Top 10 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Wife 2022

If you’re about to celebrate your first wedding anniversary, you must be perplexed about choosing a perfect gift for your wife. Like most special occasions in life, this one won’t come back ever again. Therefore, you need to make the best possible effort to choose a perfect gift for your loving partner. Regardless of what you give her, it needs to give a feeling that you put in a lot of time and efforts to make or buy it for her. Here are Top 10 1st Wedding Anniversary gifts you can give your wife.

A jar of Notes Saying Why They’re Awesome!

It’s an easy, thoughtful gift to make. It’s sentimental and emotional and if you list out why you love her, then it’ll be easy to love her in the future. It’s as much for you as it is for her!

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1. Jewelry

Almost every woman likes to wear jewelry. You don’t need to worry about spending a lot of money on diamonds. Even some innovative ideas can work perfectly. Jewelry has always been a classic 1st anniversary gift. When you buy it from a reputed store, you can never go wrong with your purchase. If you don’t know anything about choosing the right kind of jewelry, you can surprise your wife by taking her to a reputed jewelry store and letting her choose an item.

2. Tickets

While choosing a gift, you need to consider your wife’s hobbies and interests. You need to choose between movies, theater and music. You can surprise her by buying tickets to her favorite movie, theater or music concert. In fact, if you dislike her favorite movie and still accompany her, you’re bound to get some bonus points.

3. Vacation

Most couples like to go back to the destination of their wedding or take a vacation to a place where they first met. This will be a perfect opportunity to take your wife on a romantic and peaceful getaway. You need to choose some place where both of you can spend some alone time with each other.

4. Personalized Book

If your wife is into reading, you can gift her a book on your first anniversary. On the cover of the book, you can write a romantic, sweet, thoughtful and interesting dedication. You can even buy a personalized book for her, like ‘Some Reasons Why I Can’t Live Without You’. Such books can be easily customized with whatever you want on every page. These personalized books are even very affordable.

5. Photos

A photo of you two in a shiny, new frame can look perfect. It can be even better in a handmade photo frame made by you. You can also take some of your favorite wedding photos and use them together to form a collage. You need to get creative and come up with some interesting ideas. For instance, create a calendar or love blanket.

6. Lingerie

Lingerie can turn out to be a perfect gift for both of you. If you and your wife share a very intimate relationship in the bedroom, your wife would love lingerie as a gift. Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret can be some perfect choices.

7. MP3 Player


If your wife does not already have an MP3 player, but loves listening to good music, you can get her an MP3 player on your first anniversary. You can even customize the playlist with some special songs for her. You can also choose some songs played on your wedding day.

8. Cook

There’s no need to spend a lot of money to make your wife’s day more special for her. A perfect gift can be quite simple, like cooking for her. This will be even more worthy if she’s always been the one cooking food in your home. Surprise your wife by cooking her favorite breakfast in the morning for her.

9. Coupons

Coupons can be a great gift for every woman who loves to shop. However, before you gift some coupons to your wife, you need to consider her personality. You need to think about the kind of coupons you want to gift her. You can spend some time thinking about things she always loves to do. These may include shopping, laundry, dishes and so on. You can give her a coupon that lasts for at least a month.

10. Letter or Poem

Most couples believe that gifting a love letter or poem on first anniversary is a tradition. You can be thoughtful and creative. In your writing, try to tell her the reasons why you love her and what makes her special. You can also frame your letter or poem.

These were some of the most popular 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas. You can get creative and think about some other ways to please your wife too.

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