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Review of The Top 10 Best Floor Lamps In 2022

Floor lamps have grown to be an absolute necessity in homes nowadays. These lamps are not only used for their luxuriance but for their numerous applications as well. For this very reason, it becomes vital for one to be able to ascertain which floor lamps are the best. If you’re looking for the ideal floor lamp, have a look at ten of the most popular models currently on the market.

10. Brightech – SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Review of The Top 10 Best Floor Lamps In 2022 1

Brightech’s floor lamp features a warm white color design that is very slim and slender. The SKY floor lamp is both portable and lightweight, all for your very own convenience. In the long run, the combined features of this lamp provide you with the means to save both energy and money. The technology featured in this design has been made to prioritize both efficiency and practicality. Along with this, any drawbacks that are typically present in floor lamps are minimized extensively.

Long Lasting

The problem with standard lamps is that they do not last very long. This stems from the fact that they use short-lived CFL and incandescent bulbs. Brightech’s floor lamp fixes this exact problem by incorporating LED lighting which is capable of lasting up to 20 years without overheating or burning out. The durability brought by the use of LED technology in this lamp easily makes it one of the absolute best.

Slender Portable Design

The torchiere’s floor lamp can be easily maneuvered into every nook and cranny due to its extreme slenderness. With this in mind, users will be able to fit it almost anywhere. Furthermore, the portable design features a rotating top to additionally cater for your needs. You will be able to place and arrange it as you see fit, making it serve your needs to the fullest.

9. Lavish Home Natural Full Spectrum Sunlight Therapy Floor Lamp

Review of The Top 10 Best Floor Lamps In 2022 2

The excellent design of the natural sunlight therapy floor lamp shows us the vast extent of innovative human technology . The design behind this lamp focuses on replicating something natural, using something that is quite unnatural. It is no surprise that this Lavish has managed to do just that. Lavish home’s 5-foot floor lamp has a very convenient mechanism that is very easy to use by anyone.

Sunlight Replica

An in-depth analysis of the Lavish Home floor lamp reveals a brilliant aspect of their design. The light emanating from this floor lamp is equivalent to daytime sunlight. The Lavish home floor lamp replicates natural light to reduce eye strain and weariness caused by weak or intense lighting. Your living environment then becomes conducive to allow for reading, working and any other activities that require the perfect amount of lighting that is typically provided by natural light.


For everyone’s convenience, the sunlight therapy floor lamp allows you to manipulate it as you desire. The gooseneck is adjustable so as to allow you turn the lamp up, down, left and right. The direct control you have over the light projection will assist multiple users in various tasks.

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8. Brightech – Emma Tripod Floor Lamp

Review of The Top 10 Best Floor Lamps In 2022 3

Many floor lamps have designs that focus and prioritize on individual aspects. The Brightech’s tripod floor lamp ensures both stability and efficiency while prioritizing convenience. The tripod design provides for security by making sure that it will not be easy to get knocked down due to any mishaps.

High-Quality Construction

The aesthetic design is a combination of both stylish and high-quality materials. The tripod floor lamp features top-notch authentic wood with birch-toned legs that maximize the durability of the lamp while still maintaining a classic look. All of this adds up to make this a product that easily stands out above the rest.

3 Way Lighting Capacity

The Brightech floor lamp features 3 light bulbs fixed under a wrap-around cylindrical shape. The light bulbs that can be fitted in are standard E26 base light bulbs and allow a maximum of 150 watts. The three-way lighting allows you to vary the lighting and control it to suit your need. You will also be able to increase or decrease the light based on the activity that you are doing. This is crucial because the light levels you would need for reading and working are completely different. This makes the need for a mechanism to control the light levels very vital.

7. Normande Lighting Incandescent Torchiere Floor Lamp

Review of The Top 10 Best Floor Lamps In 2022 4

The ingenuity of Normande’s fascinating designs speaks for itself. Even at first glance, you are able to ascertain its high quality and uniqueness. The combination of frosted glass shades with wire metal décor gives it a very classy look belonging to the earlier eras.

2 in 1

The Normande floor lamp comes with 2 sources of light. It features a 100-watt torchiere floor lamp with an additional 40-watt reading lamp on the side. Most floor lamps come with only one lamp or a collective source of light. This design is exceptional because it combines distinct sources of light that can be used in different scenarios.

3 Way Rotary Switch

Normande’s incandescent floor lamp comes with a rotary 3-way switch. This switch allows you turn on the reading lamp, the torchiere, or even both at the same time. Aside from having two lamps, you also have control over when to use them. This gives you absolute freedom with regards to what you want to do and how much lighting you choose for that particular task.

6. Brightech – Sparq LED Arc Floor Lamp

Review of The Top 10 Best Floor Lamps In 2022 5

Brightech once again surprises us with a very innovative and futuristic design. The LED Arc floor lamp would comfortably feel at home in a Sci-fi movie shooting set. This suffices to describe what design spectrum Brightech were aiming at.

Flexible Metal Stand

The LED Arc floor lamp has a flexible metal stand that can be curved at will. The fact that you can gently bend the metal stand means you can control how the light falls down. This goes to show how convenient the design is. The LED Arc lamp makes sure to hand all control over to you so that you can precisely do what is necessary to satisfy your needs.

