The10 Best Volleyball Shoes Reviewed for 2022

Volleyball is an intensive sport that involves jumping and making sharp turns. Whilst enjoyable, individuals who want to play well at recreational and or competitive events must own a quality pair of shoes. The slippery casual shoes that you wear to work or at home, for instance, will only let you down. They are slippery. They are also uncomfortable and do not stabilize the feet well to minimize the risk of injuries.

For the best experience, your tennis shoe of choice should have a non-slip rubberized sole that grips most surfaces well. This prevents the risk of slipping and injury on the slippery courts that most individuals play on. It should also be comfortable, optimized for jumping, and have a lightweight design that you can enjoy wearing for hours. Many professional brands promise the foregoing and more benefits. However, to help you to perform well without spending the hefty sums that most brands charge, here are 10 best models for 2022:

10. ASICS Gel-Netburner

ASICS Men's Gel-Netburner Ballistic MT Volleyball Shoe

Have you adopted volleyball as your sport of choice? To get a quality pair of shoes that you will enjoy using every day, Asics is one of the best brands. Offering the value that most players appreciate, the Gel-Netburner from Asics, for instance, is a recommended men’s volleyball shoe. Made of lightweight ballistic fabric, it is light and fun to play in. It is also comfortable and has a durable sports grade design that benefits individuals and professionals.

While performance is an essential attribute when choosing tennis shoe, do not sacrifice style, as some individuals often do. With ASICS Gel-Netburner, you get an eye-catching safety yellow, white, and Poseidon-themed shoe that never disappoints. It also has a durable high traction sole that grips surfaces better than some models. Whether you are playing on slippery indoor courts, therefore, the risk of slipping and compromising your safety or performance is slim.

The comfort level of ASICS Gel-Netburner is admirable. The gel cushioning on both its forefoot and rearfoot, for instance, attenuates shock well to maximize performance and safety. Moreover, because of its advanced FluidRide system, this lightweight sports-grade shoe generates a superior bounce, which improves the performance of users.


  • Lightweight design
  • Charming styling
  • Advanced FluidRide system
  • Forefoot and rearfoot gel cushioning


  • Run large
  • Not ideal for intense training

9. Mizuno Wave Lightningz2

Mizuno Men's Wave Lightningz2 Mid Volleyball Shoe

Made of premium synthetic and textile fabrics, Mizuno Wave Lightningz2 is a quality volleyball shoe with a comfortable mid-cut design that individuals appreciate. Unlike most high-cut models, its non-restricting design improves the agility of users. It also has a stylish white and black theme that improves the outlook of wearers outdoors. Even though cheap, this shoe’s impeccable style and ability to improve the performance users have attracted it numerous positive reviews.

With an original Mizuno Wave Lightningz2, you get parallel wave plates that improve its lateral stability when playing. The Dynamotion technology it uses streamlines movement well, while its slip-proof outsole is durable and made of non-marking rubber. When playing indoors, therefore, it does not stain courts as some cheaply made volleyball shoes do.

To play longer and better, never sacrifice comfort when choosing volleyball shoes. Mizuno Wave Lightningz2 excels in this regard as well. Its lightly padded body is soft and comfortable. The ever-cool air mesh fabric used to make it is light, breathable, and comfortable, while its integrated dura shield toe guard prevents foot injuries well.


  • Comfortable mid-cut model
  • Durable non-marking outsole
  • Streamlined Dynamotion technology
  • Stable parallel wave plates
  • Stylish black and white theme


  • Short tongue
  • Heavy

8. Adidas Performance Ligra 4

adidas Performance Men's Ligra 4 Volleyball Shoe

Specialized in the manufacturing of quality sports accessories, Adidas is a dominant global brand that never disappoints. To look good and perform like a professional on a tennis court, for instance, Adidas Performance Ligra 4 is one of the most recommended shoes. Featuring yellow and black theme with navy blue accents, it has a charming design that most people appreciate. It is also sturdy and has a feature-rich design that helps individuals to perform as professionals.

Apart from its style, the performance and comfort level of the Adidas Performance Ligra 4 are major attractants. The synthetic and textile fabrics used to make it, for instance, are light and comfortable. Its flexible sole is also comfortable and designed to normalize the motion of individuals without compromising stability. At high speeds, therefore, the risk of sliding and tumbling is slim. You also get a breathable mesh upper and a lined interior that keeps feet cool and dry.

