engine oil with disastrous results. Dirty oil is thicker and abrasive. Because of its degraded additives, lubrication is also poor.

These increases wear and tear and lead to catastrophic engine failures in cars. With the help of our review, you will not grapple with this problem anytime. To help you to maintain your engine well and keep it running well longer, we have reviewed the 10 best oil filters to use. Most brands keep oil quality good for over 5000 miles.

Top 10 Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil (2022)

10.  K&N Premium Oil Filter

Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil (2022): Top 10 Best 1

Most of car owners do not understand the importance of a good quality oil filter. They either replace worn out filters with cheap ones or do not replace them at all. For such car owners, we recommend the
K&N Premium Oil Filter. It is a durable oil filter that will serve you well for a long without breaking your bank.

Featuring an advanced high-flow design, you can use this filter with both conventional and synthetic oil with good results. Its leak-proof design has an easy to install screw-on lid. Finally, because of its superior filtration technology, it filters dust and debris from oil better. This keeps engines working optimally for many years. Over time, therefore, expect an improvement in your car’s performance whenever you are commuting.

K&N Premium Oil Filter is an affordable product. In stores such as Amazon, the deal is even better considering the discounts that most buyers qualify for. Visit the store and buy one for your vehicle today.


  • Works with both conventional and synthetic oil
  • High flow system
  • Leak-proof design
  • Convenient screw-on system
  • Superior filtration


  • None

9.  Fram XG7317Ultra Synthetic

Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil (2022): Top 10 Best 2

With the development of spin-on oil filters such as Fram XG7317Ultra Synthetic, car maintenance is easy. To make things even better, it even has a sure grip that improves traction whenever you are replacing the existing one on your engine. This eliminates the need for special tools that most car owners often rent at a premium when changing oil. This filter has a long-lasting design. An original model filters dirt and debris well for up to 15,000 miles.

Do you have a sedan or a station wagon that you drive to work or school often? Have you used bought several filters that either have failed to fit onto your engine or lowered the performance of your vehicle? Expect better results with FRAM XG7317 ULTRA. Featuring a universal screw-on design, it works well in most engine setups. Its sure-grip threads contain spills and leaks well while its tough metal screen has uniform pleats that optimize oil flow. Finally, you get a silicone anti-drain-back valve with this filter. It ensures that your car starts-up safely.

Fram XG7317Ultra Synthetic is easy to install. You do not need the help of a mechanic nor special tools to secure it onto your engine. Even though it works best with synthetic oils only, you get value for your money.


  • Sure-grip leak-proof threads
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Safe anti-drain back valve
  • Trusted global brand
  • Fits most engine setups
  • Universal screw-on design
  • Long life system (15,000 miles)


  • Requires synthetic oil

8.  Motorcraft FL500S

Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil (2022): Top 10 Best 3

When shopping for an oil filter, look out for a high-performance universal brand that will keep your oil in top condition. To help eliminates guesswork, we have identified such a product for you – The Motorcraft FL500S oil filter. Trusted globally, this top-rated oil filter has many desirable attributes. Perfect for filtering out carbon, abrasives, metal, and dust, its performance is desirable. It also has a durable and leak-proof steel case (ironed) and pressure-relief valves that prevent re-circulation of contaminated oil in engines. This is desirable.

Motorcraft FL500S works well in most conditions. As oil becomes thicker in sub-zero temperature, for instance, this oil filter does not clog easily as comparable ones often do. This keeps your car running well for long during punishing winter weather. You also get a rustproof case (painted), a fluted edge, and durable filter media.


  • Fits many vehicles
  • Leak proof steel case (painted)
  • High-performance valves
  • Durable filter media
  • Versatile all-weather technology
  • Filters carbon, dust, and metal
  • Tight-gripping fluted edge


  • Expensive

7.  ACDelco PF2232 Professional Engine Oil Filter

Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil (2022): Top 10 Best 4

To improve oil filtration and keep your engine working in top condition,  AACDelco PF2232 Professional Engine Oil Filter is a worthy filter to use. Designed to filter up to 98% of oil debris (multi-pass) measuring 25-30 microns, the cellulose media used works well. Its reviews also show that it is a major contender for most efficient filters in the market at its price.

