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Who, in this day and age doesn’t have a laptop? Nearly every household has at least one laptop in their premises and whether you’re a student, working for someone, or an employer yourself, you undoubtedly need this device. Plus, you probably have to take it with you whenever you leave your house to go to your designated workplace/institute.

That means this portable device is in constant use which also means your eyes, your neck, and your shoulder are in constant use and constant pain. This is why you should consider investing in a portable laptop stand, not only can you take them with you everywhere.

Top Pick

They’re a sure way to get rid of any recent neck problems you’ve developed while binge-watching your favorite TV shows, not to mention the fact that they’re an instant sturdy surface if you don’t have one available.

We’ve compiled a list of Top best portable laptop stands for you to choose from, we’ve written down everything from their make and build to their best features!

01. Nexstand Laptop Stand – Portable Laptop Stands – PC and MacBook Laptop Stand

Nextstand Laptop Stand

Nextstand Laptop Stand See More Images

This is a portable, universal fit laptop stand, suitable for both PC and MacBook laptops. This ergonomically friendly laptop stand has multiple height adjustment options, so you can adjust the height of the stand exactly where you want it, having your laptop at the perfect eye level. It is made out of industrial-grade reinforced nylon with metal fittings. The perfect present for your techie friend!

Nexstand Laptop stand Features:

• It is a universal fit laptop stand so it can fit almost all laptop makes and models
• Up to seven height adjustment options
• Supports a substantial amount of weight for a laptop stand
• It is very durable, made out of good quality material
• Easily foldable, making it conveniently portable

02. Pyle-Pro Pro 28″-46″ Universal Device Projector, Height Adjustable Laptop

Pro-universal Device Laptop Stand

Pro-universal Device Laptop StandSee More Images

This stand is specifically designed for you if you and your laptop are constantly on the go and you can’t always find a desk to put it on because this portable laptop stands doubles as a portable mini table. It has a tripod stand, capable of carrying the weight of some sound equipment, a laptop, or a projector.

Very easy to use, this stand is portable so you can easily transport it from home to your next DJ-ing gig, or for a very important class presentation. It has a very convenient height adjustment option as well, so you can place it at the level you’re comfortable with.

Pro-universal Device laptop stand Features:

• It’s a multi-purpose laptop stand that can be used for several things
• Can be used as both a tablet and a laptop stand
• It is also portable
• Light-weight and sturdy
• Made out of hard-wearing metal

03. Roost Laptop Stand – Adjustable and Portable Laptop Stands

Roost Laptop Stand

Roost Laptop Stand See More Images

This extremely well-manufactured portable laptop stands are popular options in the laptop accessory category. Twelve inches in total height, it also has a height adjustability option. You’ll never have to worry about a backache. Furthermore, it is very lightweight and the stand is easily collapsible, making it perfect for travel and on-the-go work.

Roost Laptop Stand Features:

• It is portable and doesn’t weigh much at all, you can easily fold it up and carry it everywhere
• It’s sturdy and durable and if you maintain it properly, it could last you a long time
• Very stable doesn’t collapse readily under pressure

04. Homder Laptop Stand,Multi-Angle Adjustable Laptop Stand with Heat-Vent

Homder Laptop Stand

Homder Laptop Stand See More Images

With its elegant design, this is a multi-angle adjustable, portable laptop stands, capable of fitting in many laptop models. This laptop stand has a very unique design, you can unfold it to reveal two compartments, convenient for placing multiple devices, right where you need them.

Homdar Laptop Stand Features:

• Has multiple compartments, you can place your keyboard, mouse, and phone on one and your laptop on the top one
• It has a very ergonomically inclined design, made specifically to relieve back and neck pain
• Comes with a heat vent, allowing the heat to escape and cool your laptop
• A cooling slot for your cooling silicon pad is also available
• You can carry this everywhere with you

05. Urmust Laptop Notebook Stand Holder, Ergonomic Adjustable Ultrabook Stand Riser Portable

Urmust Laptop Notebook Stand Holder

Urmust Laptop Notebook Stand Holder See More Images

This multi-angle adjustable laptop stand is capable of opening up into a stand that’s at perfect eye level with you and designed in such a way that it guarantees good back posture, so say goodbye to backaches.

Urmust Laptop Notebook Stand Holder Features:

• Made out of durable material of specially processed aluminum alloy
• This material gives it an overall smooth finish
• The material also works as a ventilator, as it is a heat conductor
• It is very portable, you can take it with you to work or use it at home
• It is scratch-resistant

06. Nulaxy Laptop Stand, Ergonomic Adjustable Laptop Riser Computer Laptop Stand

Nulaxy Laptop Stand

Nulaxy Laptop Stand See More Images

The Nulaxy laptop stand is an adjustable laptop riser. Made very flexible, this laptop stand can be adjusted to a more comfortable height and angle. This laptop stand is rubber-edged, creating a lip at the bottom so it can support the weight of a laptop. The rubber also provides the function of acting as the cooling vent, by being a heat conductor.

The Nulaxy Laptop Stand Features:

• Compatible with many laptops
• Really good quality, well worth the price
• The height and angle adjusting option is very convenient
• Able to carry weight up to 20kgs

07. Nulaxy Portable Laptop Stands, Aluminum Cooling Stand with Heat-Vent, Adjustable Laptop Holder Riser

Nulaxy Portable Laptop Stands

Nulaxy Portable Laptop Stands See More Images

This laptop also comes with universal compatibility and is able to fit many laptop models. It is designed with the thought of ergonomics in mind. So that you won’t have to suffer from back pain and also help minimize your eye strain.