With this shoe’s Adiwear outsole, you will perform well in training or when competing. It withstands abuse well. It also grips surfaces well and compliments the performance of this shoe’s synthetic overlays to offer strategic foot support.


  • Durable Adiwear outsole
  • Better foot support
  • Lightweight synthetic and textile fabrics
  • Stylish dark navy and vivid red theme


  • Run small

7. Adidas Performance Court

adidas Performance Women's Court Stabil 12 W Volleyball Shoe

Designed for female players, Adidas Performance Court is a comfortable synthetic and textile shoe with a stable low-top arch. Perfect for training and playing, its lightweight design enables individuals to attack the court with zeal. Even though flexible, the strategic arc support that players enjoy ranks it among the safest shoes for rigorous gameplay.

Adidas Performance Court has stylish overlays that improve its outlook and overall stability. The sports-grade rubber sole that it comes with, on the other hand, is comfortable and designed to boost traction on all surfaces. Forget about slipping on the smooth indoor courts available in sports centers.

For those concerned about personal safety, this women’s shoe never disappoints. Fitted with advanced adiprene heels, for instance, it absorbs shock well to protect knees and ankles from injuries. By absorbing and dissipating stress, it also softens landings, which players appreciate. You also get an advanced mid-foot support system that boosts its flexibility.


  • Advanced mid-foot support
  • Advanced adiprene heels
  • Stable overlays
  • High-traction rubber sole
  • Lightweight textile and synthetic body


  • Poor lateral motion

6. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2

Mizuno Men's Wave Lightning Z2 Volleyball Shoe

With this navy-red Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2, you get a stylish men’s volleyball shoe with a durable high-performance design. If the heavy models that often frustrate used, this one is perfect for both training and competitive playing. It is lightweight, for instance. The charming textile and synthetic materials used to make it are durable and its fitting design optimized to shorten break in time. Whether you are an occasional or everyday player, you will appreciate its value.

The stability of Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2 is invaluable. Featuring well-placed parallel wave plates, for instance, it improves lateral motion whilst playing. With an original pair, therefore, you can move rigorously and make sharp turns without irritating your ankles. This shoe also has a flexible rubber sole, a high-traction non-marking outsole, and a comfortable toe guard that protect feet well. Expect the best experience whenever you are playing with friends.

Even with its impressive style and advanced feature-rich design, Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2 does not cost users a fortune. In Amazon, for instance, you can get an original model without breaking the bank. As other quality  sports accessories, it also has a durable and low maintenance design that will serve you well for long.


  • Stable lateral motion
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible rubber sole
  • High-traction outsole
  • Light synthetic and textile body


  • Low profile tongue

5. Adidas Performance Response Boost

adidas Performance Women's Volley Response Boost W Shoe

Featuring a responsive-boost energy-returning technology, Adidas Performance is a quality volleyball shoe that lowers fatigue when playing. Coupled with its lightweight design, therefore, users are able to train and or play longer without running out of gas or developing sore feet. You will also be able to move better and have a memorable experience overall whenever you are playing for your local team. Simply by an original pair of the correct size.

Are you tired of your uncomfortable and irritant pair of volleyball shoes? Adidas Performance Response Boost will better your experience in numerous ways. Featuring a flexible breathable upper, for instance, it keeps the feet cool and dry whenever you are playing indoors and outdoors. Its insole is comfortable. Its lightly padded interior is also comfortable, while its flexible sole complements the motion of users to better support and comfort levels further.

Fitted with a premium Adiwear outsole, forget about slipping whenever you are playing. It grips surfaces well. In synergy with the novel torsion system offered, it also improves the midfoot’s integrity and thus the performance of users. Apart from jumping high, you will launch powerful strikes without aggravating your joints and or bones.


  • Premium Adiwear outsole
  • Comfortable design
  • Flexible and breathable upper
  • Lightweight design


  • Wide shape unsuitable for narrow feet

4. Adidas Performance Volley Team 3

adidas Performance Women's Volley Team 3 W Shoe

Have you used many types of volleyball shoes with poor results? If you are planning for an upcoming training or competition and a new pair shoes is top of your list of wants, Adidas Performance Team 3 is ideal. As most Adidas shoes, the lightweight synthetic and textile fabrics used to make it are durable, breathable, and non-irritant. The fabrics also have a stylish outlook and do not require special maintenance to retain their stunning looks and overall value.

