Top 10 Best Portable Radios In 2022 Reviews

You can undoubtedly agree with me that our informal quality time is incomplete minus some entertainment. So, having the ideal portable radio has never been so important! Portable radios come with high-quality speakers and also a great FM/AM frequency range.

In addition, they are simple to utilize and satisfies all your requirements without needing much. Actually, the majority of them are powered by batteries and so don’t require any electricity.

10 Best Portable Radios

Moreover, they possess a compact design that makes them simpler to carry and they are lightweight as well.  In this review, we will look at a few of the best portable radios to buy in 2022. Keep on reading this post for you to be able to pick the most fitting portable radio for your next outdoor activity!

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Most portable radios are highly compact and also affordable. You can easily carry one around without feeling like you are lugging a small suitcase. A portable radio is obviously better than a wired one when you want to switch music between rooms. These gadgets are highly useful when you are out camping. You can listen to music and also get news when you are officially disconnected.

Modern portable radios offer additional perks like built-in alarm clocks. You can wake up listening to your favorite tunes. Here is a list of the best portable radios available on the market to refer to when shopping:

The portable radios you buy opt to be lightweight, small size and comfortable for you to carry around with wherever you. This might be hectic for you to choose the winner of the thousands from the market, worry not as our review on the Best Portable Radios in 2022 caters for all your needs, giving you a summary of the best models.

Top 10 Best Portable Radios In 2022 Reviews

1.  Philips Portable Boombox CD Player Bluetooth FM Radio

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This radio happens to be an all-in-one unit. It comes with a Bluetooth connection that can wirelessly connect anywhere. You can additionally simply connect high-quality speakers through a wireless connection. Additionally, it’s multi-functional. The radio can further charge other gadgets by the use of its USB port. Therefore, you don’t need to worry when it comes to power outages any longer and can give 30 hours of pure entertainment. Also, you can charge your other accessories using this radio!

Furthermore, the powerful and waterproof structure of this portable radio makes it be among the best on the market. It’s ideal for outdoor applications. Further, it comes with a 3.5mm mic input or guitar that enhances the quality of entertainment. Therefore, you can enjoy your music, anyplace, and anytime. Lastly, you can pick between an array of four colors, providing the same durability and quality.

2.   Sony ICF-506 Analog Tuning Portable FM/AM Radio

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This radio happens to be an integrated FM/AM receiver. The radio includes a top-notch mono speaker. This means that your experience with the radio is going to certainly be improved with this item. Sony has made portability simpler with an in-built carry handle. Also, this radio offers you the choice of operating it on either using an in-plug adaptor or AA batteries. The way you use the radio is entirely up to your satisfaction! On top of that, the radio possesses LED indicators that help you when it comes to tuning and showing battery life. The LED is capable of also aiding you in setting the correct frequency.

3. Panasonic RF-2400D AM / FM Radio

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This radio from Panasonic has dedicated to making the radio experience an extra-sophisticated one. This radio runs on AA batteries. Actually, this radio meets its goal of being transportable accurately by offering you a handle. It’s also simple to carry around with its low weight and compact size. Furthermore, its built quality is strong enough making it long-lasting. The radio includes a ferrite antenna which also boosts its FM/AM sensitivity and range. Besides, the radio possesses a clear plus sensitive reception. On top of that, it comes with dials and knobs for tuning. Hence, they are accurate and straightforward to use.

4.  Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio

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For those who want a convenient and compact option, you ought to consider Sony ICFP26 as the ideal portable radio that can satisfy your needs. Also, the battery section cover is hinged so that it doesn’t get lost. You’ll usually be warned the moment the battery comes lower as the battery indicator light will show. In addition, you’ll receive a carrying leash and a flawlessly functional telescoping antenna. This portable radio additionally comes with an LED indicator for tuning. The radio possesses dimensions of 4.69 by 2.74 by 1.50in (W by H by D) and uses a pair of AA batteries.

