The Best Stabilizers for Camera and Smartphone

Taking photo especially video by using professional camera is very special. However, it doesn’t mean that you will get perfect videos every time when you use professional camera. You will not get a good video unless you have supporting to help you when you are taking video. Especially, when you move or run, the camera is not stable which it cannot capture a beautiful video. Anyway, camera stabilizer is invented with an eye to support your taking video once you move or run. It is no long a problem anymore. Below are the best 10 camera stabilizers we have chosen. Please look over these one after another.

The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO camera stabilizer for GoPro, Smartphone, Canon, Nikon


Compare to other handheld stabilizers, this camera stabilizer is created with superior designed with Pro style and makes less motion and shake. Moreover, the handle of the stabilizer is slim, lightweight and comfortable to hold when you take videos. Above all, this stabilizer is good for India film maker which they can improve their film industry into the next level. Last but not least, this product is authorized to sell only by Roxant. If it remains not in our box, it is not Roxant at all. Please be careful!


IMORDEN S-60C Carbon Handheld Camera Stabilizer


You can put on your camera with this stabilizer quickly and take it out easily. It won’t take you so long time. Besides, the range of the height is 37cm/14.6″-60cm/23.6″ and the height can be modify banking on the weight of camera you are using. What’s more, the handheld stabilizer stabilize the motion when you run or move. Upon attaching your camera with this stabilizer, you will absolutely get a high beautiful video. Lastly, there is no need to be distraught over the quality if this stabilizer, for you will get one year warranty when you buy it.


Neewer Handheld Stabilizer Cameras


By being equipped with this stabilizer, you are capable of shooting video in both high and low angel. Also, the capacity Range is approx. 1.1-6.0lbs/0.5-2.7k. Above all, this stabilizer can be used with any camera that is 1/4″ and 3/8″. Furthermore, the handle is easy to hold and the overall weight is light so that you can carry in for long time during the process of taking videos. Finally, this stabilizer is easy to keep and it won’t consume much space.


DNA Glide Gear Camera Video Stabilizer


With regard to this stabilizer, a heavy camera can be put to use in this stabilizer. In addition, the stabilizer can reduce motion and shake when you are walking or running shooting video. Above all, it is suitable to use to take video in seminar, concert or taking movie. Besides, the handle is rustproof. In spite of being soaked with water, it won’t be rusty so you don’t have to worry. Furthermore, you can move your camera in 360° which is so easy while taking videos.


DNA Glide Gear Professional Video Camera


The material of the handle of this stabilizer is authentic, so the quality of the stabilizer can be warranted. In other words, the warranty lasts for 1 year. Besides, the handle is made of stainless steel, thus even though water or other liquid spills on it, it won’t be rusty. More than that the stabilizer is lightweight, slim and comfortable to hold. On account of its light weight, there is no problem, though you carry it for long time. Lastly, you can attach your camera with this tool quickly and remove it out very fast.


SUTEFOTO S40 Handheld Stabilizer Pro Version for Camera


This stabilizer is famous for its eye catching designed. Many colors for this type are available. More than that, this tool is easy to set up and uninstall; it takes you a few minutes to set it up. Besides, while you are taking video, this stabilizer help to reduce the motion and shake. As a result, your video will be taken smoothly and clearly. Above all, the handle of the stabilizer is rustproof so even if it is soaked with water, it doesn’t matter at all.

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SYL Glide Gear Video Camera Stabilizer


The weight of this tool is 14 oz – 0.9 lbs. Besides, this stabilizer is competent to carry camera between .5 and 2 lbs. Above all, the handle is rustproof which make the stabilizer durable to use. What’s more, this stabilizer is easy to put up and uninstall; other supporting tools are not need. You can install in by your own. Moreover, this stabilizer is designed to use for taking in seminar and especially in filmmaking; it provides the best quality of video for sure. Lastly, the price of this tool is affordable.


Videook 0.2-3lb Stabilizer Sled Steadicam


If you want a stabilizer which reduce the motion and shake very well during taking photo, we suggest buying this one. It is suitable for taking photo, especially when you are walking or movie. No matter what you are doing during your taking video period, it won’t meddle in your video quality so you don’t have to worry. Furthermore, the handle of the stabilizer is made of Carbon Fiber which made the handle durable to use. Above all, when you buy this stabilizer, you will get 18 months warranty. Plus you will also get a carrying bag as well.


The OFFICIAL ROXANT PRO video camera stabilizer for GoPro, Smartphone, Canon, Nikon


This stabilizer is strong and firm to use. Also, this stabilizer is lightweight, slim, and comfortable to use. What’s more, this stabilizer is fantastic for India film maker aiming at improving the quality of their videos. The handle of the stabilizer is rustproof which make user feel secure when they carry it. Besides, the stabilizer is fast to put up and uninstall. Last but not least, if you buy this stabilizer from ROXANT, you will obtain LIFETIME Support + FREE Video Training Tutorials for free.


Opteka SteadyVid SV-HD Camera Stabilizer


You can put heavier camera on this stabilizer and it fits with many types of camera. By equipped you camera on this tool, you can take videos from high and low angel. More importantly, though you move or run, the motion or shake won’t affect the quality of the videos. What’s more, the handle is made of stainless steel, thus despite the fact that it is soaked with water, there is no problem whatsoever. Finally, once you buy this stabilizer, you will get 1 year warranty for its quality.