To keep users comfortable, Adidas Performance Volley Team 3 has numerous notable attributes. Padding, for instance, is optimal. Its ventilated stay-cool design, on the other hand, keeps feet dry, cool, and comfortable in all environments. In summer, therefore, you will have an enjoyable experience whenever you spare time to entertain indoors/outdoors.

To help you breeze through the toughest workouts, Adidas Performance Volley Team 3 has a flexible rubber sole with a shock absorbing Adiprene cushioning. In synergy, the absorb shock well. They also cushion impacts and improve the overall performance of individuals on courts. Choose your ideal size to enjoy a professional-level experience.


  • Flexible rubber sole
  • Shock absorbing Adiprene cushioning
  • Light synthetic and textile construction
  • Ventilated stay-cool upper


  • Somewhat solid
  • Bulky design

3. Mizuno Wave Bolt 5

Mizuno Women's Wave Bolt 5 Volleyball Shoe

Are you an avid or occasional volleyball player? Do you have large feet that do not fit in most popular types of volleyball shoes? Mizuno Wave Bolt 5 will serve you well. Featuring a wide rounded design that fits most leg shapes and sizes, the comfortable experience it offers users is impressive. It is also stable and has many premium features that users like.

With an original, for instance, you get a flexible rubber sole for added comfort. You also get synthetic and mesh upper that breathes well in hot weather and a padded impact-absorbing interior that cushions feet well. This is unlike some comparable brands that often irritate and fatigue users on volleyball courts.

For stability, you get a well-constructed non-marking outsole with a high traction design that grips most surfaces well. In flight, therefore, the risk of slipping is low. Landing after a jump is also safer, particularly on smooth surfaces. With Mizuno Wave Bolt 5, you also get a Dynamotion fit technology that orients feet naturally by eliminating distortion.


  • Comfortable fit (Dynamotion)
  • Non-marking outsole
  • Flexible rubber sole
  • Lightly padded interior
  • Wide and rounded design


  • Runs small

2. Nike Volley Zoom Hyperspike

Nike Women's Volley Zoom Hyperspike Volleyball Shoes

Equipped with an advanced flywire technology and a low profile responsive cushioning, Hyperspike Zoom from Nike never disappoints. Treasured by most volleyball players, its lightweight and aerated design is a major attraction. Unlike some heavy shoes in this category that fatigue users, you will play longer and betters with an original pair.

Styling is also eye-catching. The metallic silver, gray, white, and black theme offered has a manly outlook that users appreciate. Moreover, because of the durable rubber sole and non-slip outsole used in its production, the stability of this shoe on most surfaces is impressive. It does not slip easily nor compromise the comfort levels of users in any way.

If you are an aggressive player, Nike Volley Zoom Hyperspike will benefit you immensely. All components are durable. The advanced techniques used in its production, on the other hand, better its durability and performance further.


  • Durable materials
  • Light and aerated design
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible rubber sole
  • Non-slip outsole


  • Somewhat large

1. ASICS Gel Rocket 7

ASICS Women's Gel Rocket 7 Volley Ball Shoe

This onyx and silver-themed ASICS Gel Rocket 7, is our pick of the volleyball shoe for 2022. Featuring a stable 2.75-inch shaft, it has a comfortable low profile design that improves the flexibility of users. Its fabric (synthetic and textile) are light, breathable, designed to maximize the comfort levels of users further. You will enjoy using it on a daily basis.

If you have delicate joints or knees, ASICS Gel Rocket 7 has a premium rubber sole that absorbs shock well with each jump. This protects heels, knees, and joints, in general, from irritation as you play. You also get a compound rubber outsole that improves traction and forefoot gel cushioning that attenuates shock on impact.


  • Comfortable low profile design
  • Quality rubber sole
  • Lightweight synthetic and textile fabric
  • Cushioned forefoot


  • Longer break-in time


Volleyball is an enjoyable sport that requires special equipment to play well. In addition to kneepads, for instance, it is advisable that you have quality shoes, specially designed for the sport. Even though several brands are active in this niche, our top 10 picks are among the most sought-after in 2022. They are durable, comfortable, and have premium components that boost comfort and safety. In Amazon, they are also affordable and attainable in numerous sizes.


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