Best Yoga DVDs In 2022

Whether you practice it at home, in a gym, or on a tranquil mountaintop, there is no doubt yoga is a fulfilling activity. Coupled with some of the best Yoga DVDs currently available in stores, practitioners have a memorable experience devoid of their skill level. If you have stiff joints, for instance, Yoga is one of the best remedies for improving flexibility. It also improves cardiovascular health, improves respiration/ muscle tone, and supports natural weight reduction. If you are a yoga enthusiast and want to exploit its benefits to the fullest, this article talks about the 10 best Yoga DVDs to use. Exploring various aspects of this art, they will help you to hit the mat like a professional.

10. Yoga Inferno

Jillian Michaels Yoga Inferno

Best Yoga DVDs In 2022 1

Are you looking to scorch body fat and burn calories efficiently without stressing your joints or harming your health? If you enjoy yoga, this new Yoga Inferno DVD from Jillian Michaels works best. Even though non-rated, the two 30 minute workouts offered benefits both men and women. They are rigorous, focused, and have seamlessly flowing sequences that build mobility, strength, and stamina naturally. The plethora of classic and modified yoga poses offered benefit individuals of all skill levels, while its enticing setting appeals to most users. Yoga Inferno is affordable and designed to work with most standard DVD players.

9. Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga

Element- Hatha & Flow Yoga for Beginners

Best Yoga DVDs In 2022 1

Perfect for beginners, Element: Hatha & Flow Yoga is a well-directed (Andrea Ambandos) and acted (Tamal Dodge) Yoga DVD that never disappoints. A perfect accessory for increasing strength, reducing stress, and toning muscle, its versatile all-in-one system works better than some comparable models. For instance, instead of long and frustrating sessions, you get short 30-minute one that you can use easily at home. Filming, on the other hand, is in a tranquil Pacific location with a relaxing effect. Forget about the bricks and cold-looking concrete on the traditional Yoga DVD in your possession.

8. Yoga for Stress Relief

Yoga for Stress Relief

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With the frustrating and hectic lifestyles that most of us live, stress is a common health complication among individuals. While analgesics and massage have a soothing effect on the body, Yoga is the best remedy for those that want long-lasting results. Yoga for Stress Relief DVD, for instance, reveals over 20 simple techniques for overcoming mental and physical stress. It also has a comprehensive 30-minute session on meditation with motivational snippets from Dalai Lama. Used as directed, therefore, you will overcome the greatest of obstacles in your life and live a healthy and happy life with the help of Barbara Benagh’s stellar acting. Finally, you get 15-60 minute target specific sessions. Whether you have frequent digestive issues, shoulder pain, or neck pain, the proposed techniques never disappoint.

7. Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga- 7 Beginning Yoga Practices for Mid-life (40's - 70's) including AM Energy, PM Relaxation, Improving Balance, Relief from Desk Work, Core Strength, and more

Best Yoga DVDs In 2022 1

As we grow older, energy levels dip. Balance and relaxation also become major issues as joints lose strength and muscle waste. Designed to help individuals to overcome these issues midlife (40-70s), Gentle Yoga promotes relaxation using simple and short sequences. The 18-minute Morning Practice, for instance, not only awakens the body but also energizes individuals for the day. The 19-minute Mid-day Practice offered, on the other hand, has effective desk-based routines, and the 29-minute Evening Practice designed to improve sleep. Apart from these major sessions, users get sessions for improving balance (22 minutes), flexibility (34 minutes), and for gentle practice (34 minutes).

6. Power Yoga – Total Body Workout

Power Yoga - Total Body Workout

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Directed by Ted Landon and acted by Rodney Young, Total Body Workout Power Yoga DVD is perfect for building endurance, stamina, and strength. Even though intense than some beginner DVDs in stores, the simplified routines highlighted benefit individuals of all skill levels. The 75-minute detoxifying session, for instance, creates strength-building heat. The 63-minute complete body workout shared, on the other hand, has simple power poses that build endurance naturally. If you are looking to start an effective home practice, Rod Yee does not disappoint in this great Yoga DVD.

5. Yoga for Beginners

Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners

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Another of Rodney Yee’s classics, Yoga for Beginners is an on-screen pose training DVD with two full-length workouts. To help beginners to delve into Yoga successfully, its workouts share secrets for overcoming common novice mistakes. They also support audio selection or pose only instructions and are organized into short 40, 20, and 15-minute sessions that the working class appreciates. To refresh your body every morning or get the lean and flexible body you have dreamt of for years, Yoga for Beginners DVD works the best.

4. Yoga for Beginners & Beyond

Yoga for Beginners & Beyond (Yoga for Stress Relief - AM-PM Yoga for Beginners - Essential Yoga for Inflexible People)

Best Yoga DVDs In 2022 1

Offering fun strategies or relieving stress and soothing inflexibility, Yoga for Beginners & Beyond is among the best. Directed by Michael Wohl, the over 40 AM and PM routines highlighted are thorough, easy to follow, and curated to benefit individuals of all cadres. By laying emphasis on both mental and physical aspects of yoga, the all-around effect the have on the body is also invaluable. Apart from relieving stress and developing flexible joints, for instance, you will build stronger muscles for 15-60 minutes of work daily. You will also meditate better with its bonus Dalai Lama footage.

3. Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga

Biggest Loser- Weight Loss Yoga [DVD]

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Did you know that yoga is an excellent weight-loss routine? Even though considered a woman’s routine by most individuals, its ability to hydrolyze fat reserve and boost energy levels is unique. With the help of a professional DVD such as Biggest Loser: Weight Loss Yoga the results are even better. Bob Harper pushes the body to deliver pound-shedding results in just six months with three separate 55-minute workouts and 5-minute cool-down and warm-up sessions. All workouts (including back bends and Ab poses) are low-impact and therefore recommended for individuals of all cadres. Bob also shares easier variations of inexperienced users and emphasize the importance of good breathing throughout all routines.

2. Yoga Journal

Yoga For Beginners

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Considered among the most intelligent DVDs in top 10 best yoga DVDs reviewed for 2022, Yoga Journal is the real deal. Forget about the celebrity-endorsed junk that litters most online stores. If you are a beginner and want to tap the experience of some of the insightful teachers in this niche, look no further than Yoga Journal. It is exciting, encouraging, and designed to promote balanced and healthy living. The eight routines shared also improve vitality, strength, and the overall outlook of users. All routines are between 10 and 60 minutes long and moderated by the renowned Barbara Benagh.

1. Yoga Meltdown

Jillian Michaels- Yoga Meltdown [DVD]

Best Yoga DVDs In 2022 1

While some individuals complain about its overly bright settings, no Yoga DVD outmatches Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown in terms of content. Featured in television programs such as NBC, this weight loss DVD introduces yoga in a way never before seen. The dynamic training techniques (30 minutes) are intense and fulfilling. Its cool-down and warm-up sessions smooth transition between sessions, while its progressive workout levels keep users well grounded. As you grow stronger, for instance, higher-level workouts will challenge you more for a greater burn.

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