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5. Aocome-Portable-Mini-AM/FM Radio

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This radio is especially recommended for individuals that want to purchase the ideal portable radio as a gift to their senior parents or grandparents. Its antenna is in-built, and the sound generated by this portable radio is very clear. This radio can be utilized for home, office, outdoor and other places. Furthermore, this radio has the capacity to let you scan then save your best radio stations to memory. Charging this portable radio is going to only take approximately three hours and one can further use the phones USB charger. Its frequency range of the AM radio is 522-1710KHZ while the FM radio is 87.5-108MHZ. On top of that, you’ll enjoy a 1 1/2 year warranty upon the purchase not forgetting that the radio includes a 30-day cash back guarantee.

6.  Rolton W405 Portable Mini FM Radio

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Rolton offers a great radio with several features included. Available in red, blue, or gold, the surface shell has integrated UV technology to help prevent scratches. Your favorite FM stations are entered manually including frequencies from 88.0 mHz to 108.0 mHz. The standard 3.5mm jack for earphones can also be used to plug in any device that uses 3.5mm input. It is small enough to carry around in the palm of your hand with dimensions of 4.84″ x 1.26″ x 2.64″. Extra features include a child-lock function, emergency flashlight, built-in amplifier, and a large LED screen display. This radio uses a rechargeable Li-ion battery that is included along with a USB cable.

7.  Vondior AM/FM Battery Operated Portable Pocket Radio

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This radio measures just 4.7 x 2.8 inches and weighs just 3.2 ounces, making it super portable and great for trips, camping and parties. Running on two AA batteries, it’s also super useful for when the power goes out, keeping you connected to the news without needing to be plugged in.

Users say the reception is surprisingly clean with little to no distortion.

Hold the radio in your hands, carry it in your pocket or stand it up on its stable base. This set comes with a mono earphone jack, telescoping antenna and a carrying strap for convenience.

PROS: Slim, lightweight design.

8)   Sangean PR-D18BK  Portable Digital Radio

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For a modern take on a classic style, this is a compact, lightweight and attractive portable radio suitable for any workspace or bedside table.

It comes with 10 pre-set stations, which made it super-easy for us to tune into our favorite channels. There are also 5 pre-sets each for AM and FM, with the function of an auto-seek which picks up the active stations across each band. We liked the adjustable tuning function too.

One of the things about the PRD-D18 we liked the most was its ability to pick up stations easily. It has a very long, retractable antenna which made the reception perfect. For a single speaker, we were delighted to find a high-quality sound, especially on FM.

With just 4 AA batteries we got this thing up and running straight away. The battery power status indicator helped to make sure we were stocked up on power. If preferred, you could look to get the AC adaptor separately.

A really nice touch is the LCD display and backlight, which lights up the clock so you can see it from a distance. This makes a good alarm clock, too, if you want to keep it in your bedroom overnight.

On the slightly negative side, it doesn’t come with an AC adaptor so the battery life gets used up quickly. This is something to consider if you’re someone who gets a lot of use out of a portable radio. Extra sets of batteries will be needed to keep it running.

Settings on the clock and alarm were also a little complicated. It was a little challenging to navigate through the features.

With a simple design and protective bumper, this is a really smart digital radio with a quality sound. It’s also small enough to take anywhere and sturdy enough to endure a few bumps.

9)  TIVDIO V-115 Portable Shortwave Transistor Radio

TIVDIO V-115 Portable Shortwave Transistor Radio

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Looking for a small-pocket sized radio with rechargeable batteries, the TIVDIO V-115 is your perfect option. This portable radio operates with both AM/FM function with an mp3 player system. Connect your audio equipment through the 3.5mm auxiliary input ports with a USB cable unlike the Bluetooth portable radios and enjoy the bass the radio produces.


