Top 10 30th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her

This is their pearl wedding anniversary and although the perfect gift for your wife is a pearl, there are some amazing and unique gift ideas that will make this a very special day for her. Here are the top ten 30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her.

1. The 30 Year Old Newspaper

Top 10 30th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her 1

Every woman loves to be reminded of all the special moments that took place on her wedding day. Giving her a gift box that includes a newspaper from the date you were married will allow her to go back thirty years and place her in the moment when she was so busy with her wedding details she did not have the time to see what was happening in the world that day. This gift idea is a keepsake she will cherish a long time.

2. Personalized Cutting Board


Having a cheese cutting board embossed with the bride and groom names and the wedding date is a gift that she will enjoy every day while cooking in the kitchen. These cutting boards come in unique shapes and sizes and can be embossed with names as well as her favorite recipe. Having a recipe with your anniversary date on on the board is a creative gift she will most certainly love.

3. The Wine Glasses

Top 10 30th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her 2

Wine glasses can be engraved with your names and anniversary date and represent the glasses the bride and groom used for their first toast thirty years ago. The engraving can include names, date and a small message of love. These glasses will remind her of her special day each time she enjoys her favorite wine.

4. The Scented Candles

Top 10 30th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her 3

The don’t make a pearl scented candle but they do make candles in the colors of pearls. They also have many unique shapes and designs that can be printed with the ride and grooms name and their wedding date. The candles only last for a short time so by purchasing a package of them ensure she will be reminded of her anniversary during the next candle light dinner.

5. The 30th Anniversary Frame

Top 10 30th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her 4

This 30th anniversary picture from cane be printed with names, date and special personalized message from the groom to his beautiful bride. The unique feature of this frame is that there is a voice activated recorder in the back that allows the groom to record his voice for his bride. Recording a loving message that she can play often is a great 30th anniversary gift idea she will absolutely love.

6. The Compact Mirror

Ladies most certainly all have a compact mirror in their purses, but they don’t have an engraved 30th anniversary silver compact in their purse. These compact mirrors are engraved on the front with names and wedding date and the back will be a personalized message from the groom. Reminding her how beautiful she still is after thirty years will make this compact something she will most certainly cherish.

7. The Anniversary Locket

This beautiful locket will hold the photograph of your wedding day. The locket itself comes in many different shapes from a heart, diamond or seashell shape. The front of the locket can be engraved with a date or names and the back can hold a small message of love.

8. The Pearl Bracelet

Top 10 30th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her 5

This anniversary gift idea is not made from pearls but silver made to look like a string of pearls. The link connecting the pearl string is engraved with names and wedding date. Charms can be added to the bracelet that can all be engraved with different messages for the bride. Adding a heart charm with love engraved on it is a creative way to make this gift one of a kind.

9. The Decorated Plant Holder

Plants look great sitting on the window ledge in the kitchen and when the plant holder is custom painted with the wedding date and names of the bride and groom, it is a reminder she will enjoy each every morning when watering her plants. The planter can be decorated with small reminders of her special day like flowers and colors that will remind her of that day thirty years ago.

10. 30th Anniversary Precious Moment

Top 10 30th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her 6

Placing a Precious Moment statue in her curio will remind her of your wedding day for many years to come. These statues come as little bride and grooms at the altar, the groom on one knee proposing or the bride and groom leaving the church in the just married car. The little statue can be custom engraved with your wedding date and names to complete the 30th anniversary special gift idea.

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