Top 10 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Husband 2022

As the first anniversary approaches, you need to find a perfect gift that will cement the love between you and your husband. He is actually expecting to receive something he will cherish for the rest of his life. You need to take into account that first anniversary gift are paper. If you are looking forward to surprise your husband in your first wedding anniversary, here are the top 10 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband.

A jar of notes saying why they’re awesome

It’s easy to make this simple but meaningful gift. Take a month, take a year, write a note everyday. Especially useful for young couples on a budget.


10. Love Letter

Today the media of communication are digital via cell-phone calls, text messages, MMS, emails as well as social media. Why don’t you surprise your husband with a romantic hand-written letter he will get through the post office delivery on the morning of your anniversary? I bet he will completely be blown off and he will love you for that. Also, make sure that the letter contains a special message on your first anniversary.

9. A Photo of You

You could argue that your husband has seen you in your best and worst moment and so he will not be surprised by a photo of you. Well, you could be right! Has he ever received an artistic photo hand drawn through fine arts and painted as a wall art? You can be assured that he will love this artistic representation of you. You will not be surprises if he takes it with him to his office as souvenir.

8. Customized Anniversary Card


Another great wedding gift idea you can consider giving your husband is a card. However, this is not just a card; it should be customized just for your anniversary. Sit down and think deeply about what to include in the card. Find something special about your marriage and include it in the graphic. Ensure that the design in the card is creative, unique and very interesting. He will cherish not only the card but also the effort you put in producing it.

7. Cash Money

This could be a little bit weird but one of the first anniversary gift ideas is money. In many communities, the husband is tasked with the responsibility of providing for the financial needs of the family. What if you could take over this responsibility once and offer your husband some decent savings to help him take care of personal as well as other needs. You can present it in a unique but romantic manner.

6. A Special Invitation

Days before your first anniversary, either you can plan for a special dinner prepared in your hand or in a special place he has never visited. If you love cooking, this is the time to show him what you can do in your kitchen. No matter your choice, you should write a special invitation to him. Make sure that the elements in the invitation are relevant to your situation.

5. Books

If you husband loves reading, then one of the best wedding anniversary gifts you can get him on your first anniversary is a book or a series of books that you think he will love to read and to add to his library of books. You need to know your husband well for you to get him the right genre of books to present to him.

4. An Interesting Scrapbook

If you have been keeping record of the happenings in your marriage including the milestones you have achieved, you can have a scrapbook containing documentary compilation of your wedding day and the events thereafter. You can add pictorial representation of the wedding as well as the milestones you have achieved together in the first year.

3. Personalized T-Shirt

Another lovely first anniversary gift idea for husband is a nice T-shirt customized for him. You can visit one of the textile companies and provide them with the detail of the color, designs and the material you want the T-shirt to comprise. You can have his nickname or a favorite catch phrase printed on the T-shirt. He will definitely love this.

2. Watch You Wedding Video Together

In most cases, young couples have just entered the career market and trying to make a financial base for their family. This barely leaves them with enough time to be together. If you were busy most of your first year in marriage, then a gift you can get your husband is to fish out your wedding video and watch it together in a quiet room filled with romantic elements.

1. Pregnancy Confirmatory Letter

This first wedding anniversary gift idea is not for all women. Men are usually not perfect time and record keepers. If you have been trying to get pregnant in your first year of marriage then this is the best time to unveil a positive pregnancy test confirmation letter. This is only applicable if you become pregnant around the time for anniversary.

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