Nulaxy Portable Laptop Stand Features:

• It is portable and lightweight
• Keeps your back posture good
• It has a built-in heat vent and is made of an aluminum material that gives it a cooling function
• It has both, an angle adjuster and a height adjuster

08. Laptop Desk Stand, Kavalan Portable Laptop Bed Tray Table with Top Handle

Tilting Overbed Table with Wheels

Tilting Overbed Table with WheelsSee More Images

This laptop stand is very portable and likewise, with an ergonomic aim in mind, this laptop stand offers the option to fix the height to your desired level. And can help you adjust the angle in such a way to avoid or reduce neck, shoulder, back, and wrist pain. It is a very lightweight, sturdy, and a smoothly handled laptop stand.

Kavalan Portable Laptop Stand Features:

• It has a very stylish and sleek design
• Very portable, it can easily fit inside your laptop back or briefcase, so you can use it both at home and in the office
• Comes with six levels of angle adjustment available

09. Tilting Overbed Table with Wheels Rolling Laptop Table Overbed Desk Rolling Laptop Stand

Tilting Overbed Table with Wheels

Tilting Overbed Table with WheelsSee More Images

This laptop stand comes with a good quality plank of wood situated on top of a metal rod, fitted with wheels at the bottom. You can adjust the cart where you want because of the wheels. Great for using the laptop in bed, especially for someone who is invalid and has to stay in bed for a long time.

Tilting Overbed Table with Wheels Features:

• Fully adjustable laptop cart
• It comes with a break
• Edge-stopper at the end of the board to stop your laptop from falling
• The casters work perfectly and run very smoothly on all relatively smooth surfaces

10. Laptop Bed Tray Table, Nearpow Adjustable Laptop Bed Stand, Portable Standing Table with Foldable Legs

Laptop Bed tray Table

Laptop Bed tray Table See More Images

the laptop bed tray table is the solution to your problems if you can’t find a sturdy surface for your laptop when you’re on the go. This is a portable laptop stand with foldable legs. It is lightweight, sturdy, and comes conveniently fully assembled. It could also be good for using if you want to laze around in bed all day with your laptop.

Laptop Bed Tray Table Features:

• It has height adjustability and can adjust to about five different levels.
• It is lightweight so very easy to store
• It can double as a mini writing desk or child’s desk

Portable Laptop stands buyer’s Guide

As you’ve gathered by now, there are several options available for good laptop stands but if you’re still confused as to which one is the right fit for your laptop, here are a few things you should consider before selecting one.

Durability/long-lasting: The laptop stands you’re looking to buy has to be made out of hard-wearing, good quality material by a quality manufacturer so that it lasts you a considerably long time. There’s no point in buying one only to have to buy another the next week. There are many cheap options available that will only disappoint you in terms of durability so don’t compromise on quality.

Posture adjusting: Sitting hunched over the laptop all day, as we are prone to do in this fast-paced world, is likely to cause you permanent damage in the form of backaches, neck pains and so many other conditions.

You can avoid all this if you own a laptop stand that comes with a height and angle adjuster. This allows you to adjust the height and angle of your laptop according to the level you desire. So if the laptop stands you’re considering to buy comes with this option, that’s definitely a point in its favor.

Sturdy and stable: The most important function of a laptop stand is to keep the laptop stable while you use it and holds its weight. There’s no point investing in a laptop stand that doesn’t do those two things properly.

The laptop stands you’re looking to buy has to be able to carry the weight of your laptop without falling flat while you’re using it and sturdy enough to hold it still without shaking and wobbling. Make sure to check how much weight a laptop stand can hold before buying it.

Lightweight: A laptop already weighs enough that you have to carry a separate bag to put it in, you don’t need the added weight of a laptop stand weighing you down so make sure to look into a laptop stand that doesn’t weigh that much and is easy to carry around with yourself.

Portable: You don’t just use your laptop at home, you use it at work or school, and you sometimes even carry it with you if you’re going traveling somewhere. So you have to have a laptop stand that’s portable enough for you to put inside your bag and take with you where ever you go.

Some other points to consider:

Price: You might be surprised by the different prices of different laptop stands available in the market. So always make sure to have a set budget in mind while you’re shopping for one, some might surprise you with their cost.

Most laptop stands which tend to be on the pricier side come from a quality manufacturer that guarantees satisfaction to their customer, but there are also a number of reasonably priced laptop stands out there that offer a much lower rate but deliver the same result as any high-quality product. Just be sure not to let yourself be swept away by extremely low asking prices and end up with laptop stands that you’ll have to replace the next week.

Style: This might be one of the more trivial aspects to look at while buying a laptop stand but at the end of the day, your laptop stand is a laptop accessory, one which you take with yourself everywhere you go. So if you’re going to buy a laptop stand might as well have one that’s nice to look at and has a sleek design. They come in all sorts of trendy yet elegant designs.

Convenient Design: It doesn’t matter how many amazing features your laptop stand has if at the end of the day you can’t use it conveniently. The main point of a portable laptop stand is to have one that’s easy to use and easily foldable so you can pack and set up without putting much effort into it.

If it requires some complex mechanism to make it work then it not only is a waste of time but also a waste of money. So make sure to pick one that you can easily fold up and put inside your bag if you’re running late for work!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this guide will help you make your selection easier, just remember to pick one that suits your needs and is compatible with your laptop.

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