Top 10 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her

OMG, Celebrating your 40th wedding anniversary is the perfect way to cherish the long journey you’ve managed with your wife. When you’re celebrating your 40th wedding anniversary, it reminds you of the love you share for each other. It also gives you an excellent opportunity to look back on the best times you’ve shared with your loved one during your marriage. With some simple, yet loving gifts, you can make this day even more special for your wife. Here are Top 10 40th Wedding Anniversary gift ideas.

1. Anniversary Frame

Top 10 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her 1

An anniversary frame can be a perfect gift for your wife on the 40th anniversary. It will constantly remind your spouse of the love both of you always shared with each other. These days, you can choose from a lot of different types of picture frames. You can choose traditional wooden frames, modern metal frames or even digital frames. You can keep a single photo depicting your togetherness or create a collage with some varied choices.

2. Ruby Heart Frame


This ruby frame in the shape of a heart can be a perfect way to remind your wife how much you care for her and love her. Ruby heart frames are usually made of pewter. They also contain red crystals. You can easily purchase these frames online. They are affordable and readily available.

3. Flutes

Top 10 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her 2

If both you and your wife love drinking wine or champagne, flute glasses can be a perfect 40th wedding anniversary gift. Most online retailers sell these glasses in pairs and sets. You can even buy glasses with personalized engravings in red color.

4. Ruby Plate

Top 10 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her 3

A decorative plate can also be a great way to celebrate your togetherness and love. Just like glasses, you can also get these plates engraved with personalized messages in your wife’s favorite color. However, most people choose red color since it depicts love and passion. These plates are available online at affordable prices.

5. Musical Love Poem

Most of the Musical Love Poems come in the form of watercolor paintings and short poems which are nicely framed in acrylic frames. The frame is musical and plays a romantic tune whenever it is touched. You can choose from a lot of different tunes for the frame.

Some of these include God Bless America, You Light Up My Life, Unchained Melody, You Are My Sunshine, Ode To Joy, Memory and Brahm’s Lullaby. You can even choose to frame a poem written by you to completely customize this gift.

6. Diamond and Ruby Earrings

Top 10 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her 4

Rubies have always been traditional gifts for 40th wedding anniversaries. A pair of diamond and ruby earrings can be perfect for your wife. She will simply love it. If you don’t have the budget to buy diamonds, you can choose from other inexpensive alternatives. Just take into account your wife’s style and personality while choosing a set of earrings.

7. Bud Vase

Top 10 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her 5

You can easily show your love and affection for your wife by gifting her this bud vase. You can also purchase her favorite flowers and put them in it. Depending on your budget and the spot you choose for this vase in your home, you can choose a particular size. Once again, bud vases can also be engraved with personalized messages.

8. Italian Basket

Top 10 40th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for Her 6

A Dinner for Two’ Italian Basket can be perfect for your 40th wedding anniversary. It contains everything you need for a lovely, romantic dinner with your wife. If your wife loves Italian food, this will be even better.

An Italian Basket contains tomato basil cheese, pasta, Italian salami, Meatball mix, sauce mixes, bread dipper seasonings, Italian soup mixes, Sicilian pizza kit and rum cake. These baskets are easily available online. You can even personalize these baskets with other items you want. Some of these include pastries, truffles, pretzels, champagne and so on.

9. New England Basket

You can start your special day by surprising your wife with breakfast in bed. A New England Basket will be the perfect choice. This basket contains maple smoked bacon, thick hickory, Maine maple syrup, pancake, coffee and Maine wild blueberries.

10. Create a CD/DVD/YouTube Video

Last but not the least, you can create a CD of songs which have been your wife’s favorites since you met her. It will let her know you paid attention all those 40 years. You can even include some songs which were played on your wedding day.

There are a lot of other things you can choose from. Try to be creative and look for other options online. You need to have an idea about your wife’s desires, preferences and tastes to make a better choice.

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