The Best GoPro Selfie Sticks You Should Buy in 2022

When talking about photo, everyone seems to get so excited. It’s because memory is very important for us, and to keep those memories alive, we can take photo so that we can look at it whenever we miss the time. To have a professional and epic snapshot, good camera alone is not sufficient. Of course, we might need GoPro camera for the better experience of our photograph. In addition, sometimes we also need the top selfie stick so that everyone can fit in one shot, and we can capture the right part of the landscape with the extension from the best selfie stick.

What do you need to know before purchasing the GoPro Selfie Sticks?

Not all the GoPro selfie sticks available on the market are worth your money. There are some crucial characteristics to consider before purchasing the right selfie stick for your valuable GoPro.

  • Brand: Because there are too many products of selfie sticks which most of them are the imitated products, you can’t trust their quality at all since they haven’t been tested or certified properly. The best way to choose the right product is to look at its brand name. Make sure you choose the product from the well-known and trusted brand so that you will not get disappointment after all.
  • Waterproof: the best selfie stick for GoPro should withstand well with the water as it requires the versatility. We need not only to capture the best moment sometimes it quite epic to capture the best moment under the sea or somewhere surrounded by water. Therefore, having the water-proof selfie stick is the best choice.
  • Durability and reliability: of course, all we need is the durable and reliable product so that it can be used for long. No one wants to feel irritated as their selfie stick would go stop working in a new condition or experience the unreliability while using. We spend our precious money to get the high-quality products that we can rely on.

How we pick items to review?

Basically, there are so many GoPro selfie sticks that are ranging from very cheap price to the expensive ones. Yet most of the products are not really reliable at all. Some selfie sticks with the cheap offer doesn’t have the standard quality at all, while some can be very expensive that are more than you are willing to spend your precious money on. Therefore, we have thoroughly research for the only the best GoPro selfie sticks from the trusted brands from the very reliable online website of Amazon with very affordable prices. As a result of the scrutiny of searching, we have finally concluded the top 5 best GoPro selfie sticks we would recommend for you.

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1. GoPro Selfie Stick Monopod


It’s New Year, and it is the great time you can get the special offer from the best selfie stick not only for GoPro but also for the iPhone 6. You will get 2-in-1 product of selfie stick with the special price of New Year from The Alaska life. You can start storing your New Year moment in your album by taking fantastic shots with the help from this professional selfie stick.



  • This product will guarantee that you will love every single photo you take
  • It can be compatible with most of the smart phone up to 80 mm wide and all versions of GoPro Hero Cameras
  • Its special design and durable material build-up make this selfie stick the best extension pole that has the high-quality
  • It is totally waterproof offering you the peace of mind wherever you are.
  • It is also featured with the extra ¼ x20 thread on the bottom attaches to tripods making it a self-standing monopod.

2. SANDMARC Pole – Black Edition


SANDMARC is one of the well-known product brands that offers the best product of selfie stick for you. With the innovative technology and high-quality material construction, the selfie stick offered by SANDMARC will help you capture better photos that you’ve ever expected. It is also featured with many special functions and has the warranty to get you peace of mind.



  • It is built up with all black aluminum materials, rubber grip and adjustable wrist strap to withstand extreme condition and add up to the quality and durability of the product
  • This is specially designed for GoPro with all versions
  • Its extension capacity is from 17 to 40 inch and has the total weight of only 9 Ozs, so you can feel free to take it anywhere even surfing, snowboarding, diving and so on
  • It has the versatile function and is waterproof that add up to better experience in photograph
  • It is also offered with the Lifetime warranty to get you peace of mind as well

3. GoPro 3-Way Grip Tripod


Do you want just a simple selfie stick for your GoPro? GoPro has introduced the most amazingly innovative selfie stick that can perform many functions ever. With the brand of GoPro, this selfie stick guarantee the quality and performance that will never drag you down no matter what.

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  • This product has 3-in-1 design that it can be used as a camera grip, extension arm or tripod for ultra-versatility and a variety of shots
  • Its handle can double as a grip, and it can be removed from the arm to use as a lightweight camera grip
  • It also has the small tripod that is inside the handle and can be removed and used on its own or combined with the handle
  • It is waterproof designed perfectly to use both in and out of water adding up to extra performance for versatility
  • It comes with extension arm, grip, tripod, and thumb screw

4. GoPole Floating Extension Pole for GoPro Cameras (Transparent)


Are you a selfie lover? Taking selfie might be what you can’t do without whenever there is a moment to remember. However, what would you do if you can’t take the perfect snapshot with the only good camera in your hand? Of course, selfie stick is all you need. from GOPOLE, one of the best brand names of selfie stick has introduced the amazing idea of selfie stick to make it compatible with your modern life.



  • It has 2 stage floating telescoping body that can extend from 14 inch up to 24 inch with fully tighten twist extension lock
  • It is featured with Direct GoPro connection without any adapters needed
  • Its ¼ inch- 20 threaded insert connect attachments or mount to tripods
  • It is featured with the wrist strap attachment for firmly secure to wrist making it more secure
  • It also has the Wi-Fi remote clip that you can easily control your camera from your fingertips

5. GoRad Gear Waterproof Telescoping Extension Pole Selfie Stick


Get the amazement from GoRad, one of the best brands for GoPro selfie stick. With the high-quality build-up components and perfect design, it makes this top selfie stick the best choice with your GoPro.



  • Its components are the superior components like a CNC aluminum thumbscrew that is very durable
  • It is compatible with all versions of GoPro to the pole with computer precision and prevent camera shake
  • It has the twist locking system that allows you to quickly adjust the pole from 17 inch to 40 inch
  • It has the water-proof function that offers you the peace of mind even you are in the water
  • It comes with the Nylon Carry Bag that are comfortable and can be very smooth for mobility

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