Top 10 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband

Fifty years of your married life would have brought a lot of ups and down, but the fact that you both overcame them with your bond and love is one of the best rewards one can get from a married life. So how do you plan to surprise your husband this time? Have you planned to buy something special for him that would leave him enchanted for the rest of his life? Here we have made the task simpler for you. Let’s take a look at some amazing gift option you can buy for him on your 50th wedding anniversary celebration. At fifty years you’re ahead of pretty much every group of people who ever got married.

1. Classic Wine Bottle


If your husband is fond of collecting wine bottles and displaying them in his home-bar, why not gift him a classic wine. Try to find the limited edition wine and see him getting extremely happy. You can search down the internet to get more idea about different varieties of wines available in limited editions.

2. Gold

Top 10 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband 1

50th anniversary is represented by gold. So how about gifting him a gold cufflink or chain as a gift on your anniversary? It is always better to go with the tradition and there’s nothing more auspicious than gifting him something made out of pure gold. This could be very romantic.

3. Golf Equipment

Top 10 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband 2

If your husband is fond of playing golf with his buddies, show your support by gifting gold equipments. Make sure you accompany him to the gold club while he decides to use the kit given by you the first time. Do not forget to throw in some hand towels and apparel in the kit to add better gestures.

4. A Memento

Top 10 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband 3

A simple and unique gift your better half will cherish forever. Create a memento from times that you spent together, that hold a special place in his heart. It could be anything from a time spent together, or a picture of past that reminds him of his crazy youth days. Sit together and rekindle all the years passed by. Show him the pictures from college days, when he used to be the leader of his gang.

5. Barbecue Grill

Top 10 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband 4

If you do not have one already, its time you get one! All men love to cook on the barbecue and they want to be served freshly grilled chicken while they are enjoying their wine nights. With a barbecue in your backyard, you can make your husband feel like a celebrity chef and hero in his social setting. He would be able to call his friends and spent some fun time on weekends.

6. Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Top 10 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband 5

Arrange a special candlelight dinner with romantic ambiance and soft music playing in the background. Choose a quiet romantic place that you think he will love it or have been there before. You may also choose a place where he first proposed you for marriage. He will love to rekindle and relive all the happy and nostalgic moments of his life.

7. Songs Collection

Top 10 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband 6

When you don’t understand what you should give, the simple and most amazing trick is to compile a CD of songs that interpret your feelings about him. Gift him a collection of songs that talk about your journey and feelings since you first met him. The songs should show a transformation on each phase of life. He’ll be simple touched by this gesture!

8. Collage Photo Frame

A photo frame with a collage of picture of the two of you, 50 years ago and now is the best gift you can give him to rekindle the romance. You may also make a collage of pictures from special moments of your lives. Include pictures from honeymoon, when you had your first baby, his first job promotion and so on. The collage should clearly depict the journey of your long married life.

9. Gold Office Decor

Top 10 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband 7

If your husband is a working professional, it is ideal to gift him gold plated office decor or desk accessories on your golden jubilee. Why not give him a gold picture frame, digital clock, paperweight or special pen stand. The final pick should depend on your budget and his requirement. You can also get special message engraved on your gift so he always remembers you whenever he uses the object while working.

10. Gift an Exotic Holiday

Top 10 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband 8

The anniversary celebration should be equally enjoyable for both of you and gifting him an exotic holiday is the ideal option to do so. You and your partner together can enjoy your anniversary, away from all hustle bustle of life.

Your golden anniversary is a time to celebrate and the time to cherish the moments you have spent together. With these gift ideas, you can make your spouse happy and make him feel special forever!

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