Experts Say Hair Growth Shampoo Really Can Grow Women’s Hair

It is common for us to lose 50 – 100 hairs each day. That’s not a problem, as long as new hairs grow in to replace them. The problem is, of course, when not enough new hairs, grow in. Worse yet, is when no new hairs grow in to replace those that have fallen out.

According to Dr. Oz, 40% of women will lose some hair. There are many causes for women to lose their hair, including family history, hormonal, medications, medical conditions, a poor diet, hair sprays that can make hair brittle and break off and not feeding hair with the nutrients that it needs.

Over the counter shampoo is probably not going to overcome family history, a medical problem or the medications. But, some shampoos do contain ingredients that are known to generate and hair growth in women.

According to the International Journal of Dermatology, caffeine not only wakes you up, but it also wakes up your hair follicles and causes hair to grow faster. It does this by blocking DHT, which is known to damage hair follicles. DHT doesn’t cause hair to fall out. It acts like a strangle hold on hair follicles, preventing them from growing new hair.

There are now several shampoos with caffeine, so it can apply it topically. Usually, shampoo should be left on for 2 minutes to allow it to be absorbed into the follicle.

Argon oil is another substance that is known to increase hair growth. Argon is a fruit found in Morocco. Moroccans have long known about the moisturizing and healing powers of this oil. It was once used primarily to treat bites and infections. But, over time, it was found to be a great natural moisturizer for both the skin and hair. It makes a great, non-greasy hair conditioner that gets rid of split ends and frizz, and protects against damage from hair dryers.

According to Andrew Minarik, Miss World hairstylist and UK education artist for Sexy Hair, true hair health comes from pampering your scalp with nutrient-rich ingredients. “…argan oil is among the magic ingredients for a healthy scalp and hair, especially if you are worried about hair loss or thinning hair. Argan Oil is healing, cleansing and hydrating…” Argon oil is now found in some shampoos.

Biotin is vitamin B7. It is found naturally in food such as avocado, eggs, almonds and salmon. According to Dr. Oz, “Biotin is very important in rebuilding those shingles” or tiles on hair that are often damaged by blow drying.

Biotin deficiencies are associated with hair loss. So, if that is the problem, one of the shampoos with Biotin may be all that you need to stop hair loss and regrow hair.

According to, Jojoba oil moisturizes the hair, add nutrients to hair and stimulates the scalp. Jojoba oil contains fatty acids, amino acids, vitamin E and collagen. When applied to your hair and scalp, Jojoba oil forms a barrier around hair follicles to protect them from the environment and help keep them from drying out.

Jojoba oil has all of the essential vitamins for hair growth. Jojoba oil can be found in several shampoos.

According to these experts, if hair loss or if the poor quality of hair is caused by lacking vitamins, oils or by a buildup of DHT, then adding these nutrients into a hair regime can stimulate hair growth, increase the quality of your hair and make your hair look shinier.

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