The Best Anniversary Gifts for your Wife

It’s all about having a good time when it comes to anniversaries, especially wedding anniversaries. After all who doesn’t enjoy good food, good music, and the company of friends and obviously drinks. When it comes to such events however a very big problem comes in when choosing a gift because as we all know, women don’t like to be disappointed when it comes to such moments. It always feels like defusing a nuclear bomb when it comes to choosing the perfect gift your wife. This is common to all men or at least to all normal men. I first thought that I’m the only man facing this problem but after having conversations with my friends I found out I’m not alone!

This seems to be a problem inherent to all men out there and it can be a “major” source of conflict in marriages especially.
This time, however, your wife will be surprised by the amount of love and impeccable gift-choosing capabilities you have. She will be baffled and start thinking whether mind readers are real and more importantly are you one of them? Gentlemen this right here is the Top 10 Best Anniversary Gifts for your wife from fashion, beauty, and technology.

10) Skagen Women’s SKW2216 Ditte Grey Leather Watch



Watches are always classy and they really complement our dressing not forgetting how important they can be when it comes to keeping time. This particular watch, however, is luxurious and practical at the same time. First of all, it has a monochromatic dial with raised circular waves which is inspired by the sands formed near Skagen which are wind-curved. It has a minimal matte dial which features two-hand movement and on top of that, it is encased by a 36.5-mm stainless steel case which is perfectly polished. The watch has a soft leather strap with a common buckle closure and pin attachments which are aimed at giving the watch a versatile look that is classy.

To the specifics, it has a gold-tone with the aforementioned monochromatic gray dial which has two ridges border and has a two-hand movement. It has 36mm gold-tone stainless steel case with a mineral dial window. It also has the Quartz movement which has analog display feature and a leather band buckle closure.
Now to what is probably the best feature and most important about the watch is that it is water resistant up to 30 meters (99 feet). It can withstand water splashes or momentary moments of immersion into the water but don’t get too excited as and go swimming with it as it is not suitable for that. This feature makes it easy for your wife to do all her chores with it on without worrying about water destroying it thus very convenient.

9) Fire HD Tablet



What is it about women with electronic gadgets? Well just like you, I don’t know and probably to ask scientists to a research for us. In this century, nearly everyone if not all likes and enjoy movies and music and if your wife is one of them, well, then consider yourself lucky. It’s only natural for people to sometimes want to relax and have a good time and this tablet right here can give your wife the relaxation she deserves and one of the best experience.

The new and improved Fire HD 8 Tablet has everything she needs for both a day at the office and a day of Netflix and chill. It is an 8-inch tablet with the ability to stream TV and movies from HBO Now, Netflix, and Amazon Video giving her lots of entertainment. For e-book lovers as well you are catered for as the tablet can also browse through thousands of them and digital magazines. Another good feature is that you can just say “play my favorite song” or “call an Uber” and it will be done immediately by Alexa just like Apple’s Siri.
It has 12 hours of battery life, increased RAM, high definition display as the name suggests with a bright vivid picture. It also has 16 GB of ROM which can be expanded using an SD card up to 200 GB. This can really give your loved one an amazing experience she can never forget.

8) Tickets for Adventure Sports



This is all about having a thrilling and unforgettable anniversary. People love adventures and imagine buying tickets for your wife to go to such events. Let us look at its advantages. First and foremost these sports are healthy and good for you in multiple ways as long as you don’t push yourself too hard.
The good thing I that there are a lot of these sports to choose from and therefore you can’t miss one you both like. These sports include river rappelling, paragliding, scuba diving, bungee jumping and many others. These sports are extremely thrilling and fun to participate in.

When you decide to do this, however, don’t be too obvious and choose something completely out of the box. This is both romantic and fun. Such adventure sports are aimed at or can bring back memories when you were young, wild and free. Since it is also healthy, this can rejuvenate you both and light a fire in your love life.

7) Kate Spade ‘Heart of Gold’ Bangle



As we all know anniversaries are celebrated to remember the people we love for the things they have done for us out of love. Wives are always very important parts of families are said to be the ones who keep the family by being committed to a lot of things and showing many acts of selflessness. This can and should be rewarded.

The Heart of Gold Bangle is one perfect gift for this. Women love jewelry and not just any jewelry but exquisite jewelry. This bangle to start with is a 14-carat light gold plated hardware. It also has an enamel coated bangle. Now to the point of rewarding the things wives do in our lives, the inner side of the bangle is engraved with writings which say ‘heart of gold’. This statement will really have a profound effect on her and well, it’s made of gold! This bangle from Kate Spade will surely start making regular appearances on her wrist. It’s minimal and elegant in design and it slides on. The inscription is a discreet touch that will rest between the two of you.

