Crazy photos from the internet with explanations

Pile of Chairs


This pile of chairs was actually an art installation created by Sculptor Doris Salcedo. The sculpture itself is called Instanbul, built in 2003. Each chair is meant to represent the mass of immigrants on which our global economy rests. The tower here is made from 1,550 separate chairs. Using everyday mundane objects like chairs is how Salcedo often represents memorials victims, like here with the chairs. Salcedo mentioned she got the idea of mass graves.


Red Triangle Slug


It’s a red triangle slug. Found in Australia (of course), they grow up to 15 cm or 6 inches in size. The color of the slug comes in different colors but they all have this red outline around the foot.

Queen Ant next to normal ant



What you see here is a queen ant next to a normal ant. The queen can be up to 30 years, unheard of compared to most insects. This particular example is a leaf cutter ant, probably from Texas. Leaf cutters farm fungus and display the largest range of body sizes. They’re also terrifying.

Weird pic of 1975 German Club


This picture first appeared on reddit, from user gnarcore666. According to the post, it came from their mom’s yearbook photo

Crashed UPS truck, prom date with a sewing machine


This happened at Princeton University. The parking brake wasn’t set and the truck rolled down a hill. The guy in the tux is a student. The sewing machine? Who knows.


Corneal Transplant


These are actually sitches in a corneal transplant.

Morning Glory Cloud


Morning Glory Cloud is a rare cloud formation. They happen all over the world but they can happen with predictability in Gulf of Carpentaria, Australia. The clouds themselves are low to the ground and can be miles long. No one’s totally sure how exactly they form, but if you really want to see one, best to head over to Carpentaria and charter a flight or glider through one!

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