Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife 1

Thinking of the perfect 35th wedding anniversary gift for your wife? Traditionally, the best gift items for your 35 years of marriage are those made of jade or coral. So, if you’re in search for traditional 35th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your spouse, then this list can help you make an excellent choice. Not only are these items attractive and functional, but they are also what most women will consider as romantic and thoughtful gifts that any husband can give.

10. Coral-Colored Sleepwear

Whether you choose silk pajamas or a sexy underwear for your wife, make sure to stick with coral-colored sleepwear that is perfect for a 35th wedding anniversary present. You could find a range of styles online and in retail stores, but make sure you are familiar with the size that you should get for your wife. This way, you will not have to worry about getting a replacement for a pair of PJs or underwear that is too loose or too tight for her.

9. Jade Vase

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife 2

There is something quite stylish and elegant about jade vase, which makes it an excellent gift item for your wife. Choose a vase that will look great on your wife’s dresser table, and make sure you insert a lovely bouquet of her favorite flowers inside it. Your wife will be pleasantly surprised as she sees a vibrant bouquet of flowers when she wakes up in the morning to greet you on your anniversary.

8. Jade Jewelry Box

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife 3

Give your wife a strikingly chic jewelry box made of jade where she can place her precious accessories and jewelry pieces. When selecting the right size of jewelry box, consider the amount of things she is likely to put inside. For some ideas, you may check out her current jewelry box, so you can buy the perfect size that she will appreciate.

7. Jade Sculptures

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife 4

Jade sculptures are not only stunning, but they also have symbolic meanings that add a special appeal to them. If your wife is fond of artworks and sculptures, then an image made of green or black jade will be suitable for her preferences. You can find various images available in the market such as an image of a bird, marine creature, or modern art that will surely captivate the interest of your wife.

6. Jade Pendant

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife 5

Jade pendants come in various designs and shapes with their specific meaning. For instance, a jade pendant in the shape of a fish hook represents abundance, strength, and prosperity. People regard this shape as a symbol of good luck. On the other hand, the “twist” has a crisscross form and represents eternity. It shows the numerous paths of love and life while a single twist depicts the joining of a couple for all eternity, which means their love and special bond will last forever.

5. Jade Bracelet


A lovely jade bracelet is a fascinating anniversary present for any wife, particularly those who adore lucky charms. You can find jade bracelets in various styles such as a thin bangle or thick beads that will complement your wife’s outfits. You may even explain to her the meaning behind the design of bracelet that you have decided to give her, so she will find it even more special.

4. Coral-Colored Rocking Chair

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife 6

A rocking chair makes a fine wedding anniversary gift that any woman will appreciate. For your 35th anniversary, choose a rocking chair with cushioned seat and head rest, as well as a coral-colored frame. This item is suitable for women who love to relax after a stressful day at work, or a great place to sit while reading an inspiring book. If you could find one that comes with a matching foot stool, that would be even better.

3. Aquarium with Corals

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife 7

An aquarium filled with beautiful salt-water fishes is certainly calming to look at, and it serves as an amazing present for your wife on your anniversary. To match the traditional symbol of 35th anniversary, make sure you include a few live corals inside the tank. You may either opt for a small round aquarium with a few fishes or a larger tank that you can install in your home (think of that large aquarium featured in the 1996 film “Romeo and Juliet“).

2. Jade Bonsai

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife 8

The Jade bonsai is a charming evergreen tree specie that has dense and thick branches and elliptical leaves. In autumn, this tree produces dainty star-shaped flowers that add to the exquisite appearance of this plant. Your wife will certainly fall in love with this beautiful miniature tree that can enhance any outdoor or indoor space.

1. Scuba Diving Trip

Whether it is in the Caribbean or the Pacific, a scuba diving trip makes the finest 35th wedding anniversary gift that you can give your wife. This allows her to spend a romantic week with you, as well as an opportunity to witness some of the breathtaking corals deep in the pristine waters of top diving spots in the world.

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