Top 10 15th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Him

Buy Your Man a crystal award? Why yes, he would love that.

Fifteen years after a successful wedding, many things have changed in the marriage. The couples are no longer strangers to each other. It is possible that you have learned something new about your husband. Things like his secret hobby, addiction or weakness, which you can take advantage of when thinking about the 15th wedding anniversary ideas for him. Traditionally, the 15th wedding anniversary is marked with crystal gifts.

Crystal Wine Decanter

Top 10 15th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Him 1

Does your husband drink? Not because of you, but just for crazy because . Make him appear classy yet approachable to his friends with this Wine Decanter. It’s certainly bizarre to look at!

10. Crystal Champagne Glasses


Champagne is a great symbol of unity, enjoyment and celebration. One of the best 15th wedding anniversary gifts you can get the man you love is uniquely designed, beautiful looking and high quality crystal Champagne glasses. With this, you can say cheers together as you celebrate 15 years of success, achievements and love.

9. Crystal Photo Frame

Fifteen years is a long time but if your marriage is faultless or flawless then it can seem like just a few weeks. A gift idea that you can give your husband on your 15th wedding anniversary is a crystal photo frame customized for him. Pick the best of your wedding photos fifteen years ago, fix it in the crystal photo frame and then let it be delivered to him by another party. It will be a great surprise for him.

8. A Wall Clock

Timepieces are another category of gifts that can be offered in an anniversary, especially the 15th wedding anniversary. A nice, unique and beautifully constructed wall clock is a great gift to think of for him. Many of such wall clocks come with a place for photos. You can get one; affix your best photo and get it engraved with nice details especially those about your wedding such as wedding date, venue and some special vows you made. He will never forget this surprise.

7. A Nice Watch

Men love wristwatches not only because they help them manage time but also because it stylish and fashionable. Look for a nice wristwatch that you think he likes. A good choice is a gold wristwatch with its back engraved with the initials of your name or even his. A nice alternative is a waterproof sports watch especially if he is the athletic type. Even better is a nice pocket watch with a gorgeous inscription such as “forever yours” or “a minute spent with you is better than an eternity.” Be creative and inscribe something cute.

6. Ruby Cuff-links

Another 15th wedding anniversary gift you can consider giving you husband is a pair of cuff-links. Men love to be smart and what he is definitely is your responsibility. Look for a nicely designed cuff-links with ruby decoration. Ruby is the second strongest gemstone in the world. It also comes in very nice colors that can go well with a variety of shirt fashions. Your husband will be proud to wear these cuff-links to the office.

5. Plan for an Epic Tip

Days prior to your 15th wedding anniversary, begin planning for a trip to one the best places you can ever think of. Since 15th wedding anniversary is marked with gifts of crystal, you not choose to take a trip to Crystal River in Florida or the Crystal Mountain in Washington. Here you can snorkel and take a manatee tour. You can then hands write an invitation letter and get it delivered to him.

4. A Nice Dinner

A great gift idea to give your husband on the 15th wedding anniversary is to prepare him a special dinner. Choose a dish that he loves most and put all your effort and skills in preparing it. While serving it, you can use using crystal serving set if you have one. Alternatively, you can take him to a dinner at a special restaurant, probably where you first met. This will be a nice surprise to him.

3. An Art Photo of You

To surprise you loving husband on your 15th wedding anniversary, you can choose to go to a fine artist and let him make a wall size painting of you. Let the expert do it to the best of his skills. In the background of the printout, you can add some romantic messages or even the lyrics of the song you danced the night of your wedding. You can stud its frame with nicely cut ruby crystals or diamond crystals of the right color. You can then present it to him through a third party.

2. An Official Wear

After 15 years of marriage, your man is now an important member of the community. He will definitely want to wear some official clothes often or occasionally. A great 15th wedding anniversary gift you can buy him is an official wear complete with jacket, pants and shirt of his favorite color. Every time he wears it, he will be thinking of you.

1. Quiet Time Together

Spending quality time together with your husband on your 15th wedding anniversary is another great gift idea. After 15 years of marriage, it is possible that you will not have much time to spend together because of family and work responsibilities. Create some time, escape all you responsibility on that day, and dedicate the time to please him.

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