The Top 10 Most Astonishing Constructions in The World

The recent past few decades has seen the world transformed in several ways. The area of infrastructure cannot be left behind. As a matter of fact, this industry has witnessed some of the most unbelievable transformations of our time. Gone are the days when houses were just built. Today they are carefully designed. The construction sector has in the recent days seen some of the architectural designs that are simply beyond imagination. Art has become the hallmark of it all. Here are some of the world’s most amazing constructions ever made. Some of them will simply take away your breath.

10. Regatta Hotel, Indonesia

Located in the city of Indonesia Regatta Hotel is a carefully made work of art. A nautical theme has inspired its development. There is no other like the Regatta in Indonesia. Developers say its ten smaller towers will represent sailing boats while the larger tower will be the Lighthouse. The centerpiece is a hotel designed in the shape of an aerodrome and is undoubtedly set to become the most striking landscape feature that overlooks the Java Sea. It is made of a series of 10 apartments sporting similar chic lines giving it a beautiful appearance. At a glance, the ten small towers look like ten small ships sailing around “The Lighthouse” hence the name Regatta. The towers of each apartment are named after major port cities of the world, each one of them bearing an orientation towards the cardinal direction of their corresponding city. The five-star hotels have fully serviced apartments ready for occupation. If you have big money you want to spend it here.


9. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Named after the ruler of Abu Dhabi and president of the United Arab Emirates, this mega tall structure stands at a proud 2722 feet (829.8m). Located in the desert city of Dubai, the skyscraper holds the record for the world’s tallest building. With a gross floor area of 309,473 square meters exclusive of adjoining buildings and connected podiums the epic structure boasts 163 floors, 900 apartments, and 2957 parking spaces. It stands on a unique Y-shaped foundation inspired by the shape of the Hemerocallis flower which is known for its long petals that extend from the center. Built at a total cost of 1.5 billion dollars, the Burj Khalifa has a human-made lake right inside of it and 19 adjoining towers. With an observatory deck located 1483 feet above the ground, there could be no better place to view the entire city of Dubai from. This landmark makes Dubai one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations.


8. Mecca Royal Clock tower-Saudi Arabia

This is a complex of not just one or two or three, but seven adjacent tall towers all erected over podiums, sitting at the heart of Islam’s holiest city. All this are part of the King Abdulaziz Endowment Project that sought to modernize the city and expand it to be able to hold all Muslim Pilgrims who visits the City during Hajj. The tallest of the seven towers is adorned by the largest clock face in the world and stands at 601 meters above the ground. Below the seven Towers is a 15 story grand retail area with a podium 115 meters high. The entire complex sits south of the Masjid al-Haram occupying a total of 23 hectares. The Royal Clock Tower proudly stands at 1905 feet while the other six towers vary between 200 and 300 meters with the number of floors on each one ranging between 42 and 48.

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7. One World Trade Tower-USA

After the 11th September attack on the then World Trade Center in 2011, the US took to reconstruction in 2006 and finished in 2022. The result of this is a building that now holds the record for the tallest free-standing structure in the western hemisphere which also ranks third of the world’s tallest buildings. The 1 WTC, a beacon for the new Downtown sits on a total of 16 acres and soars to symbolic 1776 feet representing the memorable year of the US independence. With 104 stories and rentable space of about 3 million square meters, the 1 WTC is a badge of honor for the headquarters of the free world.


6. World One Mumbai India

Sitting adjacent to the World Crest and World View, the World One is an upcoming super-tall residential building that once complete will have 300 super luxury homes inclusive of 3 and four bedroom houses, private pools, and postmodern world mansions. Estimated to cost around 321 million US dollars, the 442 m tall mega structure will occupy 243000 square meters. Also located in the housing complex will be an 1858 square meters clubhouse and spa and a 7432 square meters sports club. An observation lounge shall be positioned at 1000 feet above the ground. Upon completion which is expected in 2022, the World One will become the tallest building in India and the world’s tallest residential building. A three bedroom apartment at the world one is expected to cost a whopping 2.2 million US dollars. It is worth giving a try worth the money.


5. Shanghai Tower of Shanghai

Located in the Finance and Trade Zone of Pudong the Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in China, and as at 2022, it held the prestigious position of the world’s tallest building. By height to the architectural top, it’s the second-tallest building in the world after Burj Khalifa, Standing at some 2073 feet; the skyscraper has 128 floors and sits on a floor space of 326878 square feet. The sightseeing deck on the 119th floor is the highest observation deck in the world. This building also has the fastest elevators in the world going at up to 74km/hr. It is also the third-ranked tallest structure in the world.


4. Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge – Hong Kong

The proposed Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB) is a mega-size sea crossing that links the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), the Zhuhai City of Guangdong Province and Macao Special Administrative Region. It is being situated at the waters Lingdingyang of Pearl River Estuary. The proposed 50 km link is inclusive of a 29 km bridge set to have a submerged tunnel section connected by two man-made islands and a passage for ships right under the bridge. The longest bridge section will have three cables stayed spans between 920 feet and 1510 feet. It is hence, set to become a major landmark in Asia. It is, therefore, a whole new level of creative.

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3. Russia Tower – Moscow Russia

The development was intended for the International Business Center for Moscow, Russia. Upon its completion, the tower will have a height of 1180 feet and 118 stories. It is planned to have an underground parking space for 3860 cars. The tower should hold up to 30000 people, and the ground floor is expected to be a retail section. The development is currently on hold after cancellation in 2008 due to the global credit crisis.


2. Songjiang Hotel – China

Located in the city of Shanghai, the Sustainable hotel will be built on a 100-meter deep quarry i.e. about 100 yards below the ground level. The hotel will have a bed capacity of 400. Built with beautifully smooth edges, the 19-floors five-star hotel is expected to have a bed capacity of 400. Also within the hotel will be restaurants, cafes and sports facilities. IT shall have two floors under water complete with a glass-walled aquarium, restaurant, and guest room for the high-end customers. This is where architectural design meets with environmental science as the structure blends with the natural landscape and an eco-friendly green roof to go with it.


1. CCTV Headquarters – China

Located in the Central business district of Beijing, this 234m tall super-structure serves as the headquarters for the China Central Television (CCTV). The main building is a clear break from the traditional tower. Never mind that it is constructed in a seismic zone; architectural design thrives right on that fact. The developers gave it a loop of six horizontal and vertical sections. Due to it radical shape, the CCTV tower is unique. Covering 473000sq meters, the uniquely designed structure appears to have an irregular grid on its façade with an open center, creating an image that locals fondly call Da Kucha, loosely translated as Big Boxer Shorts.


The journey is worth appreciating. The kind of architectural design work being witnessed in the 21st century is anything but ordinary. From skyscrapers to bridges, they all speak of how complex the human imagination can be. Just how much wit does it take to come up with such designs in the first place? I suggest we leave that to the architects and engineers and put our energies on what we can deal with. One thing that is for sure is these are some of those places you don’t want to grow old before you visit. Come on! It is worth your money and time.

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