Oprah’s Handpicked Fashion Gifts for Women

Nobody does it quite like Oprah. She is, in all fairness, one the United State’s best trendsetters and when she makes some gift suggestions, any woman who’s cognizant about style has to pay attention. And, contrary to what you would expect, her gifts of choice are affordable and trendy, yet well-thought out. These are kind of gifts that your mom would find intriguing and sweep your female friend off their feet at the same time.

On her official website, Oprah says “It’s always good when a present turns out to be practical, but my favorites are the ones that do nothing but delight.” That, in essence, gives a hint that her picks will most likely satisfy even the choosiest of tastes – and oh yes; these are hand-picked gifts which make them kinda special presents.

That said, what’s on the list of Oprah’s hand-picked fashion gifts for women? Here’s are our top picks;

Orthaheel Women’s Relax Slipper


Oprah’s Handpicked Fashion Gifts for Women 1

Do you want to flaunt your smooth heels in style? Heck, are you suffering from plantar fasciitis and you’re having problems pinpointing a pair of slipper that is not only comfortable but also reduces the pain? Or a pair that will provide a remarkable amount of arch and heel support? Look no further than the Orthaheel Women’s Relax Slipper.

Apart from the above benefits, it’s pretty easy to figure out why Oprah has the Orthaheel on her list. For starters, this slipper comes with a lush polyester terry upper for absolute comfort. The customizable hook and loop closure makes it easy to remove and put on the slipper while maintaining a tight fit.

It may catch your attention to know that the Orthaheel Women’s Slipper also features a biomechanical footbed that’s covered with 100% polyester terry cloth for extra comfort. The EVA midsole is relatively flexible to take in shock to reduce the degree of stress exposed to the knees, ankles, and feet.

Lands’ End Women’s Won’t Let You Down Coat


Oprah’s Handpicked Fashion Gifts for Women 1

If you’re scouting for the best down coat for winter, this piece from Land’s End could make an excellent – and guess who has given an undertaking on its quality? Yes, the queen to talk shows herself, Oprah Winfrey! But wait, what makes it so unique to even catch the eye of one of the most highly acclaimed fashionistas around?

Well, it promises warmth day in and day out thanks to its 600 fill power insulation. Ideally, the insulation forms a barrier that efficiently traps heat for hours while keeping the cold at bay. But the Lands’ End Down Coat does more than just keep you warm.

Because of its water resistant outer material, it repels water and continues to insulate your body even when it gets water. This down coat also comes with a detachable hood to protect your head from the cold. Also, the two-way zipper provides adequate venting so that you can move around freely.

Talbots Chevron Quilted Puffer Vest

Talbots Chevron Quilted Puffer Vest

Oprah’s Handpicked Fashion Gifts for Women 1

The Talbots Puffer Vest isn’t your every other day vest – if its first glance is anything to go by. The vest’s appearance aside –what does it really have to offer? And most importantly, why did it make it to Oprah’s hand-picked gifts for women list? A closer look at the vest reveals quite a lot.

First off, its glossy cire together with the chevron-styled quilting gives it a contemporary look with a fascinating, elevated finish – and that can only mean you’ll look trendy and hip. Also, the shiny outer cover gives the Talbots Puffer Vest an appealing polish with an added bit of individuality.

Do you own a turtleneck, a long sleeve tee or a sweater and are looking for a puffer vest that will make you look fashionable without necessarily appearing bulky? Well, the Talbots Chevron Quilted Puffer Vest could as well be the vest of choice thanks to its slimming front and back seams.

Wool and the Gang Zion Lion Pom

Wool and the Gang Zion Lion Pom

Oprah’s Handpicked Fashion Gifts for Women 1

Winter is coming, and you’d better have the right gear. Top on your list should be apparel that will adequately shield body parts that are most susceptible to weather elements including the head and ears. Apparently, Oprah knows all about the importance of covering the upper part of your body during winter.

She recommends the Wool and the Gang Zion Lion Pom, an ideal gift for any woman looking to help their friend(s) cover up in style. It is hand-knitted and stretchable to cover every part of your head. It is 100% wool to provide enough warmth and a tight fit over your head.

