Top 10 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

It is not easy to maintain love for thirty long years and if your husband and you have managed to keep the flame of love burning this long, it is only natural to do as much. The ways to keep the flames of love glowing and the flower of passion blooming is to have a remembrance of what it was like thirty years earlier. The below are the gift ideas on your 30th wedding anniversary:

10.  A 30th Wedding Anniversary T-Shirt

Top 10 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him 1

Guys have simple needs. Get him a customized pair of T-shirts with the 30th wedding anniversary written.

9.  A Wedding Afghan

Top 10 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him 2

Another memorable gift is a heartwarming wedding afghan, practically and personalized for him. On the afghan, your names (as many as 20 characters), the anniversary years or the wedding date enclosed nicely within an embroidered heart design. The fabric used to make it is soft pure cotton and tencel fabrics blend which make them perfect for snuggling.

8.  A Decorative Wine Box

Top 10 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him 3

Another great 30tn wedding anniversary gift idea for you husband in a nice decorative wine box. At his age, your husband has grandchildren; he is established financially and he is keen to enjoy himself. It is the time to give him a nice wine box, which you can enjoy together with him as you recount the happenings of the yester years.

7.  Sabuy Wristwatch

Top 10 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him 4

Men no matter their ages will always love wristwatches. A great gift you can consider giving him is a Sabuy wristwatch, which is a simple but elegant electronic watch. The good thing is that these watches come as pairs so you can buy a pair for you and your husband. This is a gift you husband will definitely love.

6.  A Romantic Dinner

You can secretly, with the help of your children organize a dinner for two at home with a privately hired chef. This is especially important if your husband is the busy time with no time to go out for a dinner and yet wanted to celebrate with you on the day of your 30th wedding anniversary.

5.  Pearl Cufflinks

Top 10 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him 5

It is the responsibility of every wife to ensure that her husbands are smartly dressed. Since pearl is the is the official traditional gift idea for the 30th wedding anniversary it will serve him well and remind his colleagues and peers that he has just achieved his thirty years milestone in marriage depicting that such a marriage has been successful.

4.  A Nice Anniversary Cake


If you are an excellent cook, why not try something you are highly skilled in such as preparing a nutritious, delicious and healthy 30th Wedding anniversary cake. To give it the modern 30th anniversary touch, you can serve it in an elegant serving set accented with large, nicely shaped crystals to represent diamond.

3. Watch Box

Over the years, I believe your husband has either bought or received as gifts a number of wristwatches. One great gift you can buy him is a nicely designed watch box made of strong, durable and easy to maintain fabric such as faux leather. They come in different sizes and so you need to get one large enough to hold the number of watches he has.

2. Split Heart Keychain

This one of unique, elegant and highly regarded gifts you can ever think of to give to your husband on your 30th wedding anniversary. The split heart keychain is designed to have two complementary sides. They can be customized for you so that one side of the heart has your name and the other your husbands. Give your love one side and keep the other to always remind you of all that you share.

1. A Sturdy Pocket Knife

Top 10 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him 6

You never know when it may be needed by your husband but a nice, sturdy pocket knife is one gift you can choose to give your husband on your 30th wedding anniversary celebrations. Find pocket knife and let the manufactures laser engrave the initials of his name on the handle. This may just prove handy in case he is befallen by a bad omen.



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