Perfect Power Saver

The 15 watt LED components guarantees that you will be enjoying the soft bright light emanating from these lamps for a long time. The keyword here is energy-saving. LED components last for a very long time while proving security and safety. There will no longer be a worry related to overheating. With the power saver, what you see is what you get – a lamp that will last for a very long time while making sure energy is properly conserved.

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5. Simple Designs Floor Lamp

Review of The Top 10 Best Floor Lamps In 2022 6

This lamp may feature a simple layout, but it stands out due to its extensive features. The simple design of the floor lamp was engineered to cater to a variety of users. One common mistake that people do is to pay attention to the aesthetic aspects of a floor lamp while not prioritizing on the actual performance. A floor lamp surely exists to serve as decoration but also to provide proper lighting as well.

Two Lamps

The simple design floor lamp gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “Two heads are better than one.” This brilliant design features two lamps to add to its extent of its luminosity. The side lamp is an extended feature that functions as a reading lamp. This is very convenient because you provided extra functionality. Instead of having two separate lamps that assist you with different needs, you are able to have just one that does all of that.


The simple design floor lamp fits in as one of the most lightweight lamps on the market. This adds to both its portability and ease of use. It can easy be moved around the office or living room for perfect placement. No extra hard work is required with this slender and lightweight design. It is no surprise as this is the result of prioritizing convenience in the design phase of this creation.

4. Ikea Holmo 46 Inch Floor Lamp with LED Bulb

Review of The Top 10 Best Floor Lamps In 2022 7

Ikea makes no mistake when it comes to producing products of the highest quality. It is no surprise that their lamps succeed at doing this as well. The materials used reflect hard work and top quality engineering to ensure that your needs are served in order to ensure your satisfaction.

LED Bulb

The emphasis on having an LED light bulb in a floor lamp cannot be downplayed. LED bulbs provide the best performance in terms of efficiency and durability. As if saving energy was not enough, these bulbs take it a step further and ensure that they last for a very long time. This is in comparison with the regular incandescent light bulbs.

Trendy Design

Ikea designs always focus on keeping you up to date with the latest fashion trends. This is the kind of piece of you want to keep within your space to showcase your stylishness. It will fit in with any form of space whether it is your living room or office and make sure to add value to the overall look. If luxury is in mind, then the Ikea floor lamp is the best way to portray that.

3. Brightech – SKY LED Torchiere Floor Lamp Sleek Back Design

Review of The Top 10 Best Floor Lamps In 2022 8

Brightech designs often focus on both longevity and convenience. This sleek back design floor lamp does not fall short in doing just that. The SKY LED floor lamp takes into account the various needs of individuals that require a floor lamp. By putting the customers’ needs first, their designs include mechanisms that will focus on satisfying them all.


This design focuses on specifics that ensure different properties of this floor lamp work in synchrony. This assists in making sure that the lamp does not cause any overheating problems. The LED used in the design will guarantee that no overheating occurs. The warm white color that emanates from this floor lamp does not produce high levels of heat which is usually a problem with other lamps that do not use LED and as a result cause rooms to be uncomfortably hot.

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Controllable Light Intensity

The Brightech sleek back floor lamp allows you to control the intensity of the light that emanates from the LED bulbs. It features a 3-step dimmer that grants you full control over the intensity of the light. This way, you can decide what strength is needed based on the task that you are doing. The convenience of such a feature cannot be understated even for a second.

2. Boston Harbor 3-Light Tree Lamp

Review of The Top 10 Best Floor Lamps In 2022 9

At first look, we see a lamp that is designed with a focus on providing the maximum amount of light possible. This results in you having a very well-lit environment that is conducive to the achievement of several tasks. This brilliant design undoubtedly portrays very high quality.

3 in 1

This design features not 1 or 2, but 3 separate light sources, all branching forth from the central platform. Each spotlight has its own on and off switch. This leaves the choice of light intensity to you. As such, you can either choose to light up the whole room or a small area, depending on how many lamps you have on.

Rotatable Lamps

Boston harbor decided to go even a step further. After giving you complete control over how many light bulbs you have on, they went a step further. The lamps feature the ability to freely rotate 350 degrees. This grants you with the ultimate control when it comes to choosing where and how the lighting falls on your space.

1. Ikea Floor Uplight Lamp

Review of The Top 10 Best Floor Lamps In 2022 10

Ikea is not only brilliant at producing products that have a unique look to them, but they even focus on simplistic designs that people can relate to. After all, simplicity says a lot when it comes to luxury. The Ikea floor lamp cleverly caters to all of your needs thanks to its design.


Ikea’s floor lamp is exceptionally light when it comes to its weight. This is in comparison with most of the floor lamps. This fact makes it very easy to carry around and place as you see fit. You will not have to strain or excessively tire yourself just to decorate your space as you adjust where you want your light source placed. This makes it more convenient for use by anyone.

Best Materials

The components used in the making of this floor lamp appear to be very high in quality. These consist of polypropylene, steel, and polyethylene. It is no hidden knowledge that using materials of the highest quality will guarantee a product that is able to satisfy the customers’ needs for a long time. The lamp will provide both over the top quality in terms of durability and performance.


Floor lamps today are no longer used just for decoration purposes. They represent necessity and functionality as a great light source in many environments. For this very reason, it becomes important for you to know the difference between average and first class. A great lamp will eliminate inconvenience due to improper sources of lighting. We’ve already done our part and given you the top ten best floor lamps, the next step is yours to take.

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