Top 10 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him 2021

Being a wife (or husband!) you might have been receiving lots of love, gifts and other surprises in the past couple of years. This time, on the occasion of your 2nd wedding anniversary, why don’t you initiate and give a surprise gift to the man of your life. 2nd anniversary has been associated with flowers and fruits traditionally and in the modern times people relate this occasion with electronic appliances, linen and silk. In this article we will suggest you some wonderful gifts to cheer up the day and make it memorable for your husband too.

Top 10 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him 2021 1

If your husband is more the geeky nature, consider this printed volume of the popular webcomic, xkcd. A comic of romance, math, sarcasm, and wit, curiosity. You certainly will love this gift along side him, too!

Top 10 2nd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him 2021 2

Men love gadgets and if it’s an iPad who wouldn’t get delighted. On top of it, if it is gifted by his wife on the occasion of 2nd wedding anniversary then it’s enough to make him go ecstatic. So ladies if you want to get love from your man then gift him an iPad and make your anniversary memorable. You may have to spend a good amount of money to buy this gift but you’ll get a lot in return.

2. Wrist Watch

Because of the advent of digital technology, the watches are almost out of fashion nowadays but an elegant and stylish golden watch will surely make a perfect 2nd wedding anniversary gift. Watches do not simply add value to the personality to a man but they are loved by them. Moreover they are indeed a useful and essential accessory too, so it’s time for you to do some research and get a cool watch for your hubby.

3. Champagne Diner


Cook the favorite dish of your husband and get champagne to celebrate the occasion. You can put some more effort and plan the dinner in the open roof with candle lights. Your husband will simply feel blessed and overwhelmed by your gesture.

4. Wine

Men also like to raise the toast of wine for any grand occasion. They are fine with any brand of it as long as it’s made of grapes. So get your hands on a fine brand and quality of wine from the market and plan to raise the toast with your husband. He will just cherish the ambiance and love the effort put by you in all the arrangement. These toasts will be enough to indulge you both in a romantic salsa.

5. Wallet/Belt

You can consider buying a wallet or a belt for your working husband. These gifts will not only serve their basic purpose but also remain with him for a long time as a mark of this day. Nowadays you can customize these accessories and get your names printed or engraved on them.

6. Tie

Some men like to look gentlemen and suits are their favorite cloths for most of the occasions. If your husband is one of them then you can shop tie for him. In fact as a mark of 2 years completion you can gift him 2 ties and he will be more than happy to receive them.

7. Shoes

A pair of casual shoes also makes a perfect occasion gift for men. Men like to have the best pair of footwear available in the market and they feel confident in cool and fabulous shoes. So do a little research on his choice of shoes and get out for shopping.

8. Pen Stand

For office goer husbands, a pen stand is another useful accessory which will remind him of you even if he is busy doing his work in office. You can get this pen stand customized by getting a couple photo printed on it.

9. Goggles

Goggles are one of the most favorite things for any man. He loves to flaunt his look with a pair of lovely and cool goggles. So depending upon the shape of his face you can either choose an aviator or a Polaroid, whichever is more suitable to his face cuts.

10. Love Letter

It is one of the simplest thing that can be done by a wife to shower her affection towards her husband. You can post this letter to his office address by planning carefully so that it reaches there on the anniversary date only. Moreover, you can get a bouquet of flowers delivered to his office as well.The combination of your romantic letter and flowers will be enough for making his anxious to reach home as soon as possible.

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