Top 10 15th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her

Be my crystal bird of love

If you and the wife have made it to year 15, you’re ahead of the married crowd by a whole 40%! Now go get her some crystal thingie-ma-doo! Now that you have reached another milestone in your marriage, you are probably even more inspired to give your wife a token of your love on your wedding anniversary. If you have run out of bright ideas on what to give her on your 15th wedding anniversary, then this lost of romantic and functional gift items can help you get started. Here are some great Top 10 15th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her!

10. Personalized Crystal Paperweight

Everybody loves personalized gifts, particularly when they are useful and attractive. An elegant crystal paperweight that has your and your wife’s names engraved in it is a perfect present for your 15th anniversary. Not only is this functional in keeping tons of paper on your wife’s office desk piled up neatly, but the engraved names serve as a reminder of the special bond you two share.

9. Crystal Flutes

Make each day something special by giving her crystal flutes, which you can use for a weekly drink with your wife. When you feel the need to celebrate with the love of your life, just bring out these crystal flutes and have a toast to your beautiful marriage.

8. Watch with Crystal Bracelet

Women love to dress up, and what better way to make her feel even more glamorous that giving her a lovely watch with crystal bracelet. This item is something that she can wear on evening parties, or perhaps on one of your romantic diner dates. Just choose the right size and style for her, and make sure you add a little note to give this gift an even more special meaning.

7. Crystal Pendant


A dainty pendant made of crystal will complement your wife’s chic dress or casual outfit. You may either give her a large pendant to accentuate her clothes, or a small and sophisticated pendant that will make her even more adorable than she already is. No matter what you choose, make it a point to know her favorite symbols and colors to help you decide on the right pendant design for her.

6. Crystal Car Key Chain

One item that you can be sure she will always have in her purse is her car key, so you may want to give her a stylish keychain that will go perfectly with it. A keychain made of crystal is made even more stunning by adding a personal touch to it. For instance, you may want to have her and your names engraved in it, as well as the date of your marriage. Choose an attractive keychain shape and design that will meet her preference and style.

5. Crystal Flower Vase

Go for a tall crystal flower vase that has an exceptional design to fit your home or your wife’s office. However, do not simply stop at buying a vase; consider buying a dozen red roses to fill the vase and make your wife’s heart melt with joy. This lovely vase will surely add a romantic vibe during your anniversary dinner at home or under the stars, right in your very own backyard.

4. Crystal Photo Frame

Have your best photo with your wife printed out, and shop for an exquisite photo frame made of crystal to place your photo. Choose one that has a chic design, which will look great on her office table or anywhere she prefers to display the photo frame.

3. Sandals with Crystal Designs

Your wife will look completely gorgeous on a dress paired with strappy sandals with crystal designs. Before you shop for your wife’s sandals, though, make sure you know the size of her feet including the footwear style that she prefers. The best way to know all of these is by looking at her shoe closet and check the designs and sizes of shoes that fit her.

2. Crystal-Studded Purse

A nice companion to a formal evening dress is an equally stunning purse embellished with crystals. So, you may want to consider giving your wife a dainty purse with crystal studs, which is perfect for a night party or dinner date with you.

1. Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Crystal earrings are not only chic, but they complement almost any kind of outfit women wear whether it is formal or casual. For a formal occasion, a pair of dangling crystal earrings will look amazing while crystal stud earrings are excellent for casual events.

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