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For filmmakers, nothing is better than having a portable recorder with them while recording because it is the only thing that help them to get the best sound projection for their clips. You might be afraid that the noise from outside will ruin your work, or the camera is not good enough to capture every sound detail that you need for your videos, but you can clear all your doubts and worries when you have one portable recorder with you. This device is designed especially for those who involve in a lot in filming as well as recording song covers or any kind of videos to increase the quality of the sound of their work. With great advantages, the best portable recorders are hard to find; however, this is why this review is created because you will easily find just the top portable recorders for your work. Give it some minutes to read and you will be able to decide which the best choice of portable recorders is through our list of top 10 best portable recorders below.

Tascam DR-40 4-Trak Portable Digital Recorder


This Tascam DR-40 4-Track Portable Digital Recorder is designed with special features for you record your video with perfect sound. It comes with the dual recording which allows you to captre a safety track to prevent distorted takes. With 4-track recording, you can use this recorder to record the built-in microphones and mic inputs at the same time which is great. You can use it to record up to 4 channels of 96 kHz/24-bit audio, and the mono and stereo recording is also available which you can choose any record format you like including MP3, WAV, Broadcast WAV formats, and so on easily.


Tascam DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder


Small and compact, who doesn’t want this Tascam DR-05 recorder to be connected with their DSLR? This device is designed with built-in omni-directional microphones as well as stereo mic/line input with plug-in power so that you can connect external source or microphone to add to your recording easily. It also has variable speed playback from 50% to 200% which you can choose without changing pitch, loop, and repeat at all. Besides these, this digital recorder also comes with playback EQ setting, chromatic tuner, and this device is powered by 2 AA batteries, it is also included with MicroSD 4GB card as well as USB power or optional AC adapter.

Zoom H5 Four-Track Portable Recorder


This Zoom H5 will give you the ability to create the professional quality audio in your video. First of all, it comes with a detachable stereo X/Y microphone and utilizes a system of interchangeable input capsules that allow you to choose the best mic for every situation perfectly. This recorder is ideal for live concert and rehearsal recording as well as audio for video since the H5 is equally well-suited for podcasting, broadcasting as well as electronic newsgathering. With EXH-6 Dual XLR/TRS Combo capsule, you can add two more mic or line level inputs to your recorder which allow you to connect up to four discrete signals from external microphones, instruments, mixers, or portable music players and fully realize your creative version after with this perfect audio recorder.

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Zoom H6 Six-Track Portable Recorder


With direct recording to SD cards up to 128GB, you will be able to record so many audios without worrying that the storage is not enough. It comes with gain knobs, pads, and phantom power for each input which is helpful for you when you do your recording. With the newly designed preamps with an ultra-low noise floor, you will be able to record up 24-bit/96kHz audio in WAV or MP3 format. This recorder comes in a set which includes owners manual, SD card (2GB), XYH-6 X/Y capsule, MSH-6 MS capsule, 4 AA size LR6 batteries, USB cable, sponge windscreen, Cubase LE software, and case.


Tascam DR-22WL Portable Handheld Recorder with Wi-Fi


With Tascam DR-22WL audio recorder, you can easily capture great-sounding recordings and share them online. It also includes a set of stereo condenser microphones in a true XY pattern for ideal stereo imaging. With Wi-Fi function included, you can transfer files to a smartphone or computer easily without having to copy and paste from SD card like other recorders. No matter if you are a recording beginner or simply looking for a great-sounding, portable recorder with Wi-Fi, this Tascam DR-22WL is always the best choice.


Tascam DR-100mkll 2-Channel Portable Digital Recorder


Features with four built-in microphones including two cardioid and two omnidirectional which is great sounding recordings and is ideal for musicians and engineers who need more from their portable recorder. Comes with two sets of microphones for cardioid or omnidirectional pickup which is optional for you. With dual battery systems, you can record for hours without worrying that you will run out of battery at all. Equipped with rugged aluminum constructional accessories, it includes 2GB SD card, exclusive Li-ion battery (BP-L2), USB connection cable, exclusive soft case, exclusive windsock, wireless remote control, and coin cell battery for confirming remote control operation.


Zoom H4N Handy Portable Digital Recorder


Delivers superior audio quality, this Zoom H4N Handy Portable Digital Recorder will give you the professional recording performance which will bring you the amaze. The H4N’s onboard X/Y stereo condenser mics are arranged with the left and right mics on the same axis, and it ensures that the mics are always equidistant from the sound source for perfect localization with no phase shifting. We all know that proper mic is essential to make a great recording since it is the only handheld recorder that allows you to record on four channels easily by using the onboard mics with either external or direct inputs. This is the best portable recorder ever made which is a perfect choice for filmmakers out there.

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Zoom H1 Digital Recorder Bundle


Why buy so many things when the almighty Zoom H1 Digital Recorder Bundle has everything you need in one package. Comes with a pair of professional close cup headphones, windscreen, ac adapter, USB cable, adjustable tripod stand, padded-shell case, and a mic clip adapter as well. With stereo X/Y mic configuration which allows you to capture perfect stereo images easily and clearly. With its Hi-Speed USB 2.0 port, the H1 allows for fast transfer of your audio files to your computer in just a blink of an eye. It also includes a reference speaker to ensure that your recordings are being captured as you like since you can listen and edit and share your work with other people on your Mac or PC.


Tascam iM2 Channel Portable Digital Recorder


This Tascam iM2 contains its own microphone preamp and analog-to-digital converter for low noise and great audio quality. Being different from other mics that use the built-in iPhone preamp, this iM2 can handle up to 125dB sound levels to capture the loudest concerts and instruments without distortion. It also contained the iM2 which is a stereo limiter to tame sudden loud sounds which means you will always get the best recording although there are disturbing noise around. The microphone level is adjustable with a knob on the side which make it quick for you to adjust without even looking at the unit which is the device with multiple functions and easy to use at the same time.


Zoom H1 Digital Recorder Bundle with Zoom APH-1 Accessory Pack


Come in package, this Zoom H1 Digital Recorder Bundle includes professional closed cup headphones, windscreen, AC adapter (USB type), USB cable, adjustable tripod stand, padded-shell case, and a mic clip adapter. It also has stereo X/Y mic configuration which enables you to capture perfect stereo images flawlessly, and it has the same frequency as SPL handling just like popular Zoom H2. You can record MP3 from 48 to 320kbps as well as Broadcast WAV (BWF) for maximum recording time with this device effortlessly.


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