Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Wife

20 years is a long time and if you have been married to your wife this long without a major problem then it is a great milestone achievement. Many marriages fail in their first decade and even in the second decade things can go wrong. The theme for 20th wedding anniversary is Platinum and it represents strength and endurance correlating with the 20 years of marriage.


When celebrating the 20th wedding anniversary, you need to be careful on the kind of gift you want to give her. This is because twenty years is a long time and it is possible that you have given her almost everything she could ever wish for. However, with keen interest and search you can find something that will make much difference in your relationship. We have eased your search by listing the following top 10 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife.

10. China Vase or Ornament


The traditional theme for 20th wedding anniversary is China and so looking for a Chinese artifact could be a great way to honor your love. Some of the best artistic materials come from China and you can go to any Chinese store and choose the best flower vase or any ornament that you are sure she will like. You can also customize it to be a little bit personalized just for her.

9. A Special Dinner near Chinatown

If your wife loves twists in tradition, then you could attempt taking her to one of the best restaurants near Chinatown. Such restaurants tend to make pure Chinese dishes as well as native ones. It will be fun to try some popular Chinese dishes but if she cannot, her traditional dishes will also be available.

8. Trip to China

If your wife has never visited the great country of China, your 20th wedding anniversary could be the perfect opportunity to surprise her with ticket for a trip to this great country. Here, she will appreciate the rich Chinese culture, the Great Wall of China, the high-tech cities as well as the vast rice fields and many more attractions. This may be an expensive undertaking and so you need to be financially prepare.

7. Platinum Binoculars

Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Wife 1

This could be a stranger in our list of top 10 20th wedding anniversary gift ideas for wife, but binoculars are great gadgets especially for those who love to travel to see and appreciate nature. You can get a pair of binoculars, one for you and the other for her. She will enjoy watching her favorite wildlife without straining.

6. Platinum Crockery

Most women love cooking and after 20 years of marriage they want something sort of a souvenir. Why not surprise her with kitchenware made of platinum such as goblets, mugs, wine glasses, champagne flutes, coffeepots and hiball and beverage glasses among other important glassware. She will use these kitchenware for the rest of her life because platinum is one of the world’s strongest and most enduring metals.

5. Chinese Body Wear

Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Wife 2

After 20 years of marriage, your wife is just entering the age of menopause. This should not stop you from getting to look her best. A way to do this is to find nicely designed Chinese dress, which will remind her of her youthful years and even make her look younger than she really is. You need to know her well enough to understand her likes and dislikes.

4. Platinum Jewelry

Platinum is a great gemstone to use for jewelry. They look great, are strong, durable and inert meaning that they will not interfere with your skin. On her 20th birthday, you can choose to buy her necklace, a pair of earrings, bracelets, a pair of cufflinks, a brooch, a pendant or a ring. Any of these will completely blow her off.

3. 20 Assorted Stuffs for 20 Years

Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Wife 3

You need to have a very creative mind to execute this. Scour the trinket shops and departmental stores for little items that you think would best represent the different milestones you achieved as married couples. You can collect these; attach relevant notes to each of the items identifying with each year and what was achieved. Place them around the house where she can find them. Alternatively, you can write a poem stating the top 20 reasons why you love and will always love her, place it in a cute frame and hang it in the house.

2. Reenact the Wedding

Twenty long years after exchanging the vows, choosing to reenact the whole thing all over again can be a great way to rekindle the original youthful love you felt for each other when you first got married. If you gave her a gold or diamond ring on the wedding day, it has probably gotten older. Present her with a new cute platinum ring. This treat will be unforgettable.

1. Emerald Roses

Top 10 20th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Wife 4

The 20th wedding anniversary official flower is Daylily. This cute, nicely scented flower depicts an inviting and harmonious emerald color consistent with the 20th wedding anniversary color. You can visit any of the horticulture stores in your area and pick the best quality Day Lily flowers. If there is a platinum Chinese vase, then you can place these everywhere in the house. She will be literally carried away.



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