The Top 10 Best Juicers

Juicing is a popular way for people to get vitamins and minerals into their diets without having to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Going on a juice cleanse is also a popular method of detoxing the body for several days. Cooking and processing fruits and vegetables destroys their micronutrients and chemical composition, which prevents them from providing optimal nutrition to the body. With juicing, you can boost your health by avoiding processed foods and sticking to raw, natural ingredients. Here are eight of the best juicers available.

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The Nutri-Stahl Juicer Machine has a powerful yet quiet motor. It is easy to clean, as it is dishwasher safe. This juicer includes a stainless steel blade, a plunger, a cover, and a pulp basket. This juicer gets a maximum juice output from fresh produce compared to some other juicers that leave some juice to go to waste. This juicer is easy to use, with a quick assembly and has a great seal, so the juice does not leak while it is being made. One downfall of this juicer is that it does not come with a brush to help clean the particles away, so you need to buy a separate brush or use a different tool.

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The Tiabo Juicer is a multi-functioning appliance that can also chop vegetables, cut french fries, wedge, dice, mince, cube, and slice fruits. This works well as a juicer, but that is not its primary function. To use the juicing attachment, you only need to place your desired produce on the safety holder with the juicing attachment at the bottom and push down. It is easy to use, and if any food gets stuck, it is not difficult to wiggle it through the juicer. The downside to this juicer is that some people have found the top to be difficult to attach and detach, which adds extra time to their juicing process.
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This Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor is great because its method of juicing results in more vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and trace minerals to be contained in the final juice product compared to juicers that use centrifugal force. This juicer does not create any foaming or pulping, which makes it very easy to clean. It also has a reverse function, so you can be sure you are getting the most juice out of your fruits and vegetables. This juicer is a little bit larger than some others, which may take up more counter space, but it is very effective.
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The Breville Juice Fountain gives you the option of juicing slowly or quickly. It lets the fresh juice flow up and through an elevated juicing system, which results in a higher volume of juice at a time. It comes with a jug that can be stored in the refrigerator directly, as it has a sealed lid that keeps juice fresh for up to 72 hours. This allows you to create more juice at one time and then store it, so you save the time of bringing out the machine every day to make juice. While some people say that this juicer leaves some extra pulp when juicing apples, greens, and root vegetables, most find this juicer to be very effective.
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The Omega Nutrition Center Commercial Juicer uses a powerful single-gear commercial motor to create a high yield of juice. It has its own auto pulp-ejection, which allows the user to operate the juicer continuously without stopping to clean it out. This juicer uses a low-speed masticating style for its juicing, so nutrients are maintained within the juice as it is extracted. People have found that this juicer is easier to clean than others, however, it does come with a high price tag.
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The New Star Foodservice Commercial Citrus Juicer is made of made of cast iron and stainless steel. Its ergonomic rubberized handle makes it easy and comfortable to use as you press down to create the juice. This is great for getting the most out of citrus fruits, but it does not juice other foods like typical juicers do, such as carrots, apples, and kale. For the low price tag, this is a great deal if you are only interested in making citrus fruit juice. However, it can be used for other fruits that you can cut in half, such as pomegranates.
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This very inexpensive Bellemain Premium Quality Lemon Squeezer has silicone handles, which make it very easy to use. Similar to the New Star Foodservice Commercial Citrus Juicer, it is only good for certain fruits, but it is very effective if you are only looking to use those fruits. Its ergonomic design helps you keep your grip steady and strong, more so than other manual juicers. This juicer is great to use if you want some citrus for a salad or you want to create a refreshing fruity drink without seeds. This juicer only requires a quick rinse between uses and can also be put in the dishwasher. Easily the budget option.

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Recommended Best Juicer

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer is quiet, easy to use, and has a powerful motor. The juicer screen is already installed in the juicer, which makes it easy to put together. The low speeds of this juicer allow it to maintain the nutrients of the food that you are juicing, without cooking them away with the use of heat. While this is one of the more expensive juicers, it is also effective in making other foods at home such as peanut butter, baby food, and soy milk. Some people have found they need to set this juicer on a small towel while it is running to cut down on the noise.
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