Best-Seller Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet 2021 Reviews

Axe is the oldest tool of human beings. and it is used for shaping, cutting, and splitting wood. During the primitive stages, axes were made by using stones. But, due to the development of technology, they are made by using iron, bronze, copper, and steel. Today, axes are produced massively in large factories by robots. But even today, axes are forged by hand. Small Forest Axe of Gransfors is the best example of axes with top most performance and excellent quality.

It has a long handle and a large head. Therefore, the chopping power of this axe is excellent. At the same time, it is small enough to fit into a rucksack. This is the perfect tool for cutting limbwood or splitting small sticks. You can make super clean cuts because it has enough leverage on the length of the handle. The axe is ideal for taking out large chunks of material.

Unique Features of Small Forest Axe

You are living in the era of mass produced, cheap axes. But, Gransfors make this axe by hand forging steel. It is the best example of finest Swedish craftsmanship. It can be called as a timeless classic. The size of this axe is as same as the Hunter’s Axe of the same company. But, it has a more traditional poll and pattern.

The thin blade and long handle of Small Forest Axe are helpful for getting powerful chopping results. It is great for splitting or limbing small sticks for the fire. It is also perfect for backpacking. You can use it for cutting small diameter limbwood or splitting small sticks for fires.

Superb build quality, ease of use, and reliability make it the most popular axe in the world. The handle of this axe is just 19-inches, which is right for doing the job. When swung with two hands, it can deliver excellent striking power. You can also chop by using only one hand. It is versatile, hence it is better than or as good as a big knife.

Superior Construction

Fine quality steel is used for manufacturing Small Forest Axe. This hand forged axe is crafted expertly by highly experienced Swedish smiths. The skills and designing excellence of these professionals are world famous. The smiths take care of and adopt only the right forging from the beginning to the end. You need not grind, paint, smooth, or stone this axe to eliminate or hide imperfections in forging. Axe head of this tool is hammered individually and it bears initials of smith who made it. Thus, Small Forest Axes are one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Ergonomic Handles

Most handles of the axes of Gransfors Bruks have a unique design, which is helpful for getting a steady grip around the handle. Selected, high-quality American hickory is used for making the handles of this axe. Hickory handles are not as strong as fiberglass handles. But, wooden handles are more ecological. The handles of Gransfors Bruks axe are soaked in hot linseed oil. Then it is dripped dry. Then, the handle is covered with beeswax, which is helpful for keeping dirt off.



  • Portable
  • Vegetable-tanned leather sheath
  • Extremely efficient
  • Lightweight
  • Length and width is 50cm
  • Swedish origin

Best-Seller Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet 2021 Reviews 1


Small Forest Axe arrives with razor sharp edges. So, you can use it once you take it out from the box. The sharpness of this axe will remain for long periods even after chopping trees and cutting limbs. It is light and small, so you can carry it in your small backpack. Small Forest Axe of Gransfors is perfect for those who want to get a camping and bushcraft axe.

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