Top 10 10th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Husband 2021

10th anniversary gifts are traditionally aluminum. What are the top 10 10th wedding anniversary ideas for your husband? What can you give him for your wedding anniversary that he’d truly enjoy?

Metal Fidget Spinner

Spinners are so popular now days, so why not splurge and get him an aluminum spinner?

Top 10 10th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Husband 2021 1

Bright Aluminum Tankard Beer Mug

Top 10 10th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Husband 2021 2

A beautiful aluminum Tankard beer mug! If he wants something special to drink his beer with, then try out this Tankard.

Top 10 10th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Husband 2021 1

10.  A Vacation

If you have the budget to provide it, you could give him a vacation. A night at a local hunting lodge, a weekend at a resort he and his spouse would enjoy or a gift card toward a vacation spot he has stated he’d like to visit are suitable gifts for a your anniversary. Think of it as a second honeymoon. And he’ll enjoy it more when the venue is more to his liking than yours, since women usually plan both the wedding and honeymoon.

9.  Jewelry

Your tenth anniversary is a perfect excuse to upgrade your wedding bands, if they are wearing out or no longer fit. Or have your wedding bands engraved with a personalized message. Or give him a wedding band made from his old one but with additional stones.

8.  Hobby Focused Gifts

Give him a gift that is focused on his hobby, to show that you care about him and want to support him in his endeavors. Men who say they want to fix up the house or the car should receive a toolbox or gift card to a store like Northern Tool or Home Depot. Golf and other sports themed gift baskets are ideal for men who say they want to take up a sport. If in doubt, gift cards to a major website or retailer with many offerings in their area of interest is a good compromise. For example, the hunter should get a gift card to Cabelas if you don’t know what hunting gear he wants or can’t stand the guns and ammo corner in Walmart.

7.  Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a quick and easy solution for a last minute anniversary present. Whether you pick out a “Gone Fishing” gift basket or a Bacon Freak pack, gift baskets combine convenience of online shopping with a selection of items so that your one gift won’t fall flat. If a basket is too kitschy, “The Man Can” filled with skin car products for men is a suitable replacement.

6.  Memories

Turn the anniversary party into a walk down memory lane. Convert VHS tapes of your wedding into DVDs and save them to the cloud. He’ll enjoy knowing that you’ve preserved these memories without making him do the work. You could build on this by inviting as many people as possible from the wedding to your house for the anniversary party, so that you can make new memories.

5.  Fun Passes

A good gift is an annual pass to a local venue he will enjoy. It may be the local art museum, amusement park or golfing range. Giving him the pass gives you the opportunity to show that you still want to have fun. Going out to fun events and adventures injects vigor and energy into your relationship, keeping it from becoming boring.

4.  Humorous Books

Humorous books are a good gift idea for men, if you don’t make it demeaning. For example, humorous books on how to improve your marriage may work well unless he’s been dragged to therapy recently.

3.  Lingerie

One of the best anniversary gifts a woman could give her man is lingerie. No, not for him to wear, but for her. Men always enjoy physical affection, and lingerie will demonstrate that you still want to please him. However, you have to be sure to actually wear it, even if only for fifteen minutes. Giving it to him and then putting it in a top drawer suggests that the romance has died.

2.  Reasons I Love You


Not everyone will have the budget for the more expensive items on this list. You could give him a jar filled with his favorite candy or snack, each one tagged with a reason that you love him. It is a personalized and highly personal gift to give on your anniversary.

1.  Having Someone Else Do the Work

You could make his day or his year by hiring someone else to do the work. For example, hire a yard service for a year for the husband who hates mowing the lawn. Hire a handyman service to repair all those items on the honey-do list that never seem to get done. While this may be a costly gift, the look of relief on his face is priceless.

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