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Camera DSLR Slider Comparison and Review in 2022

Are you having a small project of film making that requires the DSLR slider? If so, you might find it hard to decide the best slider for yourself since there are many products available out there. To get the sturdy experience of photography and video, you will need to depend on this camera DSLR slider. However, there are some main points that you need to know so that you can choose the right product for yourself. First, know the demand of yourself and let’s see this quick comparison between the 2FT camera slider and 4 FT camera slider in 2022.

Camera DSLR Slider Comparison

For the 2 FT camera DSLR slider, there are two kinds of it which are the Core and the Pro version. The Core one is perfect for lighter camera that is used for outdoor and is the best design for better portability. It is weighed around 3.2 pounds and can support up to 15 pounds that is accounted for any light camera. On the other hand, if you need the slider which can support all kind of camera, you will need something bigger, which is this Pro version. It is made up of stainless steel which is rock solid and can support up to 75 pounds of camera. However, it is also weighed much more than the previous one. On the other hand, if you look for longer support consider the 4 FT camera DSLR, it also has two kinds of product which are the Pro version best for the bigger camera since it can support up to 35 pounds, while the Carbon design are the lightest design perfect for portability and used with any light camera. It weighs only 3 pounds and can mount up to 7 pounds of camera.

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1. Shark Slider S1 Special Bundle

Get the amazing outdoor photograph and amazing filming by your own with this top camera slider from the Shark Slider. Its smooth performance will get you the sturdier experience you will never be disappointed. Its special features and amazing build-up make it perfect for any kind of camera DSRL.




  • It comes with the padded carrying case with handle and shoulder strap so that you can easily carry it along. The case also features many pockets for any other accessories as well
  • It can function as the camera camcorder without the extension rails
  • It comes with the auxiliary weight, extender rods, and extender belt as well
  • It is durable and multi-position adjustable legs allow leveling on uneven surfaces
  • It can be added with the addition of the two carbon fiber extension rails for longer experience as well

2. fancierstudio Camera Track Slider

From one of the best brands of camera track sliders, Fancierstudio has introduced an amazing track slider to facilitate the photograph and filming experience. With its perfect design and smooth performance you can be expert in the photograph in no time.




  • It is 32-inch long with a 20 pounds capacity
  • It is featured with tension adjustable ball-bearing slide mechanism and two removable legs as well
  • It also has the stop break and a bubble level for sturdier experience
  • It comes with the premium quality of carrying case that you will surely need for portable experience

3. DEV 1000# Glide Gear 23″ Camera Video Stabilizer Tripod Slider

Do you need more than just a single camera slider? With the innovative design from the DEV 1000#, it has introduced the amazing idea of the transformational camera slider and the stabilizer tripod with a quick set up. You can fully get the satisfaction from it.




  • It is a 23.6 inch long aluminum track with phone adapter
  • It has the maximum loading capacity of 9 kg with self-lubricating rails for smoother and sturdier experience
  • It is also featured with the tension adjustment knob with locking feature
  • It has the spirit level on sled and anodized aluminum beautiful super polish finish

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4. Movo Photo MV-WS100

Are you planning for the next video project with the best camera DSRL slider? The durability and versatility are the main feature you must consider. Get the best product of camera slider from the top company like this Movo Photo. You will only get the satisfaction without any drawbacks at all.




  • it is highly constructed with the special material of lightweight tough carbon fiber construction
  • it supports cameras up to 22 LBS
  • the sliding platform features 8 rubber bearings for smooth and quiet operation
  • it also has the super smooth precision carbon fiber rails

5. Filmcity SL-2 DSLR Camera Slider

Filmcity is another top brand of DSRL camera slider. Implied by its name, this camera is very amazing in its performance. It is best for filming process, and you can get the best experience out of it. You can get the smooth video and sturdy experience with the quality of the photo at any time you wish to.




  • it comes with the affordable in price but offer the best-quality of video
  • it offers the vibration-free stability and support to many cameras while shooting
  • it is flexible and can be placed on every surface and working condition
  • it has the smooth gliding camera mount platform with Teflon bearings
  • it also has the self-lubricating glide rails allowing extremely smooth and quiet motion shots so that you will get the best quality of your work


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