Top 10 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her 2022

For your upcoming 5th wedding anniversary, you should consider giving your wife something that she would actually love and use. If you prefer to follow traditional wedding anniversary gifts, wood-inspired items are typical to give for couples who are celebrating their 5th year of marriage. So, without further ado, here are some of the finest 5th anniversary gifts that you may want to give your wife on this special day.

Top 10 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her 2022 1

5th anniversary means wood. Why not get her a wooden watch!? It’s eco friendly, a fantastic and unique gift, destined to make her stand out!

Top 10 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her 2022 2

10. Wood Carvings

Art lovers will fall in love with stunning wood carvings of their favorite symbols. In choosing the best wood carving to give your wife,make sure you are completely familiar with her interests. For instance, you may want to buy a miniature wooden statue of fairies (considering she likes them), a mother and child wood carving, or an image of her favorite pet. If you have the time, you may look for a professional who can make wood carving that depict you and your wife holding hands. No matter what design you choose, make it a point to select wood carvings that she will love, or anything that will symbolize your love for each other.

9. Wooden Picture Frame


Shop for an elegant wooden picture frame that you can use to hold a romantic photo of your wedding day and give this item as a 5th wedding anniversary present for her. If you are the artistic type, you may create a portrait of your wife and use the wooden frame to place the painting you have made. She will not only appreciate the chic appeal of the wooden frame, but also the amount of time you have devoted to make her portrait.

8. Wood Bangle

Trendy wives love to accessorize, so why not give her a pair of wood bangles for your anniversary? You can choose from different styles and shapes of bangles that will complement her looks and outfits. In fact, these bangles also come with a wide range of colors, so you are not limited to the usual brown color of wood. If you are unsure about her style, you may take a peek at her closet and look for ideas when it comes to her favorite colors or designs for bracelets.

7. Wooden Jewelry Box

If you have your eyes set on giving her a lovely pair of earrings, then maybe you can buy a chic jewelry box made of wood for her accessories. You can find numerous designs and styles such as a jewelry box that comes with a small clock, wind up musical jewelry box, or one that looks like a miniature treasure chest. No matter what design you choose, it should have plenty of space that is only right for her needs.

6. Wood Necklace

Chunky necklaces such as those with wooden beads look fashionable on women. Not only do these necklaces complement casual outfits, but they add a sense of style to any boring clothes. Buy wood necklace that is just right for your wife, which means it is not too long or too heavy for her to wear.

5. Diary with Wooden Cover

Most women love to write down their precious thoughts on a diary. Since it is your 5th wedding anniversary, you may consider giving her a traditional wood gift such as a diary with wooden cover. This item has an earthy and nature-friendly theme to it, which makes the item adorable and perfect for sentimental women.

4. Wooden Book Stand

Does your wife love to read? Then, try looking for beautiful book stands made of wood your your upcoming anniversary. Choose the type of wood that is both sturdy and attractive, so she will be able to use the item for several years to come.

3. Bonsai Plant

Bonsai plants look stunning, and they make the best decorative items for indoor and outdoor spaces. For wives who are crazy about plants, a bonsai tree is certainly an outstanding gift item. You may choose from beautiful bonsai species to give your wife such as Juniper, Maple, or Fig Bonsai. Make sure you choose a suitable pot that will complement the stunning beauty of these plants.

2. Recliner with Wood Frame

Busy women rarely have time to relax anymore. If your wife is always on the go, then an excellent wedding anniversary gift for her would be a recliner that comes with a chic wooden frame. Choose a recliner that comes in a color that she loves, and make sure it is made of the finest material for optimum durability.

1. Dresser Cabinet Made of Wood

Treat your wife as a queen by giving her a strikingly attractive dresser made of wood. In case you have an old one, this item will serve as a great replacement for it. Just make sure you know exactly her favorite colors and motifs, so you can determine the right design for her very own dresser cabinet.

Express how much you love your wife on your 5th wedding anniversary by choosing one or more from these brilliant gift ideas. Opt for a symbolic item or something that is functional and beautiful, which your wife will appreciate the most.

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