Best Stabilizers for Smartphone

When it comes to taking photos, nothing can be more stable than using a stabilizer. The best stabilizer can help you shoot photos or videos easier and steadier as it has the function to avoid shaking which provide the best captures to your shots. Best stabilizer is not everywhere, that is why we make this review of best stabilizers for you so that you will be able to get just the stabilizer easier. To get the best stabilizer for you shooting work, take a read at this list of top 10 best stabilizers that are highly recommended for you below to get the good quality and best stabilizers.

Ikan FLY-X3-PLUS 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

This is the stabilizer that is easy to use and to set up for beginners and pros out there who want to take their photo or video takings to the next level. With Ikan gimbal stabilizer, you will be able to take flawless pictures as it helps you to create smooth resolution with its stable handheld stabilizer. Also, it has the gesture control system that enables the easy usage along with the included small phone cradle, large phone cradle, and the GoPro mount which is easy for you to use with any device you like.



Glide Gear CYL Stabilizer

This is the stabilizer from Glide Gear that is made for GoPro and cell phones to use for better pictures. Weight just only 1.1lbs (500g), this stabilizer is light which is easy to bring along with and carry around to places. Also, it comes with the ball head that is included for the fast attachment and balance for you during shooting so that you will find it easier and convenient while doing your work. The carry bad is also included for you to keep it and carry to anywhere you work easily.



KumbaCam 3-Axis Smartphone Stabilizer

KumbaCam is the 3-Axis handheld stabilizer that is built for smartphones whose screens are up to 7” on the diagonal. Comes with 3 shooting modes including Heading Follow Mode (default) that makes phone pitch and roll angles remain constant which heading follows the handheld position, Heading Mode (Tap Mode Once) that keeps the phone pointed in the same direction, and Locking Mode (Tap Mode Twice) that keeps the phone pointed in the forward direction from the handle. With these 3 awesome modes, you will be able to take perfectly clear pictures easily and conveniently.

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MyCell 3-Axis Gimbal Smartphone Stabilizer

Comes with 3-axis active stabilization control system including tilt, roll, and pan, this stabilizer from MyCell is the right choice for you. Its high precision sensors and brushless motor are designed for you to easily use for taking images like the professionals. Also, it is easy to install as well as easy to bring along with since it is lightweight (478g) and can be used with GoPro 3, 3+, 4, and smartphones within 5-inch screen. It comes in package that includes the 3-axis gimbal stabilizer, cell phone clamp, GoPro clamp, battery grip, battery charger, and a bag with protection foam for you.



GOSO Stabilizer

Designed to be the best choice, this GOSO Stabilizer is compatible with most smartphones with screen smaller than 5.5 inches including iPhone 4, 5, and 6. This stabilizer eliminates in your photo and video takings by automatically adjusting to your movements and every step your take which allows you to shoot with steady and compelling styles like a professional filmmaker. Also, its freely turnable design makes it easy for you to shoot with your smartphone in all positions and directions along with the tilt angle joystick that gives you the ability to adjust your angle of shooting by just using your finger.



LanParte 3-Axis Motorized Handheld Stabilizer

LanParte is the stabilizer that is built to be the 3-axis active stabilizer of three functions including tilting, rolling, and panning along with the brushless motors. It has the comfortable silica gel handle grip that allows you to hold it all day without hurting your hand. The ballistic nylon carrying case is including for you so that you will be able to place the gimbal in and carry to places easier. Two smartphones clamps and GoPro clamps are included for you so that you can use any device to record easily.



Zhiyun Handheld Smartphone Stabilizer

Zhiyun is the 3-axis gimbal stabilizer that can be used with all smartphones including the oversized iPhone 6+ and Samsung Galaxy Notes. This stabilizer can work for 3 to 5 hours which allows you to shoot non-stop for hours. It makes your smartphone a professional camera as you can produce amazing photos and videos by just using your phones. Record every moment of your life in trips and any activities now as this stabilizer can always make every shot looks professional.



Glide Gear Leios 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

With stabilizer from Glide Gear, you can make any smartphones a professional camera easily. This stabilizer can be used with most smartphones like iPhone 4s, 5, 5s, 6, 6+. Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3, 4, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, and many more. It comes with 3 operation modes including Heading Following Mode, Pitch Following Mode, and Locking Mode which allows you to take pictures from any angles easily and professionally.



HouseLens DIY Smartphones Stabilizer

From now on you can take your shootings to the next level easily by using this HouseLens smartphones stabilizer. It comes with the functions of 3-axis active stabilization that include tilt, roll, and pan for the creation of beautifully smooth videos and photos. With its gesture control system, you can easily operate the shootings by just using your finger tip. This stabilizer can be used with smartphones like iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 6+, Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, and other smartphones easily.



SwiftCam 3-Axis Aerial Filming Stabilizer

Create a professional video shooting on your mobile phones now with this SwiftCam filming stabilizer. Engineered with aerial filming stabilizer technology, this stabilizer helps you to energetically take crystal clear and smooth videos in vibrant activities in a simple and easy way. Also, the clipping arm structure is designed to hold magnetically in its desirable position when not in use to ensure you the convenience in storage and travel.



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