Forget about this oil filter clogging as the cheap ones that you bought recently from your local store. Because of it high flow values, it filters oil well in both hot and sub-zero temperatures. This boosts engine performance significantly. It also has a thermosetting adhesive seal that prevents leaks and spills over time.


  • High efficiency (25-30 microns)
  • Works in both hot and freezing conditions
  • Impressive burst strength
  • High flow valves
  • Thermosetting adhesive seal (leak proof)
  • Durable cellulose media
  • Rust proof case


  • Does not fit some SUVs and trucks

Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil (2022)

6. Fram PH7317 Extra Guard

Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil (2022): Top 10 Best 5

Do you have a motor vehicle that uses conventional oil? To keep oil clean and its engine working optimally for up to 5000 miles, use this Fram PH7317 Extra Guard oil filter. Specially designed for use on passenger cars, its high-throughput spin-on design is durable. It also improves engine performance, which is a welcome bonus.

Because of its unique spin-on design, installation is easy. You do not need the special tools that some brands require. It also has a sure grip feature that prevents it from slipping during installation. Fram PH7317 Extra Guard filters most conventional oils. The special blend of resin and fibers that it uses is around 95% efficient. While this is slightly lower than the 98% efficiency that ACDelco PF2232 Professional offers, it is sufficient for most cars. It is even cheaper by the way.


  • Tool-less installation
  • 95% efficient (dirt trapping)
  • High flow valves
  • Filters most conventional oils
  • Leak-proof design
  • Cost effective


  • Works best with conventional oil

5. K&N PS-1010 Pro Series

Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil (2022): Top 10 Best 6

When servicing their vehicles, most people choose the best wheels for cars to smooth rides. Others go for the best decals to improve the outlook of their cars and or air fresheners. Unfortunately, only a few pay special attention to their oil filters. Do not make a similar mistake. To keep the flow of oil optimal and keeps your car’s engine working in top condition, a quality filter such as K&N PS-1010 Pro Series works the best.

Recommended for use with both conventional and synthetic oils, K&N PS-1010 Pro Series is a versatile oil filter. It also works well with most cars and has pleated media that deliver outstanding filtration in all weather. Considering that this oil filter uses high flow valves, expect a boost in the performance of your motor vehicle.

By improving oil supply to the engine, for instance, your car will run smoothly. It also lubricates moving parts well. This lowers wear and tear. K&N PS-1010 Pro Series comes in both cartridge type and canister filters.


  • High flow valves
  • Filters both conventional and synthetic
  • Premium filtration media (pleated)
  • Available as cartridges and canisters
  • Long lasting


  • Requires professional installation

4.  Bosch 3330 Premium FILTECH Oil Filter

Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil (2022): Top 10 Best 7

Featuring an exclusive FILTECH filter media technology and high-flow silicone drain valves, Bosch 3330 never disappoints. To maximize engine protection, for instance, it is one of the best filters to use. It screens out most harmful contaminants found in oil. It also filters debris, dust, and all other solids that compromise oil viscosity. This improves lubrication. It also lowers wear and tear and prolongs the lives of both new and old engines.

Because Bosch 3330 has an anti-drain back system (silicone), it guarantees safe engine start-up every time devoid of their orientation. This is unlike some low-grade models that not only lower engine function but also lead to catastrophic failures as their systems wear out. Finally, both its base plate and housing are solid steel. They do not warp, leak, nor rust under most driving and environmental conditions.

Fit is accurate. You do not have to struggle with installation whenever you are maintaining your engine. You also get double-locked rolled seams and high lubricity gasket design contains leaks well. Unfortunately, this oil filter does not work well in all cars. Ascertain that it is compatible with yours before purchasing one.


  • Double-locked rolled seams
  • High lubricity gasket
  • Anti-drain back valves
  • Steel housing and base plate
  • Filters debris efficiently


  • Low capacity

3. Briggs & Stratton 696854

Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil (2022): Top 10 Best 8

In most top 10 best oil filters reviewed in 2022, durable and high-flow oil filters are among the most sought-after by car owners. Briggs & Stratton, for instance, is a popular brand that has made a major contribution in the motor vehicle niche.

The best lawnmowers that it has manufactured are among the bestselling globally. Its oil filters are also top-grade with this 696854 model designed to keep engines working optimally longer.