Add this on your gifts list, and you will help brighten your friend’s dull winter days. This pom-pom beanie is available in an assortment of colors to suit varying tastes. It is machine washable and as its manufacturer says it will allow you (or your friend) to walk around with the charisma of a jungle queen!

The Rae Sweatshirt by Emi-Jay

The Rae Sweatshirt by Emi-Jay

Oprah’s Handpicked Fashion Gifts for Women 1

Oprah says that “she plans on living in” this Sweatshirt from Emi- Jay and there are some good reasons for it. If you’re the type that likes to take a morning jog or hit the treadmill before you go to work, you know how important it is to wear loose clothing.

The Rae Sweatshirt is a training companion that is designed to trap air so that the body can retain heat. It is made with 28% organic cotton, 67% Tencel French Terry and 5% Spandex for extra comfort. You don’t have to worry about covering what Oprah calls “parts you’d like to keep to your keep yourself” thanks to the striped detail on the bottom.

This sweatshirt is silky soft and you even get a three pack of Emi-Jay signature hairties with every purchase.

Tretorn Women’s Harriet Rain Boot


Tretorn Women's Harriet Rain Boot

Oprah’s Handpicked Fashion Gifts for Women 1

The Tretorn Rain Boot will not only protect your feet and the lower portion of your legs from getting soaked in the rain but also help accentuate your style. With a fresh style, this rain boot is without a doubt set to become a trendsetter. It features a nylon shaft that measures about 12 inches from the arch to provide cover up to the inches and a heel that is roughly 1 inch for superior arch support.

The opening is about 16 inches, so you won’t have problems putting on or removing it. Around the top of the shaft is a rubber material for additional comfort as you walk around. As expected, the channel-quilted nylon shaft is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about getting your feet wet. The cuff cinches located behind the knee provide a tight and secure fit.

The Tretorn Rain Boot features a rubber sole for better traction and stability through the rain.

Verloop Trio Touchscreen Gloves


Oprah’s Handpicked Fashion Gifts for Women 1

Gloves are indispensable during cold weather, and it’s almost impossible to make through the chilly weather with a pair. But, the chances are that you’ve lost one of the gloves and getting a new pair is always hectic. Besides, it means you will have to brave the cold weather until a replacement pair arrives (that is if you don’t have an extra one in the house).

The Verloop Trio Gloves seek to eliminate the need to get a new pair of gloves if you lose or misplace one glove. The gloves come in a set of three interchangeable gloves (that can be worn on either hand) so you can have your palms always protected.

The gloves go a step further – the thumb, index and middle finger support nano-metallic technology so swiping, zooming or typing on your smartphone or tablets shouldn’t be a problem. The Verloop Trio Gloves are made with Lycra material that stretches for a comfortable and warm fit.

Echo Design Women’s Bright Stripes Wrap

Echo Design Women's Bright Stripes Wrap

Oprah’s Handpicked Fashion Gifts for Women 1

Do you know why the Echo Design Stripes Wrap makes it to Oprah’s hand-picked fashion gifts for women list? Simply put – it combines versatility, functionality, and fun. This is the type of scarf you can wear with a casual, trendy pair of jeans or a more sophisticated dress, blazer or skirt and still look fashionable.

It is available in multiple colors that are rich and vibrant to give your closet as well as your spirit a much-needed boost. It is super soft as well. As for the materials, the Echo Design Stripes Wrap is made with 80% wool and 20% viscose. The plaid pattern is attractive to the eye while the self-fringe ends complete the scarf’s thought-provoking look. In short, this wrap will bring elegance to all your outfits!

Sorel Women’s Major Moto Boots

Sorel Women's Major Moto Boots

Oprah’s Handpicked Fashion Gifts for Women 1

Do you like to be in total command of your style just like Oprah? Well, these Sorel Major Moto Boots provides exactly that. With full grain leather and suede upper, the boots can be worn with a pair of jeans or a casual skirt. They come with a shaft measuring about 7 inches from the heel and you even have the choice of wearing it folded down as per your taste and preference.

The rubber sole offers an adequate grip while the heel cup support ensures that you can walk around with relative ease. The dual buckle provides a tight fit while the felt lining makes the boot extra comfortable. And for durability (and value for money), the Major Moto Boots are made using cowhide. The heel, on the other hand, is wrapped with leather for superior traction during rainy days.

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