  • Portable shortwave radio
  • Three inbuilt languages: Chinese, English, and Spanish
  • Small size
  • Audio and radio recorder
  • 100 radio presets, sleep timer, rechargeable battery

Plus, you can record radio broadcasts or you audios with this radio and play them later whenever you want. It’s not just recording but, you the radio provides you optional record quality as has three selectable formats: simple 64kbps, standard 96kbps, and super 128kbps.

It features with preset 100 radio programs. Channel tuning is automatic, and also you can select the station manually using the language you are comfortable with, whether it’s English, Spanish or Chinese. Finally, it has an LCD backlit screen which will show all the commands.


  • Small in size
  • Features multiple languages: English, Chinese, and Spanish
  • Has inbuilt radio and audio recorder


10.  Horologe AM FM Pocket Radio

Horologe AM FM Pocket Radio

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Are you in the long run to cut the budget, then you won’t regret buying this digital portable radio. It doesn’t mean it’s inferior quality model despite its low price tags because you got more than an AM/FM radio in this box. The radio is used as a digital alarm clock which will display the time on the advanced digital LCD screen.

Carry it to hikes, sporting, camping or even traveling without any difficulties as the radio is lightweight and very small such that you will stick it comfortably in your pocket or any handbag without anyone noticing. Besides its small size, the radio feature a firm handle will facilitate its portability and the earphone jack will make the entire listening personal without drawing people’s attention in the bus.


  • AM/FM radio and digital alarm
  • Power by DC plugin or two AA batteries
  • Small, lightweight and carry handle
  • ABS body and matte covering
  • Digital LDC screen

Constructing from ABS plastic with a matte cover, you got 100% assurance that you will expire long-lasting performance thanks to this durable materials. A bonus, use the radio charging with the DC adapter or use it on the AA batteries, thus its suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.


  • Cheap
  • Function both as an AM/FM radio or a digital alarm clock
  • Very small, lightweight and has handle for easy-carry
  • Operates both on AA batteries and DC adapter power

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Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Portable Radio

  • Power Options – The majority of portable radios on the market offer the ability to simply use batteries to power your radio. Some also offer a hand crank to power the radio anywhere from 5-30 minutes at a time, solar panels for charging outside, and an adapter to simply plug in the radio to charge it. There are a few radios available that offer 2 options and others offer all 4 options.
  • AM/FM/NOAA – Most portable radios offer AM/FM, but a few offer only FM stations. If you’re buying a portable radio for emergency situations, be certain it includes the NOAA/weather option.
  • Inputs – If a headphone jack is important, be sure to check the product description. There are also a few radios that offer the ability to charge smart phones.
  • Flashlight – Again, if you are planning to use your portable radio for emergency situations, the additional flashlight feature is a must.
  • Preset/Memory/Scan – Many radios come with preset stations such as 5 for FM and 5 for AM. Others offer memory so you can switch to your favorite radio stations with just the push of a button. Not all portable radios offer scanning. If this is an important feature to you, be certain to read the product description.
  • Alarm/Auto Shut-Off – Many portable radios will work as an alarm clock. Several radios we reviewed offer an automatic shut-off timed at different intervals allowing you to fall asleep listening to your favorite station.
  • Other Available Features – Be sure to check if certain cables are included that you might need. Carrying straps are usually offered, but check to make sure if you would like it included. LED screens with digital readouts, built-in amplifiers, battery power status indicators, child lock functions, waterproof exteriors, equalizer modes, Bluetooth capabilities, and frequency range are several other things to consider.
  • Size – All of the radios we reviewed are easily transported and small in size. However, they do differ from sizes that will fit in the palm of your hand or your pocket to radios with a handle that weigh 1-3 pounds and can easily be carried around.


To enjoy amazing music outdoors, you require getting a portable radio. Whether you’ll be listening to your best show or include your playlists, you’ll definitely appreciate yourself more the moment you buy a portable radio. In the above list, we have included only the best for you. So, if you need to enjoy your experiences outdoors, then you need to grab one out of the five portable radios discussed above. All of them guarantee wonderful results and are going to offer an amazing deal of amusement in any outdoor environment.

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