Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 1

The 35th wedding anniversary is special as it lies between two most crucial periods of a married life i.e 25th and 50th anniversary. Traditionally coral and jade represent the 35th year of a blissful married life, and it is always advised to organize your gifts and surprises around these elements. Of course, you can also include things that interest your husband more than anything. So if you are looking for gifts for your husband on your 35th anniversary celebration, here are some amazing options to look for:

1. Coral Colored Shirt

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 2

Of course, coral cannot be worn by any man and if your husband is not too fond of jewelry literally made out of coral, it is always better to gift him something that he can use regularly. So gifting him tie or shirt in color coral is the best way to stick to the tradition without losing the value of the gift.

2. An Aquarium


Is your husband fond of living around waters? How about gifting him his own aquarium with his favorite color fishes? Complete the décor of the aquarium with coral plants inside. It will not just make him happy, but will also add an attractive and relaxing feature to your home.

3. Jade Studded Cufflinks

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 3

Men and cufflinks go hand in hand. Consider gifting him an elegant pair of cufflinks with a jade stone inlay. You will find a variety of small ornaments and collectibles made of jade, exhibiting oriental influence. Just make sure you know the right taste of your husband before buying them, as it can be a bit expensive investment.

4. Vacation

5th wedding anniversary can give you a perfect opportunity to go on a second honeymoon. Keeping in mind the traditional theme of the anniversary year, China makes a perfect place. It is popular for Jade. St. Lucia is also a luxurious and relaxing place to spend your anniversary together. Great Barrier Reef in Australia is also a great holiday vacation spot to consider.

5. Emerald Ring

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 4

Emerald makes a timeless gift. This can be another dramatic additional to your 35th wedding anniversary gift idea. Emerald exhibits classic, bold and regal properties which makes it a powerful symbol of love and celebration.

6. Jade Tie Pins

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 5

He’ll definitely love this gift. With jade embellished on the pin, you will not just make him happy but also give him a sense of pride every time he will walk around in any social setting, It makes a really amazing style statement on a man to carry.

7. Desk Accessory

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 6

If your husband has a home office, it is always good to gift him with a set of desk accessories comprising of the utilities he would require during his work. You could personalize the accessories, and add a piece of jade or coral to get a nice finishing touch.

6. Flowers

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 7

Although there is no traditional flower symbolizing 35 years of a married life, flowers of any variety and color make an ideal wedding anniversary gift. Gift your spouse a bouquet made up of his favorite 35 flowers. You can also use 35 different varieties of colors, each one representing each year of your marriage. Pick red roses, or his favorite type of flowers.

8. Tickets To The Game

Does your partner is a die-hard fan or football, cricket or baseball? You must be aware of his, and if sports make a great place in his life get him tickets to his favorite game show. Gifting two tickets would be ideal. Set him free for a day and let him enjoy the game with his guy friends, if you don’t share same interest.

9. Home Beer Making Kit

Top 10 35th Wedding Anniversary Ideas For Husband 8

This is one of the most unique gift option,. Your husband will never expect it from you and won’t deny being happily surprised receiving it. 35 years of marriage and he is already on a verge of retirement. How about spending some time with him preparing home-made beer? The beer making kits provide all the essential equipments and ingredients required to make a ravishing beer.

35 years of marriage is a long term and a perfect year to know more about each other. Spend some time together and explore as much as you can about each other. Make it a fun day and invite all your closed ones to be a part of your celebration and enjoy.

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