Featuring a convenient screw on design, it is easy to install. Whether your engine has an under or top-mounted filtration system, you will never have issues installing or replacing this filter. Moreover, because it has tight seams and seals, buyers enjoy a superior leak-proof performance over its lifespan. With one, you will do too.


  • Easy to install (screw on)
  • Fits both under and top-mounted filtration systems
  • Durable and leak-proof design
  • Long lifespan


  • Incompatible with some engines

2. Motorcraft FL820S

Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil (2022): Top 10 Best 9

Motorcraft FL820S model is a quality oil filter that filters and or screens out most abrasives in engines. To keep oil as clean and your car running great, for instance, it filters dust, debris, metal, and carbon to negligible levels.

Its fluted housing is durable and easy to install. It also has advanced pressure-relief valves that prevent backflow of contaminated oil. Apart from lubricating engines well, it also guarantees safe start-ups, which is ideal.

Motorcraft FL820S is affordable. Its heavy-duty design, on the other hand, withstands all manner of physical and chemical abuse without breaking down. This makes it an ideal oil filter for rough drivers.


  • Pressure relief valves
  • Anti-drain back valve
  • Durable steel case
  • Cost effective
  • Filters dust, debris, and carbon


  • None

1. Mobil 1 M1-110

Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil (2022): Top 10 Best 10

For years, Mobil products have excelled in the motor vehicle industry because of the value they deliver. Mobil 1 M1-110, for instance, is an extended performance oil filter that supports longer drain intervals. Even though this product will not turn your car into a super car, it will protect its engine and keep in running better longer.

Mobil 1 M1-110 is sturdy and durable. Because of the advanced fiber filtration system that it use, its efficiency (99.6%) is impressive. It also has a higher capacity (28.0 grams) that most comparable filters. For over 5000 miles, therefore, it will keep the engine oil in your car clean and its engine firing on all cylinders.


  • Leak-proof design
  • High capacity (28.0 grams)
  • Very efficient (99.6%)
  • Withstands nine times normal operating pressure
  • Prevents dry engine starts
  • Advanced fiber filter
  • Heavy duty housing


  • Expensive than most filters

Best Oil Filters For Synthetic Oil Buying Guilde

When you set out to purchase the best oil filter, it helps if you know what to look for. Below are some key features to consider when finding the best oil filter for your car.

Type of Filter

You need to know what kind of filter your vehicle runs. If you choose the wrong kind, it might not install properly which could lead to oil leaks or other issues. Turn to your owner’s manual or local parts store to figure out what type of filter to purchase.


Oil filters feature different filtration media. Most of them come with either synthetic materials, micro-glass, or cellulose. Cellulose filters suspend contaminants that are 8 to 10 microns in size. These need to be replaced most often.

Most high-quality oil filters use synthetic media. This filter media can remove 50% of particles ranging from 20 to 40 microns in size plus 24% of the microns ranging from 8 to 10 microns. You don’t need a special oil filter to use synthetic oil though!

Micro glass, on the other hand, is the preferred media for the top-of-the-line oil filters. Micro glass filter media produce less oil flow restriction and you won’t need to change them that often.


An oil filter’s capacity refers to its ability to hold contaminants. This number is determined by the media used combined with the quality of the build. The higher the capacity, the longer you can between filter changes, which can save you money and time.

Most oil filters have capacities that hold at least 10 grams. Once your oil filter reaches capacity, the unfiltered oil passes through seamlessly which is why you will need to replace them as recommended.


You want a replacement oil filter constructed from the best materials to ensure it holds up to high pressure and normal wear and tear. The best oil filters are made from aluminum or steel instead of plastic.

Easy to Install

You want to be able to replace your filter by yourself. This is true whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or a first-time oil changer. With that being said, not every design of oil filter is easy to install. Look at the housing design, weight, and size of the filter when making your purchase. Even exact fit parts can be tricky to install.

If you find yourself with a stuck oil filter, try out one of our 3 ways to get an oil filter unstuck.


If you want your car’s engine to last long, never forget to replace its oil filter whenever you are doing an oil change. By keeping oil clean, it minimizes wear and tear. It also improves lubrication and thus, the performance of engines. In this article, we have reviewed the 10 best models that work well with most cars. They are also easy to install and have durable and efficient filtration systems that offer car owners value for their money.

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