6) Lulu DK Love Charm Necklace


This necklace spells out ‘love’, ‘I love you’, or ‘you me oui’, in a simple code. It just brings out the romantic side of you towards your wife without trying too hard. It is a simple 14-karat gold plated necklace and on top of that, it is delicate and perfect for everyday wear and sentimental enough to make her lose consciousness and also make her sigh and be overwhelmed by emotion.
This hidden message which it contains is only readable when spun.

This code is a symbol of the genuine and everlasting love that couples have between them. Each gift shared is timeless and uniquely personal and tucked inside there is a hand-drawn keepsake box in which there is a poem written by Lulu which captures the emotion found in the gift. It is available in 14-karat gold vermeil, 14-karat gold plated brass and rhodium plated brass. It also has an 18-inch chain and a lobster closure.

5) Marc Jacobs Lux Wingman Wallet



When buying a wallet, we all look or rather choose the one made from the best materials that can withstand the test of time. Another important aspect is choosing the one that is the perfect size to fit all your essentials and nothing more. If you have not been able to choose the best one for your wife, well worry no more because the Wingman Wallet made by Marc Jacobs is hundred percent leather and fits the criteria for all you want in a wallet.

The simple Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet is pebbled leather to start with. It has a wraparound zip which in turn has a wristlet strap, and also opens to a leather-lined interior with 5 card slots, two cash pockets, a zip compartment, a cell phone sleeve, and an ID window. The leather is imported cowhide and Vietnam.

4) Unbound “Sex with Emily” Subscription” Box



Now, this is more interesting. Are you looking to spice things up in your sex life? Make things more interesting? Or perhaps you are bored with what you have been doing. Don’t worry because we got you covered. The Sex with Emily Subscription Box is just the right thing for you. This is also a subscription service which makes it easy for you to get it even in the last minute. This is a romantic service not rivaled by any, yet.

This service will connect her to one certified Doctor Emily Morse where each month she will receive an array of intimate treats and offer anything from day-to-day items like breath mints and personal lube to more lucrative offerings like luxury waterproof vibrators and secret sex notes to get things started.  It’s a quarterly subscription which has high-quality hand-picked treats to make your intimate life more adventurous. It contains things like Tenga Air-Tech Masturbator, Fun Toys G Ring, System Jo H2O Lubricant, Sportsheets Feather Tickle and a Mutual Masturbation Guide by the doctor.

3) Tom Ford White Patchouli Perfume



Everyone loves it when they smell good. Ladies, however, on the other hand, love it when they smell really good. Perfumes are part of fashion and what better to buy for your wife than this elegant perfume. It represents a class, sense of fashion and obviously a woman who has a great taste. Moreover, it is a mixture of white flowers, patchouli, peony, bergamot, jasmine, rose, coriander and ambrette seed which is sophisticated but not pretentious. It is available in three sizes: 30, 50 and 100 ml bottles and as a body lotion!
The white flowers create this modern retro-classic fragrance that embodies an interpretation of a sophisticated bohemian chic. The perfume will make your wife feel sophisticated and at the same time, it’s strong yet elegant and feminine.

2) Dear Bowie Blush Silk Slip



Silk is classified as a luxury on its own but what happens when it is in the form of a slip? Call it a match made in heaven. It is a Drew Blush simple, sexy, feather-light dress from Dear Bowie which is an ultimate pleasure for her. Its slits on either side, a plunging backline, adjustable straps and it is an above–the-knee cut dress and it is 100 percent silk. It can be worn at home during an intimate night or worn in over a simple tee shirt and jeans for a laissez-faire day out. This versatility makes it special and more worthy as she will not be restricted to wearing it on only one occasion or location.

1) Scent trunk



Ladies imagine this; getting free samples of colognes every month just to try them out! The answer to your question right now is yes, you can get free samples every month for free. To all the men out there let me introduce you to Scent Trunk. Scent trunk offers a personalized box full of independent cologne samples which will be delivered right in front of your door. This anniversary gets you wife this beautiful gift which seems rather unrealistic at first by following just a few simple steps. All you have to do is just fill out a short “Short Survey” form all just to know your girl’s likes and personal preferences when it comes to colognes that is, nothing much. What will follow is that the CEOs at Scent Trunk will personally customize a box of cologne samples just for her to test every month.

They say when the deal is too good to think twice but on this one, well, don’t even think and just get it. Actually no, on a second though, think about getting it. This will keep your wife happy for months to come and always remember the undying love you have for her. This is because the scent is personal and has the potential to influence our mood and well-being!


With this list present, one thing is bound and must happen. No more fights between you and your partner about gifts when it’s your anniversary day for the rest of your lives. From now on live fairy tale lives. In other words, I have just saved a lot of people avoidable tiny troubles. Just put your heart into it, use your instincts as and more importantly consider your wife’s preferences when choosing the gift. Anniversaries are all about celebrating the good moments you had together, the highs and lows of life you had together. Do something special for the two of you whatever that may be. With that said, make me proud.

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