Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband

Congrats on making it to 20 years! According to government statistics, you’re ahead of the majority of the wedding crowd! Finding a perfect 20th anniversary gift for your husband may seem like a daunting task. Unlike women, men have very limited options to be gifted. You need to be well versed about things that your husband feels passionate about. After all you’ve made two decades together, and you would be aware of all of his likes and dislikes. Does he like to pamper his car a lot? Is he fond of having a full-fledged garden bar? Does he like to listen music? There would many things that your husband would feel passionate about, all you need is to find it out and arrange a surprise around it. Here are some amazing gift ideas that you can give it to your husband on your 20th wedding anniversary celebration.

1. Noise Canceling Headphones


Men are really fond of music. This is the reason you will always find a unique and amazing collection of songs on their favorite collection. So why not gift him a set of brand new headphones with noise canceling feature? They’ll definitely like this gift and enjoy using it every day.

2. Platinum iPhone Cover

Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 1

Platinum symbolizes strength and endurance in a relationship and there’s nothing better than gifting him a platinum iPhone cover. This may be a quite expensive gift, but he’ll definitely like carrying the elegance and style with him every day to social events and business meetings. Make him feel proud and classy in his social circle with this cool and unique gadget cover.

3. Cologne Set

Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 2

Men are not very fond of gifts, but this is one gift that he will never deny. It is in fact one of the safest gifts that you can think of. Trust your senses and pick a cologne set that you would like to smell on your man when you are with him. Men love cologne, like women love shoes. It is a perfect gift for him.

4. Bar Accessories

Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 3

Surprise him with stylish bar accessories that he always wanted to update his bar. Just be ready to see him inviting his friends over every day to show-off your gifted accessories. There’s always a price to pay for something you gain. Help him make his bar look presentable with these new bar accessories. He’ll definitely appreciate this gift and surely remember this for another decade to come.

5. Multi-Tool Sets

Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 4

Does he pretend to be Mr Handyman, always ready to fix broken things himself in the house? Well make it easier for him by gifting him a wonderful multi- tool kit. Give him a hand fixing kitchen sink or bathroom faucets with the help of new tools. It will not just make things easier for him, but also make your bond stronger. If he ends up in the emergency room to fix something for you, that’s love.

Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 5

We all know how to play basketball and we all love to have our own personal small basketball court at the backyard. Why not get a complete basket pole installed in your backyard and gift him a basketball. He would love to spend dribbling and basket the ball during his weekends and holidays. After all, you want him to work out and what’s better than running with a ball?

7. Men Magazines

Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 6

How about a cool Men’s magazine subscription? This is to make his Sundays more entertaining and interesting. Give your husband something interesting to read and make sure you give him some privacy while he is doing so. Gift him a years’ subscription of Men Magazine or any other that he would like to read. Pick something that would interest him like business, car or sport related magazines.

8. Polo Shirts

Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 7

20 years of blissful married life and you people might have already crossed your 40s. At this age, people usually tend to forget about keeping up with their style statement. Your husband might be too busy to look after his need of a fresh wardrobe, but you can always spare out some time in updating it without his knowledge. Gift him a bundle of polo t-shirts in different colors and designs. He will love to see a splash of vibrant color peaking off his wardrobe.

9. Power Tools

Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 8

Another toy for the big boy! Complete his workstation by gifting him power tools on the occasion of his 20th anniversary celebration. This may not sound like a romantic gift, but remember men are more practical and logical. They would actually appreciate getting things that they can use on daily basis.

10. High-Quality Speakers

Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 9

Let his friends come over for some nice barbecue treat, and gift your husband a complete set of music speakers. Let the party rock with some great music and chest-pounding bass coming out of the speakers. Make sure the speakers you buy get easily synced with his phone, tablet, as well as laptop through Bluetooth.

So what are you waiting for? Just analyze each gift options mentioned above and figure out the one that would best suit the needs and requirements of your husband. Enjoy your gift shopping and let it be one of the best anniversaries of your life.

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