GoPro Hero4 Comparison and Review in 2022

Do you love taking photograph or video? Have you ever had trouble with your old camera which can’t capture the epic shoot and crystal clear video frame? Now you don’t have to be worried anymore since all you need is this GoPro Hero4 which offers you the best photo and video every time you need. This top GoPro Hero4 can capture the epic shoot with styles and produce the clear image even at low light condition. The best GoPro Hero4 is the best camera you’ve ever had. With the amazing performance and the features it offers, you will get the full satisfaction with your photography.

GoPro Buying guide:

There have been many versions of GoPro that are available so far; however, the latest version of GoPro Hero4 is the best choice as it may offer you the best performance you need. However, you might need to decide whether to choose between GoPro Hero4 silver or black since they have their unique special features. Therefore, you must know your demand clearly so that you can decide effectively for what you really need from these two types of GoPro Hero4. The next part is the review of the GoPro Hero4 silver and black and their comparison so that you can decide more effectively before you make decision on them.

Comparison of GoPro Hero4 silver and black:

The big difference between GoPro Hero silver and black is that the silver one comes with the built-in LCD screen for better view while the black one has none. However, both of them can be connected to smartphone for the screen view. In term of the sharpness and quality of the image, these two cute things seem to share similar capacity with 1080 pixel with 24 fps. However, it seems like the black version can do much better in video mode because the black one can capture 1080 pixel with up to 120 fps while the silver only allows 720 mode. However, the bigger mode consumes much more memory capacity. However, if we compare the night mode version, the silver one can do much clearer. Moreover, the silver GoPro 4 can last longer than the black version in term of battery life. Talking about the sound, these two versions of GoPro share similar aspect in recording the clear sound.

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1. GoPro HERO4 BLACK 4K Action Camera

You might enjoy the way of life that you are living. Document every special moment in your life with such a top product of camera as this GoPro Hero4 Black. Its special features and design are perfect for you to capture everything around with epic shoot and get the experience into the next level. It is very amazing, and you will get the full satisfaction from it.




  • It is the latest version of GoPro products
  • It has the special feature of HD 4K video 2.7K60, 1440p80, 1080p120, 960p120, 720p240 (super slow motion capture)
  • it is also featured with the 12 mega pixels camera with 30 fps burst and time lapse function
  • it has the built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth connectivity for the GoPro app and smart remote as well
  • it also has many other time-lapse video, night photo/lapse and many other necessarily functions as well


Do you have the passion in photography? Never stop pursuing your passion and get the best out of it. With GoPro and its advance technology, it has introduced the amazing GoPro silver 4 that offers amazing features and performance you might never aware of. You can start with your bigger passion and enjoy with it every day smoothly.




  • It is amazingly built with the touch display: easy for framing the shoot and adjusting settings. Moreover, you can also easily control the camera with quick access settings.
  • It offers fast and powerful photo capture with high-quality 12 mega pixel camera at up to 30 fps
  • It has the built-in WiFi and Bluetooth that can deliver enhanced connectivity with GoPro and the GoPro App and also the remote control
  • It is featured with Protune and the cinema-quality capture and manual control of color, ISO limit night exposure and so on which is the advance technology in photography
  • It is very durable and is also waterproof that get you the peace of mind. It can withstand the harsh weather condition as well

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3. GoPro HERO4 Session

Another best and latest product of GoPro is this little but powerful GoPro Hero4 Session. It has the lightest and compact design which looks really amazing. Never underestimate this little thing with its size. It is built for perfect and it performs the best for you.




  • It is the smallest and lightest with compact design of all GoPro series.
  • It is featured with waterproof function and durable with no housing needed
  • It has the multi-function button. With one button control, you can function everything through it
  • It has the maximum quality up to 1440p30, 1080p60 and 720p100 video
  • It is also featured with 8 Mp photos with 10 fps Burst

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